Sheldan Nidle Interview – DNA Re-patterning – Galactic Federation of Light

Tazz & Paula Show – 3:00pm Est Amazing Spiritual Journey we are traversing … is shaking up things … don’t you agree!?  Have you been spontaneously LAUGHING, CRYING, ANGRY, etc … some call it ‘mood-swings’ that shock you as well as those around you?  Ha! is that an understatement? If so, we’ll be checking in with Sheldan today about our DNA re-patterning, a recalibration and what abilities it will deliver to us.

Over the years we have realized that at certain times many people are elevated completely out of left field simultaneously … people are unable to sleep until a certain hour in the morning and then the energy releases them to rest, they have aches and pain that are closely the same, they’re more vibrant on one day than a previous one. AND, just recently We have realized it seems to be connected with portal openings, energies connected with different planet movements and, here’s a thought, it might even be a ‘time capsule’ release within our own body, but triggered by frequencies we are not aware of like musical tones or Gaia’s sounds from her grids.

20 thoughts on “Sheldan Nidle Interview – DNA Re-patterning – Galactic Federation of Light

  1. I'm deeply concerned about Nidle's statement that the earth will be in such a huge turmoil with super high tsunamis and super volcanoes that the earth populace will have to leave its planet. It is the first time I hear such stuff from him, just start at 42:00 min. Drunvalo Melchizedek talks about that global devastation in a happy way, too. That's monstrous, something is smelling fishy here.

  2. Sunfire of the Galactic Fedration of Planets and Tanaath of the Silver Legion tell us not to believe those who speak of catastrophes. It is fear porn. They say there will be no cataclysmic events. They will not permit it….

  3. Hey Oli,Sheldan is very careful to not talk about the "catastrophic" earth events but I can tell you I heard him discuss this on some DVDs I purchased from him many years ago. His message is also very similar to the Hollow Earth Network.They share a message that humanity will die unless we all go to Agartha and transform our DNA via Light Chambers. I am not sure what Cobra believes but it would be interesting to see if he believes in the Global Destruction like Hollow Earth Network and Sheldan. Cobra has confirmed recently that Light Chambers are necessary for humanities ascension. It is my opinion that they use this fear laced frequency in order to get people to follow them into inner earth and the light chambers. They want people to believe that they need to be saved.To me Sheldan is being mind controlled by the GFL and Ascended Masters. As a kid Sheldan was abused really badly by his human parents and the GFL would show him love after he was beaten by his father. Now he trusts their messages and is promoting this earth destruction under the guise of love and light teachings.Of course this is just my opinion but I completely disagree with the GFL and Ascended Master teachings. I publish them for people to make up their own mind about who and what they represent.

  4. GFL are not the lizards. Ascended Masters are not the lizards. The cabal are the ones who took Jesus and crucified Him. The cabal have been running the show here for many thousands of years. I don't claim to know everything but I don't want to say I will not accept the Truth just because I don't understand it. I have studied the Ascended Masters for many years and they are so full of love. Their dedication to humanity is immense and we have so much to be thankful for because of the sacrifices they have made. They have lifted me so much and given me the confidence to believe that we are ascending and that Ascension for the human race is real. The question that keeps coming up for me is "Are the Light Chambers real?" and "Are the Light Chambers harmful to humans?" I understand that the way that the human race will be healed is through new therapies of Light, vibration and color. We already have people being healed in a chamber called a Life Vessel. You can google it. The Life Vessel can heal anything from cancer to heart disease to autism to multiple sclerosis. The list goes on and on. What it does is removes disease by allowing the body to relax. This Life Vessel is used by Medical Doctors to heal patients with extreme disease that most MDs have given up on. The Life Vessel™ is a non-invasive patented apparatus that uses frequency, vibration, sound and light to enable a person to reach a natural state of relaxation.The future is here already. What would be wrong with a Light Chamber that our Star Family controls to help us return to our natural state of ease and power? All that has to happen is that we re-activate our 12 strands of DNA. Once this happens we are back in the 5th Dimension or Ascended Master mode. For years I have believed that all that has to happen is for us to REMEMBER who we are. If it takes getting in a Light Chamber to reactivate this memory, so be it. I like the idea that enerchi promotes that we will all experience a natural ascension just by being on the planet. I am all for a peaceful ascension where we gradually raise our vibrations and gradually wake up to who we really are. I just don't know who is right. But I do know who does. Each of us has a Higher Self who is watching over us and who will ensure we are in the right place at the right time. We need not worry about the details. My Higher Self likes to reassure me that I am in the right place and that I have nothing to fear. I'm sure that goes for the rest of us too.

  5. I agree with what you said, but we still need proof to believe it. Only time shall tell what our future has for us and whether ascension is natural or if we will need to use technology to ascend ourselves. However we must be careful who presents technology to us, is it the good guys or the cabal ready to trick us? Are we really in the right place at the right time? Most people don't believe so.

  6. Now who would take a ride in maniac car if he would declare their intentions in first place? No-one. So he's smiling and giving candy. Still there are some people who are naive enough to fall into their trick.

  7. Thank you very much, enerchi, for clarifying your position. Man, you like teaching us in the hard way, don't you? 😀 Indeed, I also would stress on the critical issue of an allegedly impending doomsday event. That excludes the healing light chambers, they are acceptable as long as we haven't to leave the planet anywhere. I'm agreeing here with Sage Advice.Tanaath and Sunfire are bashing Cobra more and more – but – without being specific. They are not very fond of him and they are refusing constantly to say why. So I'm getting leery of them increasingly. Well, let's wait and see, if Cobra will also promote a doomsday event. As far as I can see he rejects all kind of fear porn up to the present day. But let's keep in mind they all are no gods and fallable. That's for sure, too.

  8. It is all much simpler than we think. The GFL, Nidle and all the other channelers and self-proclaimed expert telepaths, leaders of any and every religion are sucking us all into salvationism. They are perpetuating a LIE. We are were we all agreed to be at this time but we have forgotten. Mother Earth will take care of us – all we have to do is shut out all the lies and help her.

  9. Ascension is real! "Soon" web site comming!Soooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!I think every technology is loving. I dont think we are in bed with any aliens. I think it is psy-ops trying to save face of Masonic trash.If we were supposed to be invaded/possessed we would have been LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time ago.AOne.

  10. What is it about the internet that leads us to call people out of their names or are leads us to bully other by placing labels on other people that we assume we know them better then they know themselves? I don't get this about the internet. It has happened to me and I really don't understand why people take that liberty to deliberately harm someone else feeling that way by name calling and labeling! I will admit the internet can leave a very negative frequency within someone else energy field that will lead them to start acting out the same way. I have been a chanced person sense being on the internet AND NOT IN A GOOD POSITIVE WAY. I'm beginning to think the internet is just as bad as watching TV, an unhealthy negative place, to interact and connect with other people. Now do you have any healthy good ideas about the Galactic Center?

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