The REPTILIAN AGENDA – Featuring: ZULU Shaman Credo Mutwa

Published on Aug 14, 2013

6.5 Hours – From UFOTV, accept no imitation. OFFICIAL UPLOAD – Posted by permission only! Now presenting the film that changed the UFO/ET story for ever. This legendary 6.5 hour movie describes in detail the evidence that a Reptilian ET race is engaging the planet earth and have shaped human history for thousands of years.

29 thoughts on “The REPTILIAN AGENDA – Featuring: ZULU Shaman Credo Mutwa

  1. Lots of people are worried we will be invaded by aliens. Movies have been made about this. If this above movie is true, we were invaded thousands of years ago. Is the cabal at the top truly extraterrestrial? If so, it will be up to the positive aliens to remove the negative aliens.

  2. The top alien cabal is getting rid of all middle and lower cabal to regain control of the humans. It all starts with their new financial system…. I think going to a new pristine planet to continue our 3d life without all this bullshit is getting to be a better and better idea..

  3. Mutwa and Icke both still fell for/supported the mainstream PR about the nature of HIV/AIDS?!?HIV is NOT the cause of AIDS!If all of that nonsense PR was true, (not only) Africa would have been extinct 10 or 20 Years ago!Yes "AIDS", may be a mortal danger to Africans,NOT by HIV, but by the medication that comes with it- driven by meaningful financial incentives to diagnose "AIDS", rather than something else.Yet the patients condition may be improved by better nutrition they may get being part of such programs- even if the expensive medication will most probably kill them later.The main cause of "AIDS" in Africa is malnutrition – and could be prevented and overcome by better living conditions.But that is not where the financial incentives are at all!

  4. Those tests appear about as silly and barbaric as a water trial of a witch:If she drowned, she was not a witch – or was it the other way around.Those tests may show determination – but also lack of integrity or outright dumbness!How would you know it was not a determined agent of the other side? – OK, they may know your "secrets" are not (that) valuable to them anyways!Maybe I would have shown my true secrets to those with enough integrity to refuse a barbaric test.(?)But the ones that refuse, can not belong to us!There may be unavoidable problems with integrity (and therefore something wrong) with anyone involved.

  5. We shall see, but if the light loses, death won't come quickly or painlessly for many. We all hope the light wins, but it's up to the good guys to do their jobs and wake the sheeple with mainstream disclosure quickly.

  6. Anon 4:12 -Are you trying to demonstrate to me, how Icke and Mutwa are not to blame at all? ;-)Your talk about sex, needles and the likes shows that the mainstream PR is still dominating your thinking in that area.OK, I admit, sharing needles is not exactly something, I would like to even think about,and in a way, you may even be right about the risk – but the main reason for that would be,that if you answered any of those questions with "yes", you would be more likely to be diagnosed with HIV…Because the answers to those questions are considered important to the testing (aka reading tealeaves 😉 )!Dr. Robert Willner even did stick himself with the same needle he sticked an HIV positive man with- to prove his points: "sex and HIV absolutely do not cause AIDS"!Here is a YouTube video about that: The HIV/AIDS Hoax Explained – Dr. Robert WillnerThere is also a collection of relevant videos in that blog post:2012-10-23 "Profit" and madness instead of truth, reason, loveI hope this will help bring some light in those still dark areas!

  7. Anon 4:12 – Not having sex and being in terror about bodily fluidswill do you a lot of disservice.That may weaken you in a few respects as well as help to alienate you from your species – if not yourself.Those ideas also carry an attempt to stifle human procreation by insidious means.While I believe procreation can be overdone to harmful extends (until proven wrong),I believe it should be led and controlled by reason, not evil trickery!

  8. 4:13 – BS! You have no proof that what you say is true. Have you ever had experience of the light (or dark) losing? I bet you haven't!You've been outed as SpaceAce the robot boy, percentage guy and the "ww3 we all die and go to heaven" guy. I'd also bet you are the "I strongly believe fear is an illusion but I fear the unknown" guy. There's a negative theme running through your comments – I bet someone puts you up to it ;>)

  9. You 8:50 look more suspicious to me,as you would resort to personal attacks, rather than discuss the subject.You did out yourself that way just now.Such behavior is not really that helpful, if you think about it, is it?

  10. He explains how alien biotech companies created biological bodies to trap our souls and they also created this whole mating(sex) and procreation life cycle. God/source would never create something as disgusting as sex, but evil extraterrestrial man did eons ago. Do your research on the dangers of sex. So much more than what they teach you in school. There's a good reason the cabal have brainwashed humans(men in particular) with the "sex sells" mantra. Sex is harmful as drugs.———————————-There are basically two types of sex headaches:The first, and most common, is the benign coital headache, which tends to occur on a regular basis during or after sex, and is relatively harmless.The second type is the "new onset" severe headache during sex. This is a first time headache, which the patient generally characterizes as the worst headache of their life. This type of sex headache is a serious emergency until proven otherwise. Such a headache is often due to an acute brain hemorrhage or other serious condition. Fortunately, this type of first onset headache is fairly unusual, but when it does occur it can represent a life threatening emergency, which requires emergency evaluation and treatment.BRAIN HEMORRHAGE:Brain hemorrhage may occur during sex when an abnormal blood vessel bursts, causing an acute hemorrhage over the surface of the brain (subarachnoid hemorrhage), or within the brain (intracerebral hemorrhage).

  11. **ALERT!ALERT!ALERT!ALERT!ALERT!**The latest disinformation to circulate the net via liarskywarriors dot CON is to trap the weak-minded into believing that sex between consenting adults is disgusting.That is so old that it needs to be revamped for a younger generation who missed it on its last outing. It was started centuries ago by the church when they would have us believe sex was a sin.The 2 gazillionth edition is in the form of an alien edict. What next?

  12. "FireSky is neither a contactee nor channeler but rather the conscious essence from the Supreme Being's Heart/Mind. FireSky, meaning spirit of peace, existing here as conscious electrical energy overlay of a human body for a short life time to help us."In other words not able to offer any tangible evidence so class as other snake-oil salesman akin to Dratzo and Cobra.

  13. Nice try at deflection 9:22 but its all part of the same subject ~ the cabal and their fear tactics.Let's look at the evidence.This guys posts constantly about1. the light losing2. we all die3. nuking 90-95% of us4. death not coming painlessly or quickly5. the need for technology to aid ascension ~ some sort of light chamber tho he's careful to differentiate from Dratzo's6. misandry but not as much on misogyny 7. the low percentage rate of the 'awake'If these 7 items were being posted by 7 individuals it would be less suspicious but to have all these from the same person shouts 'cabal shill'.On the plus side he's right about the media ;/

  14. Hello shills, time to learn logic!1. Loss is an illusion2. Death is an illusion(immortal souls)3. This is the cabal's NWO plan4. From the radiation5. 12/21/12 came and went6. Google: Misandry bubble7. None of my friends/family are awake

  15. There is nothing "weak minded" about learning to control or overcome your unnatural urges to "bump uglies" Wake up and understand the health risks of sex, an example is shown above. This isn't about religion(a cabal tool) but a scientific and medical fact. As for firesky, he's entitled to his beliefs.

  16. This is about what he posts and the frequency he posts. 4:42's post does not address the post @ 3:05 and shows no logic at all.All 7 points are part of the cabal's fear agenda which Space Ace is spamming ad infinitum.F.e. Articles from two or three writers discussing what possible devices were used in Syria (Ken, Kerry Cassidy and Vet's Today/Gordon Duff) will become an exaggerated 'dozens of insiders' in SA's regurgitation. THAT IS SPREADING DISINFO. Remind me again, what do the CABAL do????

  17. You have been trying to control your 'unnatural urges to "bump uglies"'… for many centuries by now.Look what it has done to all of us!How many decent, natural people(s) have been destroyed by your perverted efforts and their sick consequences?"Health risks of sex" – next you are going to talk about "health risks of life" and how all physical should be killed to "become 'spiritual'" – even if you need to trick people into your dogmata by lies, deception, force and violence!

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