What Wanta Wants Soon He Will Get and So Will Patriot Bill B

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What Wanta Wants Soon He Will Get and So Will Patriot Bill B 

Naming, shaming and exposing not just the Cabal VERMIN who have ruined America, but showing conclusive evidence that they all have been given full copies of the salient facts of the Criminality of these treacherous men, and have shown the cowardice or duplicity of their own position by not acting to put this great wrong right. History will judge them all accordingly. 

Never before, in the history of human conflict, have so few , held so much power, to corrupt an entire nation so badly and harm so many, while men of no integrity, stood silently in the shadows as cowards to stain their Souls forever. Their SHAME will be their Book of Life to carry forward with them when they leave this world. So each shall be judged.


This new report features also part of Leo Wanta and Marilyn Barnewalls new book. Note, this report has gone to all named key figures in authority, to the Usurper Con Man masquerading as a Mannequin President of no lawful authority, to the Supremes whose primary roles are to protect the Constitution and Law, and who ignore it in wanton cowardice and corruption.

For students of History, Law, Business and Democracy, this is a stark warning of the Bad Fellas who brought a nation to its knees, because Corruption and Cowardice stalks the land. It is in worldwide circulation, and shames America ever greater. Each of the named parties and more, needs to be in a Nuremberg type dock, on trial for Treason, Rico Racketeering, Fraud,Theft,Larceny and in many cases,Genocide. America is in chaos because of them, their venal greed and collusion. Texans used to hang horse thieves. 

What is the penalty for stealing a nation?

Interesting times. Just as the US is being forced into releasing the long overdue Private Placements and Dinars, the criminality of the Bushes,Cheney, Paulson and Greenspan breaks in public to expose them again. 

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Ambassador Lee Emil Wanta >
Date: 21 August 2013 04:27
To: Recipient List Suppressed
To: Chief Justice_John G Roberts <jroberts@supremecourt.gov>; Vincent Bakker <vincent.bakker@icc-cpi.int>; Nicola Fletcher <nicola.fletcher@icc-cpi.int>; Florence Olara <florence.olara@icc-cpi.int>; U S Supreme Court <chirag@supremecourt.gov>; US Supreme Court <cvasil@supremecourt.gov>; US Supreme Court <cwalker@supremecourt.gov>; US Supreme Court <dgraham@supremecourt.gov>; US Supreme Court <jalito@supremecourt.gov>; US Supreme Court <jgaskell@supremecourt.gov>; US Supreme Court <karberg@supremecourt.gov>; US Supreme Court <kkiely@supremecourt.gov>; US Supreme Court <kthornton@supremecourt.gov>; US Supreme Court <tdaluge@supremecourt.gov>; US Supreme Court_Justice W Suter <wsuter@supremecourt.gov>; US Supreme Court_Justice J Kennedy <jkennedy@supremecourt.gov>; US Supreme Court <adowns@supremecourt.gov>; US Supreme Court_Chief Justice John G Roberts <johnroberts@supremecourt.gov>; US Supreme Court <jcrawford@supremecourt.gov>; US Supreme Court Justice Scalia <scalia@supremecourt.gov>; US Supreme Court Justice J Thomas <jthomas@supremecourt.gov>; US Supreme Court <cjrapp@supremecourt.gov>; US Supreme Court <dnelson@supremecourt.gov>; US Supreme Court <jjohnson@supremecourt.gov>; US Supreme Court Justice J Kagan <jkagan@supremecourt.gov>; US Supreme Court Justice J Ginsburg <jginsburg@supremecourt.gov>; US Supreme Court Justice S Alito <salito@supremecourt.gov>; US Supreme Court Justice J Sotomayor <jsotomayor@supremecourt.gov>; US Supreme Court Justice Breyer <jbreyer@supremecourt.gov>; US Supreme Court _W Grant <wgrant@supremecourt.gov>; The White House <newsadmin@whitehouse.gov>; The White House_Senate <press@whitehouse.senate.gov>; The White House <support@whitehouse.gov>
Sent: Tuesday, August 20, 2013 12:05 PM
To: POTUS_U.S. President Barack H. Obama <scheduling@who.eop.gov>; POTUS_Office of the President <info@barackobama.com>; “First Lady, Nancy Reagan” <info@reaganfoundation.org>; Attorney General Eric Holder <askdoj@usdoj.gov>; Counselor Gene Sperling <treasurer@do.treas.gov>; DNI_Lt General James R Clapper <devoux.jeremy@gmail.com>; NSA_General James Jones <nsapao@nsa.gov>; OVP_Vice President Joe Biden <scheduling@ovp.eop.gov>; WH_Chief of Staff_Denis McDonough <president@messages.whitehouse.gov>; NEC_Director Gene Sperling <president@messages.whitehouse.gov>; US Supreme Court_Chief Justice John G Roberts <johnroberts@supremecourt.gov>; Deputy Campaign Manager Stephanie Cutter <stephanie@stephaniecutter.com>; Stephanie Cutter <stephcutter@gmail.com>; U. S. President Barack Obama <support@barackobama.com>; Austria_Fin Min Maria Fekter <hofburg@hofburg.com>; IMF_Christine Lagarde_M.D. <press@imf.org>; Chairman Nout Wellink <baselcommittee@bis.org>; WI_Governor Scott Walker <Governor@wisconsin.gov>

Sent: Tuesday, August 20, 2013 10:01 AM
FATE: Life is like a coin. You can spend it any way you wish – but only once.

One thing seems obvious about the games that have been played with Ambassador Lee Emil Wanta by those in control of the rules imposed and the supervision of them: “They” (how many times have I asked, “Lord, who is ‘they?’) want Wanta to die or otherwise lose interest in his funds and walk cleanly away from them… which, if he did, he would likely be killed.

During the past four years, how many times has Wanta been told his funds were being made available and the Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols would be implemented? Muchas veces… many times. How many times have attempts been made on his life just since he and I became friends in February 2009? Several. One time, he attended a baseball game in Houston and sat in the same vicinity as former President George Herbert Walker Bush. He waved at Bush, making sure the former President knew he was in attendance. Lee noted to me in a phone call (he was laughing): “My security was better than his.” 

He departed Houston after the game and two days later, somewhere on the East coast (I never know where he is) someone managed to get to Lee and throw him against a cement wall. He was hospitalized but the attempt to take his life was thwarted. There was an attempted poisoning. There have been times his security was removed and he was left to fend for himself. It is frightening to me when that happens. The first article I wrote about Lee Wanta was headlined “Wanta to be taken down…” BARNEWALL ARTICLES ONE and TWO and THREE
There have been offers made. In late 2011, “they” offered him $850,000,000,000 but he had to promise to disappear and he could live life as he chose… but there were some restrictions on the “as he chose” part. He wouldn’t be able to start any business in America and he should live abroad. All he had to do was walk away and he could live his life.

For those who think Lee Wanta hangs on because of the money, think again. No one is going to starve with $850 billion in the bank. It would make him one of the richest men in the world and, at his age of 73 (as of 2013), his children and grandchildren would enjoy a large inheritance. They would never have to work a day in their lives (which some people consider a good thing). What this represents from Wanta’s perspective is giving someone – like Bush Senior – a payoff. Lee believes that to be not only immoral, but unlawful and he will not do it.  

They continually make the mistake of judging him by their standards. If they were he, they would take such an offer. “They” seem to have no understanding of the moral aspects of fulfilling a promise made or the saving of their nation’s economic future, or a man who is willing to commit unto death to the fulfillment of what he risked everything for in the first place: The money he legally earned, what he wants to do with it, and his honest-to-God love for his nation and the people in it.
And they fear him. When he dies, a boatload of intelligence information heretofore unseen will be delivered via Satellite to a variety of people with the capacity to use it against “them.”

There is no way to deny that Lee Wanta is a likeable guy. He is a gentleman (though I’m sure he could thrive equally as well in a Goodfella environment if needed – he’s done it and survived). He’s extremely bright and detailed in his thinking. That part of Lee Wanta they can probably understand. What they don’t understand is his commitment to a moral end to the problems “they” have created and their lack of understanding of the meaning of the word “moral.”

Yet, they play psyop games with him. They are in a corner economically but will not cede to him what is rightfully his so he can save the nation which they think they serve. It’s like… they really do not see the handwriting on the wall; or, perhaps they do see it but keep thinking surely something will happen to bail them out at the last moment. They might as well be saying “I love my country and I’m doing what I can to save it… even if I have to destroy it first.” One thing is certain. The definition of insanity is to continue doing the same thing the same way over and over, expecting a different result… yet “they” at one time were audacious enough to question the Ambassador’s insanity? It seems to me that “they” would do well to take some of the competency tests they forced on Lee Wanta.

They still have the Spain ploy in their backpack of tricks. The Spain ploy is the government takeover of all pension funds (yes, including IRAs and other non-corporate/union retirement funds) – for your security, of course – and investing those funds in Treasury bonds (which, in a bankrupt nation, are or will be worthless). Whether the bonds are worthless really isn’t the issue. The issue is, “they” want the money and the government is willing to let the nation collapse under the weight of government greed and its need to maintain power. 

You see, if they lose power, they can be caught in their own webs of deceit… why, they might even lose their imagined immunity. You’d think the experts at changing laws to suit their purpose would be first in the class to understand that when the worm turns, those from the other side will have the same ability to rewrite laws that they have used so abhorrently against the people. Perhaps a new Executive Order will be passed making it impossible for offspring of those deemed responsible for the failure of the United States of America to be unable to set foot on this nation’s shores for ten generations. There are all kinds of possibilities.

The Wanta vs. “them” games began after Judge Gerald Bruce Lee’s 2003 Decision (Link in Chapter 12) in the Arlington Virginia Federal District Court which informed Wanta that he should sell the assets of his corporations and bring the funds into the United States – to repatriate the funds – paying taxes on them. By that time, an Agreement had been reached and signed between the United States Government and Ambassador Leo/Lee Emil Wanta that he would accept $4.5 trillion in lieu of the $27.5 trillion he had raised through skillful investment strategies.
When Wanta verbally gave the remaining $23 trillion to the American people, it was a slap in the face to “them” and there is little doubt much of the harassment to which he has been subjected is the result of that gift. They have ego needs, you see. Unfortunately, they aren’t terribly bright about how to make profits or stimulate the economy. Otherwise, the American people would not have had to suffer through one of the most difficult economic traumas in our nation’s history since 2007 while they stroked their egos to play Wanta games. 

So where did the $4.5 trillion come from and what happened to it? 

Continue Reading at …… http://canauzzie.blogspot.ca/2013/08/what-wanta-wants-soon-he-will-get-and.html


12 thoughts on “What Wanta Wants Soon He Will Get and So Will Patriot Bill B

  1. Wanta! Black Swan, White Hat -How the US Government Stole $23 Trillion from the American PeopleFirst time video interview with Lee Wantahttp://tekgnosis.typepad.com/tekgnosis/2013/08/ambassador-lee-wanta-video-interview-plus-more.htmlhttps://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B_AZRKDabXz6a01fUWlIdE9XSW8&usp=sharing (download pdf, podcast interviews, video interview plus more here)http://tekgnosis.typepad.com/tekgnosis/2013/08/wanta-black-swan-white-hat-for-immediate-release.html

  2. O.K.So we know that banksters stole the wealth of the world. We know that people create all the true value through their work and creativity, while the banksters create only debt. We know that judicial system is corrupt and is, in essence, a commercial activity, working under admiralty maritime. We know that people, all over the world, have NO political system in a true sense of the world, since political system is a commercial activity, working with PERSONS (legal term), not people. World is truly ruled by corporations, legitimate governments no longer exist, as the governments themselves are corporations, working for banksters.How do WE solve this? Fact is, the corporations will NOT solve this, as they will not endanger their profits, derived from legal slavery systems.I think the only way is to learn and to start non-compliance. Stop using banks, stop giving them liquidity, stop giving them the opportunity to create money from nothing. Stop complying with non-laws (statues, regulations, etc.) Another way would be to truly learn the system and turn it against them. Start using OUR persons to their full extend and use limited liability and start demanding lawfully binding contracts and in absence of those stop representing our persons in their cangaroo courts with our physical bodies and and our property.Truth is, WE give the funny money it's value, if we stop doing it, banksters loose all their power.

  3. This link is from godlikeproductions…..I know I know its all tavistock on that site but could this be a message from tavistock? It certainly takes into account what is happening now, the rv's, basel3, tapering, inflation, new financial system etc. Enerchi you might want to post the full article.Phttp://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message2327919/pg1

  4. It is scary what the cabal have planned for us, but knowing we are eternal souls greatly lessens the fear. If the light wins, heaven comes to earth and if they lose, we die and go to heaven.

  5. If it's coming from a cabal disinfo site, then it's more proof the dinar is a cabal scam and the reset is also cabal. Let's hope the cabal are unable to push the reset thru as Diane of RTS believes so.

  6. "People" prove how fucked up they actually are, by making false claims/promises, deceiving others and treating [other] living things with hostility – without any good reason…I was thinking about how people turn potential friends into enemies, by treating them as such.But perhaps such people are just showing their true evil face – after very very little surface scratching – and we should be thankful for that.

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