Cobra Update – August 24, 2013

Last Peace Portal Activation Update

We are activating the Peace Portal tomorrow. It will be an insertion of the reality of cosmic peace into the spacetime structure of the surface of this planet:

It appears that we are going to reach the critical mass. If the critical mass is reached, this activation will trigger momentous changes, leading us towards the Event. That is why every one of you is needed to join us!
It has been requested by the Light forces that right before we begin our meditation, we make our unconditional decision for the final victory of the Light, which we can confirm and affirm by saying aloud the following invocation:


Instructions for activating the Peace Portal:

40 thoughts on “Cobra Update – August 24, 2013

  1. He is a conman who sells hopium for $250 a bottle. Beware the false light and external saviors. Save yourself by waking from your own ignorance of who you are(eternal spirit)

  2. Instructions for injecting Cobra anti-venom : Bypass his BS posts, place in the same category as the Master Used Car Salesman Dratzo, take long shower, apply mouthwash liberally, watch National Geographic special where a mongoose kills and eats King Cobra, smile, relax. frj

  3. So many trolls. How did this blog get so infected by the dark scum? Anyway, thanks for the update Cobra! I look forward to attending one of your conferences in the near future, I am going to try to get my dear friend to go as well, I will try to talk him into paying the $250, if not I will pay the full $500 for both of us, the information and wisdom you give to us will be well worth it!

  4. Hiya, I've got some very very nice beachside property to sell – a STEAL! You seem to have money so I'm sure you can already sense it's a once-in-a-lifetime deal!Also, I know a Nigerian prince who needs help to transfer money outside of his country, he'll reward you generously for your cooperation (we're talking millions here – honest!). Can you provide him with your bank account number?Deal?

  5. It is finally time. The awakening of Humanity as a mass has come. The rest of this year will be eye opening to all as we approach the EVENT. Others like David Wilcock, Tanaath, etc. seem to point to this also happening very soon too. Its going to happen and no one can stop our awakening!

  6. This Grand Sextile is such an amazing occurrence. It is mind boggling to think it is happening twice in less than 30 days. It will not happen again for millions of years. We have a chance to open a Peace Portal to bring PEACE to the whole Earth. Everyone on this site wants Peace on Earth. We all want to save our beautiful planet Earth. We can all do our part and share this Update and take 10 minutes tomorrow to meditate as a group to open the Peace Portal and bring Peace. Love and Harmony to each and every heart on this planet. This meditation is bigger than any of us alone. Whether you are with Cobra or not, you are certainly with Gaia and you want to help restore her to her natural Pristine beauty. I encourage everyone on this site to lay down your swords and shields and meditate with me and Cobra tomorrow at 5:11 pm EDT. This is the best way I can think of to spend 10 minutes ever. We need just 144,000 people to join us and it is done.

  7. We need just #144,000# people to join us and it is done.Where did this figure come from?Why is this figure necessary?How is this number guaged ~ was there a registration required?If the aims of this meditation fail will that be down to only 143,999 people participating?

  8. Anon 6:59 Did you read the Update? The number came from Cobra. I imagine 144,000 is the threshold indicating humanity cares about Peace on Earth. As far as I can tell no registration is taken. Participation is of an energetic level. I imagine that we could fall short by only 1 person. However, I believe we will far exceed that number. We have had several other opportunities where that number was needed and we fell short so we'll see. I will meditate today. It's something we can all do for World Peace. It's something we can all do every day for World Peace. Why not do it today?

  9. I'll be there as it's the least I can do! I really hope that more will join in especially with the energies coming from the Grand Sextile. The last couple of days I have slept so heavy. Something is definitely in the air as I usually suffer from disturbed sleep. Speaking of peace on earth has anyone heard from Andy in Egypt? There hasn't been an update in a while.

  10. 144,000 is an arbitrary number. You imagine it is 'the threshold indicating humanity cares about Peace on Earth.' How insulting to think that so few would care when I believe it would be in the millions!! Do you think Source cares about numbers plucked out of the air by a con-man? Your penultimate sentence was the most sensible thing you said. Wake-up Sage!!

  11. Sage Advice – No, I did not read the update either, as I was done with Cobra last year. It's an unproven fairy tale. He's a Carnival Barker for $250 per person. READ : CONMAN. If Cobra just " made up " that 144,000 number, how much more is just " made up ?" Where does the creation of Galactic bullshit stop ? I know, at $250 per person. See above comment for administering Cobra anti-venom. Add scotch, it works better. You seem enthralled with the " Grand Sextile." What's next for you, the Galactic Underwear god aligning with two legs and genitals ? You used to make some sense occasionally, it now seems you have hit the Ayahuasca bong one too many times. You, neither, have evidence or proof we can verify that meditation does anything like what you claim. A clear indicator most can count on for touchy-feely galactic bullshit is when ANYONE asks for proof. WE NEVER GET ANY ! NONE. Because you don't have any. I want peace also. So tell me, just what has this galactic/touchy-feely crap ever ACTUALLY done for peace ? EVIDENCE – PROOF — or STFU. frj

  12. Hey frj, still asking for proof? Proof is coming. What I want to know is what are you doing to raise your vibrations today? Did you go out in nature? Did you watch the sun rise? How much time did you spend communing with your Higher Self in quiet meditation? You can prove to yourself who you really are but you have to do the work. Until you do, no one can prove it to you. No one. I have recently starting studying Kryon. My daughter gave me Book 1. She told me it changed everything for her. But this change came at a cost, one which she gladly paid. You and I go back and forth, but I know we really both want the same thing. World peace? Absolutely. No more hunger? You bet. No more disease? Yes! Things are going to change dramatically from here on out. You will get the proof you are asking for. But we are the Ones we've been waiting for and we are the Ones who get to do the work. So what can you do to make the world a better place today? Who's burden can you make lighter? Who in need can you help? The one thing I hope you can begin to understand today is this: You are the ONLY one here. We are all just different aspects of God experiencing God. So you may ask me to shut up but I won't because I have as much right to post as you do. Hopefully someday I will say something that will make a difference to you because I know that I am you and you are me. Have a beautiful day frj. I love you!

  13. Anon 3:27 Do you realize that we are in a holographic universe? None of this is real! It's like going onto the holo deck on the Enterprise. It seems very real but in reality there is a big computer somewhere out there and we're just little bits having an experience. It's a pretty cool experience. And having portals open up and change our reality is a fascinating part of that. Go ahead and make fun of the Grand Sextile but it has the potential to change everything. I am getting ready to meditate now. Have a beautiful day!

  14. Yup, the cabal would have removed Cobra if most of what he said was true. I think all the "insiders" you see on the net are either cabal disinfo or common conman so they are allowed to spread their lies with bits of truths.

  15. I have declared 2012 to be a hoax but this brings the point that if nothing happened on the most hyped date in history, every other date is insignificant in comparsion. I also gave up on "soon" and am now wondering if we will get our God given rights to freedom and freewill this lifetime? It's kind of depressing knowing that the only thing that stands between freedom is the good guys forcing the mainstream media to disclose everything. If they can't do this, we won't attain freedom this lifetime. I have done my part by waking up and am only waiting for disclosure so most sheeple know what's going on and can make an informed choice to wake up and demand freedom. If the light loses, we die and go to heaven.Furthermore, while we may have all been created in God's image, the cabal have no right to violate our freewill! One part of God should not control another part of God! We know what the cabal have been doing to us, but 90% of humanity don't and if good guy insiders don't do their jobs right, the light will lose and it will be because of a failure to disclose what was going on in order to wake up enough sheeple!

  16. I have faith in myself as an immortal soul but I don't have faith in anyone else. No one is going to save us except we save ourselves. If there is no disclosure, the number of sheeple will be too high for humanity to save itself so we die and go to heaven. Those who were able to wake up stay in heaven while the sheeple get to reincarnate because they failed their mission.

  17. Anon 4:53 I didn't say we are not real. I said we live in a holographic universe. It seems very real yet our science has now proven that the most real thing in our world is a thought. You are real and this experience seems real. But when all is said and done all you will have left of this world is a memory. It will all seem like a dream. I say, make it the best dream you can imagine! Why not? What have you got to lose? It's not real! You cannot lose anything!

  18. There's no peace portal, there's no ascension gates, there's no nothing. Only endless stagnation, and constant fluctuations between happiness and suffering. Get me outta here.

  19. I also read about the holographic universe. Makes sense because everything is energy. Right now, humanity is living in a collective nightmare full of pain and suffering. We want the nightmare to end already so we can begin living the dream.

  20. I already know there will be short term disruptions as sheeple panic but it is our right to know and the longer we are left in the "dark" the longer the cabal can remain in power. There is the danger of ww3 if people are not warned about the fact wars are a cabal scam.

  21. Been told by your handlers to change your message Space Ace?The vast majority of people whether spiritually awakened or not do not want war and know from experiences in the recent past that all wars are scams.

  22. Yep! Its from Revelations. Jehova's Witnesses are into '144,000' big time. That's the number of souls they say already made it to heaven and the number's complete. Makes you wonder why they still knocking on doors trying to 'save'us if heaven's full.

  23. If you have not yet read Kryon then you really have nothing to contribute to my comment. The UN has a purpose. All governments will be transformed and will finally begin to serve the People. The sources of power in this world will now begin to work for the good of all people or they will cease to exist.

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