28 thoughts on “The Mystery Countdown to September 9 ,2013

  1. Among matching time zones for the countdown is london, lagos, casablanca and dublin. Built the foundation, enslaved… Irish slave trade? I would begin there perhaps?

  2. To the "new age" movement:Your optimism is laudable, but is it realistic? I very much want an utopian reality and have dreamed of it all my life. But dates always come and go. Most people gave up hope when 12/21/12 came and went. 2013 is in danger of coming and going as well with nothing good happening. No one knows when or if anything good will happen. Insiders claim September 1 will be mass resignations of cabal. We don't even have proof of anything and don't even know if the good guys will win. If good guys were winning, why so many delays and no proof? Everything that is happening is because of the cabal. Keenan and Jean think our future will be similar to our present except we only have to work half as hard and be half as poor. Sounds like slavery 2.0

  3. False flag event being entered in to our sub-conscious, the people carrying it out will blame truthers no doubt and come after the internet, install martial law, problem reaction solution, but all done by the dying control system in order to further subjugate us in total fear.. Or it could be bollocks of course like so many other fear generating vibrational energy traps.. we know who the real true enemy is and we should expect them to play dirty right till their collective end..

  4. You speak as if the "new age" movement was some united group who all hold all the same ideas in common and follow all the same leaders. They do not. It might be better to think of them like the various Christian denominations; they all have a few general things in common, but they vary widely in the details and focus. If you have issue with specific ideas then you are right to address them, but do not lump large groups of disparate people together and assume they are all the same. Not all attached meaning to 12/21/12. Of those who did, not all attached the same meaning, and they all reacted differently to the passing of that date. You assume these people you define as blindly optimistic in large numbers gave up hope because of the passing of 12/21/12. You believe nothing will happen Sept 1 and you point to the lack of any outside evidence and that is fine (and I very much agree with). The "new age" movement did not set this date. You doubt the story that the "good guys" are winning. This is also fine. I am not sure how this ideas is directed at the disparate group that is labeled "new age", but okay. Keenan and Jean are individuals and do not comprise the "new age" movement. I really have no issue with the points you raise. They are inadequately addressed in the alternative media and associated groups. I really just have issue with who you are flinging these problems at.

  5. Excellent points 2:48. 'New Age' has come to be the new 'Borg Collective'. I suspect these dates which come and go with nothing visible happening are set by whomever's best interests are served by keeping sheep either high on hope or just distracted. We had 8/8 last month for possible changes to money system RV. Now its 9/9 and possibly next will be 10/10 as some have tried to hint.

  6. Noone can predict exact dates unless its some false flag disaster and the cabal are behind it. If the good guys gave away dates that would be self-defeating. You don't tell your enemy when you are going to take him down because that takes away one of your advantages – the surprise element.

  7. 9 + 9 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 3 = 24; 2 + 4 = 6.9-9-6 is 666 partially inverted.9 + 9 + 1 + 3 = 22; 2 x 11 = 22.11 is the Masonic number of death. Multiplication simply magnifies the "power" of the number.

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