4 thoughts on “Bradley Manning Sentenced To 35 Years Behind Bars

  1. If the light wins, he will be a world hero and compensated for time spent behind bars as a political prisoner. Same with the rest of the nonviolent offenders that shouldn't be in prison. The only one behind bars should be the cabal and their shills.

  2. While the O-Bots are pushing for immunity for the satanic occultists such as bush clinton cartel and their minions for the Iraq war etc etc etc… they are all guilty of so much that court proceedings would take us all at least another ten reincarnations just to read it all out, the staggering evil of the age of pisces is not yet truly known, but just the last 100 years the blood of billions is truly only really on the hands of very few and it's the bloodline sociopaths. ALL THINGS MUST CHANGE.

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