Dr. Perlingieri – Chemtrails – Geoengineering: The Greatest “Crime of All Time.” The Evidence

Chemtrails – Geoengineering: The Greatest “Crime of All Time.”*

The Evidence

©Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri
Photos: John Graf
August 21, 2013

This article is dedicated to the courageous people around our planet who have spoken out and written about these crimes.
In the ultimate sacrifice, some have given their lives to report the TRUTH.
“There’s a war going on covertly; and I want to know how it relates to the spraying.”   – Catherine Austin Fitts.


Over the past more than 15 years (depending upon where you live), there has been a secret global and criminal spraying overhead of toxic chemicals. It began in the US, then NATO countries were added; but now this lethal aerosol spraying covers the entire globe. Military, private, and commercial planes are used to dramatically change –geoengineer– our global weather. Without any public discussion or news reports, the US military began a highly toxic and on-going assault on us.

The popular term for these aerosols is Chemtrails. It is even the term that the military has used. In an interview last month, Clifford Carnicom (one of the world’s leading researchers on the aerosols) notes in using the word “Chemtrails” versus “Geoengineering” or aerosols, this shows how our perceptions change with the word. “Language is not accidental…and is used to manipulate and control awareness, as well as perception. It serves as a basis of curtailing, basically, serious progress on very real issues.” See:


This aerosol spraying is not the first time Americans have been used as un-informed experimental laboratory animals. Basically, plans to harm us have never stopped. In 2001, Clifford Carnicom posted an excerpt from the Neuremberg War Trials about biological consent of human “subjects.” This consent is essential, but is not part of these covert crimes. See:


Here are just two examples of what has been done to us, and what coninues without any informed consent. For 25 years (between 1945 and 1970), a covert Manhattan Project spin-off called the “Manhattan-Rochester Coalition” conducted aerosol tests and researched “the health [?] effects of radioactive materials…on vulnerable populations without consent in St. Louis.” These military-sponsored [radioactive] “studies targeted a segregated, high density urban area, where low-income persons of color predominently resided.”(1)

More recently, just last month in New York City, unsuspecting subway riders were sprayed with a toxic chemical gas. Signs were posted saying: “The NYPD [New York Police Dept.] will release small amounts of harmless colorless gas in 5 boroughs and 21 subway lines. The airborne non-toxic [sic] test is part of NYPD’s precaution against terror attacks. MTA [Metropolitan Transit Authority] Customers are advised to stay calm.” [NOTE: the word “Customers” –not citizens.] This was funded by a $3.4 million transit security grant from Homeland Security and conducted by US Department of Energy’s Brookhaven National Laboratory (who developed this tracer gas in the 1980s) and the NYPD.(2) See:


The gas used, on probably millions of the unsuspecting riders, was not “harmless.” It was a man-made chemical called perflurocarbon [PFCs] gas. It is linked “to early onset menopause,” birth defects, flu-like symptoms; endocrine disruption; and “excessive exposure may cause effects on the brain and heart.”(3) What is “excessive”? How much of this toxic gas was sprayed on NYC subway riders? This was yet another assault on unsuspecting citizens, based on false-flag scare tactics. See also:




The history of grave harm done to us (by those in government and the military) goes back centuries –not just decades. This article gathers much of what has been discovered by courageous independent researchers, reporters, and others who are concerned with this illegal, but horrific, assault on all of us.

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4 thoughts on “Dr. Perlingieri – Chemtrails – Geoengineering: The Greatest “Crime of All Time.” The Evidence

  1. No one takes those people seriously. I wanted to share a comment Rob left. I also saw a few videos of ufo orbs near chemtrails. It remains to be seen if they are aliens or good guys helping us or if those orbs are just some sort of artifact. We need mainstream proof and disclosure.41. Rob said on 8/25/13 – 12:19AMStepping out my door Saturday morning I looked up to see if the sky’s were clear or not, I saw a large jet flying across the lake and all of a sudden a white chemtrail abruptly began coming out behind it’s wings. Then about a half a minute later the plane gave a flash like the sun had reflected off of it and the white chemtrail just stopped and there was no longer a plane in the sky. I kept looking and looking but no plane at all. My conclusion is the positive ET’s are starting to take a more proactive stance against these terraformers by transporting the entire plane aboard their craft where the pilots and crew will be held until proper earth authorities can bring charges against them. They will most likely recycle the plane. I wanted to post this on cosmic voice but so far no one has let me join that group yet.

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