Ken’s Blog: Wilcock, Fulford, and the Cabal Dialectic


Wilcock, Fulford, and the Cabal Dialectic

When you are engrossed in the battle between the dark knight and white knight occurring on the public stage…

…you are distracted from the puppet masters and their agenda in pulling the strings.

After reading David Wilcock’s latest reporting of the good guy / bad guy dialectic being staged by the Occulted Powers, I decided to dust off an entry from my old blog and update & enhance it for what is happening now. So here goes….

If you’ve been following the Clown Posse narrative coming from such figures as David Wilcock and Benjamin Fulford, you’ve been treated to quite a tale of alliance versus alliance and spy versus spy. And pondering the pitched battle being orchestrated between the Cabal’s European wing and Asian wing, one wonders how many of the participants know what’s really going on.

Back in the Cold War days, U.S. and Russian military and intelligence forces engaged in quite sincere skirmishes as each vied against the other, its supposed “enemy.” Meanwhile, deep under the ground in Australia and other places, U.S. and Russian scientists were working together on Illuminati genetic engineering and antigravity research projects. And in the days of World War 2, Allied and Axis military and intelligence units fought desperate battles for national survival. Meanwhile, the “elite” royals, financiers and industrialists met behind the scenes to ensure that both sides were financed and equipped for battle and to leak information from one side to the other to sway the tide of conflict.

Today, just as it was back then, compartmentalized minions on the middle levels of the power and awareness pyramid unwittingly play out the games of divide and conquer, while those at the top of the pyramid pull the strings and reap the dividends. Their current drama is a contrived clash of East versus West as the puppeteers attempt to lock down the whole planet under the Beast System. And who is narrating this WWE-style scripted conflict? Wilcock, Fulford, Poof/Zap, Canauzzie, Heneghan, the Dinar Gurus, the Galactic Federation of Light channelers, and all the rest of the Clown Posse crew.

Oh, I forgot to mention Keenan…

To help put things into better perspective, have a look at this graphic I encountered on the internet…

…It seems to be a fairly accurate representation of the world system except for what’s at the very top. And looking at it while pondering the dramas of which David writes, you’ll notice that they are all taking place at the middle levels of the pyramid where the public fronts (central banks, corporations, governments, intelligence agencies, militaries, NGOs, etc.) of the Occulted Powers interface with the public. If you’ve been awake for a while, you’ll know that these front groups are not the ones that determine what happens in our world; the powers that set them up and tell them what to do are the ones who are in charge.

In response to David’s article, I considered doing a point-by-point refutation, but that would simply dilute the point that common sense and an awareness of how the Occulted Powers operate are all you really need to figure out what’s going on. But I will bring up one subject he mentioned because it is rather illustrative of how fanciful his interpretations are: the Super Bowl power outage.

He claims that the outage was a sign from the “positive alliance,” but if you consider the fact that it occurred immediately following Beyonce’s Satanic song and dance ritual (not during it, which would have been disruptive), that it lasted for about 33 minutes, and that it left half of the stadium in darkness and the other half in light…

…you start to ask yourself who is really behind such dark/light symbolism…

The most obvious interpretation for what happened at the Super Bowl is that the outage was a planned part of Beyonce’s ritual. True Light beings do not waste their time with such symbolic bullsh*t.

And the Circus of the Absurd goes on…

…until we fully awaken to it.

41 thoughts on “Ken’s Blog: Wilcock, Fulford, and the Cabal Dialectic

  1. I read the first three paragraphs of KENS and left it just like I did after the first article he wrote when ascension starting publishing his rants!Go quietly please KEN!

  2. Ken, what do you suggest be done about all this? Knowing how the game is played alone isn't enough to change it. Right now, acting would lead to nothing productive. As far a I can see, any overt act would be characterized as terrorist and dangerous in the media, regardless of the actual goals and intents of the actors, if those who act are trying to disrupt the power of those at the top of the pyramid. Waiting seems to be the best course, but waiting for what exactly?

  3. Recognize it IS a game and stay out of it. Waiting is still playing another version of the game – Salvationism. For the zillionth time – the answer is <> within you <>

  4. I'd take Ken more seriously if he didn't mock others. The clown photo obviously meant to ridicule Neil Keenan is perpetuating the dark v light illusion that Ken is supposed to have risen above. Actions speak louder than words Ken!

  5. Too-oo-oo much stuff going on everywhere that proves, to me, that Wilcock, Fulford, Poof/Zap, Canauzzie, Heneghan, the Dinar Gurus, the Galactic Federation of Light channelers, and all the rest of the Clown Posse crew — Keenan, Wanta, Hudes, WhiteKnights, Etc. . . . have Intel connections.The Research was a biotch but, if you do it yourself, you'll find the above cast of characters really do have legitimate intel they are forwarding to the public at large.This, of coarse, is MY opinion Only.

  6. speculation and illogical skepticism is all Ken brings to the table. First of all the term light worker is not something of a misnomer for the guys who took out the power for the super bowl, The anon group in the military might well have done that and having hacked into other things it fits their MO easily. Anyone who has followed the activity of anonymous can easily make that connection and I can't believe you don't see this, so I have to say your intellect is questionable from here on out and you lose credibility here Ken. Sorry for exposing you but your faulty logic is kind of easy to flush down the toilet, so give us another obvious example of how your a hater who is desperate to be someone that can start a meaningful discussion but ultimately you look like someone clutching at straws trying to debunk someone and something you can't fathom.

  7. Hi Ducksoup, you have attacked Ken before for his "fear porn" when he said a nuclear ww3 started. Ken can say what he wants but I am putting my energy into myself. Whatever happens, whoever side wins, we are eternal souls.

  8. Waiting is more than blindly hoping that someone will save us. I intended by waiting to be waiting for an opportunity to change the way our world operates. I don't know what that opportunity would be, so I ask. Ken may not know either, or only have a vague idea himself, but I ask anyway. I also don't know what would need to be done at that moment, but I would hope by being able to recognize the moment for what it is I would know how to best act on it. Staying out of the game sounds like just sticking one's head in the sand, but I am not sure that that is how you intended it.

  9. 12:28 If you are taking sides as in dark opposing light you are being deceived. Check out the link 'neutral' posted in the chatbox and you'll see what I mean. You look like a canny guy seeing as you have exposed Duckster trying to disguise himself :^)

  10. Ken's style of writing is to snipe at others' hard work. Sometimes I share his opinion, but in the case of Wilcock, definitely not. David has done steady, hard labor for decades to arrive at the quality of information he is sharing. While I can't vouch for whether Keenan is legit or not, I have immense respect for David's long-term commitment to getting the truth out and making a difference.I think Ken is wrong on this one. Dead wrong. I see Ken as someone with a certain real quality of insight, but who misuses it to reactively attack others like David and negate the entirety of their efforts. This to me smacks of a certain uninspected, aggressive spiritual narcissism. Much like D. of RTS, it's as if Ken is writing to receive as much negative attention as possible. This is a display of weak envy masquerading as arrogant superiority.Ken, you've cooked your own goose. Your writing smacks of infantilism. Go back to your day job.

  11. 12:54 OK having recognized it is a game is a huge step and THAT'S the opportunity that you've been waiting for. Its the realization that you've figured out you've been tricked and <> whoever perpetrated the trick has lost <> and cannot enslave you anymore – unless of course you want to keep playing the game of false light v dark and imo that would be worse than sticking your head in the sand!! Its an awakening – <> a real awakening <>. THAT'S the opportunity that we've all got so I'm taking it and running with it. I'm still working on where I will take it from there but I'm definitely out of the game. Hope that explains a bit more πŸ™‚

  12. I calls 'em like I sees 'em, and the chips will fall where they may. Actually, in an earlier stage of my awakening, I was a Wilcock fan. I even attended one of his Convergence Conferences when he came here to DFW. But I've grown since then, and I can't ungrow. And I will not play nice and stay quiet when I perceive spiritual deception that is trying to undo my species.As for all the negative attention I get, it comes from all the right people if you know what I mean. πŸ˜‰ Sorry, but ruining your day IS my day job. If you can't take it, read someone else's work.With (tough) love….

  13. Agreed. I have been following David for quite a while and he has put enormous effort in his work. He has risked life and limb, while having his friends killed. Read his books and see the critical analysis he has done. While I don't think David is perfect and without an ego, he at least has high hopes for the future of humanity and works towards that.

  14. Well Ken — take a moment to look at yourself in the mirror. You are angrily putting forth your finger to mock others and denigrate them as much as possible — and yet — you have never met them nor do you know them. You know and believe only in your own boastfully arrogant and despairingly cynical interpretations of what they have to say. And those interpretations are way way off and based upon Ken's own misplaced and often WRONG suppositions. You've created your own fantasy world Ken.The way you totally missed the intention behind the "blackout" really makes me wonder if you didn't simply skim over David's article while being totally absorbed with Ken's own deluded suppositions. For your information: The "Blackout" at the superbowl was an inserted FINANCIAL WRECKING BALL which proved to the business-as-usual tyrants that they were not in control as they had assumed. Speaking of "assumptions" — you assume that the hidden "occult" powers are fully in control. You are wrong. They only THINK they are fully in control. What is really happening in these days is that they are being shown that their TIME IS OVER FOR GOOD. And — yes — they already well know this.Since you too — Ken — are as arrogant as the tyrants are — who is the boss that you answer too? Your infantile — arrogant — and angry suppositions prove that your thinking is quite clouded by your own very strong delusions and fantasies. None of the people which you love to denigrate are even slightly effected by your absurd ravings — but — you should apologize and try to find out what is really going on. Consider that. There is nothing more powerful than reconciliation — but — it does take coming down off your high horse.

  15. Well nestingwave, if you read Ken's reply @ 2:05 you will see he has met David Wilcock.Your last statement applies to you as much as any other.There appears to be a stable full of high horses to dismount.

  16. Actually, I've met both David and his mother. She was very nice. πŸ™‚ And I don't own a high horse or even a car. I walk wherever I go. As for the rest of what you wrote, I'll let your own words speak to who you are and what you're doing. You are transparent to us.This is the last sparring I'll do with you today. It's Saturday Sangria Night, and I've got to get ready. πŸ˜‰

  17. Ken, all you do is focus on what you consider are the negative aspects of what all these people are saying. Instead of trying to find the good in all this and realize that all these people are doing their part to be part of the solution, all you do is look for everything you consider to be wrong with what they say. Did it ever occur to you that they might be right? Stop trying to make a name for yourself in the only way you know how by bashing others. We should all thank these people for keeping us informed on a regular basis about what is good on the planet. And you, Ken please either go away or decide to become part of the solution and help raise consciousness rather than attempt to keep people in the old 3d paradigm as you have been doing.

  18. Regardless, he has freedom of speech, just like anyone one of us. He provides a counter-argument to David Wilcock's article, which may help expand peoples' perspectives, for better or for worse. You don't have to believe or even read his stuff if you don't want to.

  19. * Oh Enlightened One…pray tell us ALL the divine secrets of the cosmos!… that the almighty picked you as the messenger of truth…that the mere utterance of your specious prevarications, will seek a life of their own… manifesting from your divine essence…..IDIOT

  20. Ooh I can totally relate to you on that Ken!! Back when i was having my "first awakening", i had become abit of a Wilcock fan too! XD And although i still like him as a human being, i too have grown now to see him for what he has unfortunately become; a puppet. On one level, i do hope David wakes up & realizes that he has been conned big time, but who are we to deny him that experience? And besides, on a much grander scale, transcending the drama now, he is indeed playing a wonderful role for us all =)

  21. Don't know why you left Drake out of your rant there Ken. He's gotta be the number 1 POS. One thing to remember in all of this, is that disinfo only works when it's surrounded by good info. At least for all the comments here no one is stupid enough to believe a whole disinfo piece. You just hope your heart and mind send you down the true path. Point out exactly what you think is wrong with David or Ben etc. Otherwise it kinda makes you look lame for just a general attack. Ben's an easy target. I can't wait for his Monday night comedy show. But like I said it only works with some good intel sprinkled in there. And DW if your reading these comments, quit with the 1 joint and 1 screwdriver that put you in to sobriety for 21 years. You F-ing quitter…save that crap for your AA/NA meetings. IMO…I just don't want to here it EVERY time I here a Wilcock interview…oh crap…now who's good luck home boy (DFW) & drake F-your-Momma !!!

  22. Yeah, thats a great analogy Veggie! =D I like to see it like a RPG game: in the game, we're all roleplaying different types of characters, some of us the heros & protagonists, some the villians & antagonists, and some both. But transcending the drama within the game, we're all just hanging out, playing this super exciting game together as players & game masters =)

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