12 thoughts on “Chemtrail Protest In London – August 25, 2013

  1. People must phone their local air force posts and government demanding that they protect our skies as they are sworn to do. They should be chasing these chemtrail planes down. If they get enough calls whenever you see one of these planes they will get enough pressure to act.It is the people's air, vegetable gardens, water supply they are attacking with a silent radioactive killer – cadmium, barium Aluminum oxide.

  2. The governments know all this and are out to kill you, not protect you. It is going to be up to the cops and military to wake up and arrest the pilots and cabal responsible for chemtrails and so much more. If the dangers of chemtrails goes mainstream, this will fast track the awareness.

  3. An omniscient God hates no one, but with his laws of karma, the cabal will get to experience everything over thousands of lifetimes till they have learned their lessons for all they have done to us. They shall reap what they have sown.

  4. No one takes those people seriously. I wanted to share a comment Rob left. I also saw a few videos of ufo orbs near chemtrails. It remains to be seen if they are aliens or good guys helping us or if those orbs are just some sort of artifact. We need mainstream proof and disclosure.41. Rob said on 8/25/13 – 12:19AMStepping out my door Saturday morning I looked up to see if the sky’s were clear or not, I saw a large jet flying across the lake and all of a sudden a white chemtrail abruptly began coming out behind it’s wings. Then about a half a minute later the plane gave a flash like the sun had reflected off of it and the white chemtrail just stopped and there was no longer a plane in the sky. I kept looking and looking but no plane at all. My conclusion is the positive ET’s are starting to take a more proactive stance against these terraformers by transporting the entire plane aboard their craft where the pilots and crew will be held until proper earth authorities can bring charges against them. They will most likely recycle the plane. I wanted to post this on cosmic voice but so far no one has let me join that group yet.

  5. Can you show proof that karma is cabal or negative aliens and not a universal law? Why are we on a prison planet? The theory is we are paying off our karmic debts. How will the cabal be "punished" if you don't believe in karma? I do question if the cabal believe in karma, apparently they don't or think they are above universal laws. Locking them up in prison for life is far too lenient for their crimes against humanity. Is there a hell the cabal will do hard time(thousands or millions) of years for what they did to us?

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