5 thoughts on “Latest Crop Circles: Etchilhampton Hill, Devizes, Wiltshire 19 August 2013

  1. Questions that come to mind about these crop circles. This is dated 19 Aug and today is 20 Aug so when did this circle appear? Is someone in an appropriate flying machine equipped with recording devices doing permanent fly-bys every morning just in case some entities [human or other] have posted a cryptic message? How do they know where to look? What is the interpretation of this glyph?

  2. I wonder if those crop circles are truly created by aliens or if it's the cabal creating those as yet another distraction? If aliens wanted to communicate with us, they could simply take over the media and brief all of us.

  3. We are still in 3d so aliens will need to use 3d tools. Many channelers claim to be communicating with aliens, but they have been exposed as disinfo agents of the cabal or mind controlled cabal tools.

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