Comet Ison… Occupied Craft Incoming?

According to at least one source, Comet Ison is a craft being piloted and headed this way.

However, unless it changes direction at some point it is not clear whether we will ever know for sure.  

More investigation is definitely needed.

2 thoughts on “Comet Ison… Occupied Craft Incoming?

  1. Come on – really? When travel by advanced civilizations supposedly involves the use of faster than light speed propulsion technologies and star portals including our sun, something or someone is opting for mere comet speed? In the alternative/metaphysical communities comets always seem to invite speculation and hype that, at times, borders on the absurd.

  2. Assuming it's possible to travel faster than light and also assuming aliens have made contact with earth. No proof, but lots of UFO sightings which could be cabal antigravity craft for all we know.

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