Prosperity Program Conference Call Recording Info – August 15, 2013


Source Link: NESARA BLOG

Prosperity Program Conference Call Recording Info…8/15

Subject: Prosperity Program Conference Call Recording Info…8/15

Hello Friends
This email is, basically, for those people who were in the Prosperity Programs of the 1990s:
[SBC Chorco, Morgan Investment Pool, Allington, Comax, Clements Investment Pool, Omega, Freedom, Liberty, Doug Robbins, Nations, Dotson, Savage, Bergavin, Swiss Private Venture,…72 in all.]
So, if you are in a prosperity program from the 1990s, it would be very important to check out the recording of the live call that ended a couple of hours ago. About 1:30 to after 5:30pm EDT. The recording is up and running right now….so you do not have to wait until 9pm EDT/6pmPDT to listen.
  • 559-726-1399 PIN: 364-876#
  • If there is information that is not interesting to you, fast forward by pressing 6. Each 6=1minute FF
  • To back up 1 minute: press 4
  • To pause: press 5
Be sure to have pen & paper since there is so much that was given. There are instructions that are included in the packet & more. I got in late to the call so I am about to go back and listen to it now. Since it is such a long call, I wanted to give you the heads-up so you don’t have to wait until 9pm or 6 PM to get in on the call…
I don’t know how long this recording will be available. Usually it is up until the next live call. I think the next live call is tomorrow (Friday) at 9pm EDT/6pm PDT.
If you know anyone who was in the PP you might want to tell them about the call recording.
For those who were NOT in a Prosperity Program, here is what’s up for you:
A component – a major component of the PP (for those in three PPs) – are Humanitarian Grants. They must take into the bank a list of 200 names. These names will be given to the bank personnel and the bank will give out funds from an ‘anonymous donor’.
This list of 200 is to be of people who are not related to the person. So, if you have family (for instance) you can give your list to someone else and they can give you their family list.
Anyone who was not in a PP is eligible for a humanitarian grant. 
If you wish to be on a list to become a recipient of a Humanitarian Grant through this effort, you can send me your details, and I will include you on a sheet. Here is the format:
One line only/person.
First Name..Last Name    Street Address        City ST ZIP                      Phone #            email (small letters)
1) Jane Doe                        123 Main Street #3    Summerland  CA  96xxx      xxx-xxx-xxxx
2) Jack Spratt….etc
More later.
I am creating a spreadsheet to make things easier – in case you want to include many people…whether you are part of the PPs or not… I have sent it to Lady Z for her input. I will also have an explanation of the program that I will be sending out. There will be historical information about the prosperity program and whatever is needed to share with others in a respectful, educational, appropriate way. So, for now, it is not so necessary for you to send me your lists. If you are one person, fine.
Take care. Gotta go.
PS: My understanding is that you are not limited in your participation to one humanitarian grant program.
That is, one program will not cancel out another.

How do I check on the status of my prosperity program?

To answer the numerous inquiries per “how do I check on the status of my prosperity program?”

Send an email to– 


with Your Full Name, Address, Email Address, Phone and Program Membership 

Ref the following:


40 thoughts on “Prosperity Program Conference Call Recording Info – August 15, 2013

  1. I'm pretty open to stuff but that gmail account, someone making spreadsheets ''because it's easier'' and the source link's announcement from the ''interim president''… This is pretty retarded isn't it? The format for giving away your address and contact information was purely made for people in the USA, making it even less credible (as in, some fancy program that no one knows about that gives people money but it ONLY works in the USA). I don't know a lot about this crap but even just this shows me that it's incredibly unprofessional and not trustworthy.

  2. Just another variant of the "Nigerian scam" where they mine personal data for identity theft. Enerchi, please put up a big warning "possible scam, for informational purposes only"

  3. Did any of you listen to recording? Obviously not. Prosperity Programs are real and will pay out for those who registered many years ago. They will be used for humanitarian programs when the new financial system goes online.

  4. Then go ahead and sign up and give people you don't know your personal info and get back to us. If you can show us proof and make it go mainstream, then the rest of us will sign up.

  5. Thanks E! Always appreciate the wide ranging information you publish. Dont pay attention to the shills which for some reason you allow to speak freely on your blog. I am in one of the programs and have been looking for this information for quite sometime. I have had many questions and I got a lot of info from listening to this.These cabal shills will do anything to keep their jobs with the Nazi regime. I look forward to their demise once the republic is reclaimed.Thanks again for everything you do!

  6. Certainly if it's true, when the currency change occurs we will all have our chance then, right? No rush, don't be greedy. And don't be foolish, if you were signed up for one of these programs I'm sure they would be proud to inform you of your new found wealth, or did they lose your name and address? Fools…

  7. The anger comes here because they cannot do it on other blogs. This is the only blog I know that allows true freedom of speech. They come here to bitch and moan since they cant get away with it anywhere else.

  8. It's not anger, we are energy driven beings, ignorance causes anger, ridicule is the last stand of ignorance, the energy is shifting at an ever expanding rate right now, a galactic super wave, we've been in a galactic winter , coming in to a galactic spring, hold the truth in the heart for this is where truth lives, shine some light but don't recoil when others get angry at you for dong so, all things must change. know thyself..

  9. FOUND AT JOHN MACHAFFIE’S SITE.A PHONE CONFERENCE RECORDING HELD BY PERSONS WHO ARE NOT ADMINISTRATORS OF ANY PROSPERITY PROGRAM IS SPREADING THE FOLLOWING:==========================================================================================================For those who were NOT in a Prosperity Program, here is what’s up for you:A component – a major component of the PP (for those in three PPs) – are Humanitarian Grants. They must take into the bank a list of 200 names. These names will be given to the bank personnel and the bank will give out funds from an ‘anonymous donor’.This list of 200 is to be of people who are not related to the person. So, if you have family (for instance) you can give your list to someone else and they can give you their family list.Anyone who was not in a PP is eligible for a humanitarian grant.If you wish to be on a list to become a recipient of a Humanitarian Grant through this effort, you can send me your details, and I will include you on a sheet. Here is the format:One line only/person.First Name..Last Name Street Address City ST ZIP Phone # email (small letters)1) Jane Doe 123 Main Street #3 Summerland CA 96xxx xxx-xxx-xxxx your_address@xxxxx.com2) Jack Spratt….etc==========================================================================================================FALSE NO SUCH INFORMATION HAS BEEN OFFICIALLY RELEASED TO PROGRAM MEMBERS. IF THERE IS ANY SUCH REQUIREMENT FOR MEMBERS OF PROSPERITY PROGRAMS TO PROVIDE LISTS TO BANKS, WE HAVE NOT BEEN NOTIFIED OF IT THROUGH OFFICIAL CHANNELS. ONLY OBSCURE UNKNOWN PERSONS ARE SAYING THIS ON BLOGS AND PHONE CONFERENCES. IF YOU ARE IN A PROGRAM, DO NOT DO ANYTHING UNTIL YOU ARE OFFICIALLY INSTRUCTED TO DO SO. DO NOT PUT YOUR NAME ON ANY DONOR LIST FOR ANY CHARITABLE ENDEAVOR RUN BY JOHN MACHAFFIE OR ANY UNKNOWN PERSON REQUESTING SUCH. WAIT FOR OFFICIAL CONTACT AND INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE YOU ACT. YOU HAVE ALL WAITED TOO LONG TO ACT ON DUBIOUS ADVICE FROM PERSONS WHO ARE NOT OFFICIALLY CONNECTED TO ANY PROGRAM.

  10. The white hats have exposed the PPs, dinars and John as disinfo. If PPs are for real, please wait for it to be official and mentioned in the mainstream media. Something this huge MUST be reported by the good guys for us to believe it's for real. Alot of people will fall victim to scams in the meantime, sad to say.

  11. Anon 8:25 PM — Touche ! Best comeback of the month. Demand proof and the fable goes away. Show proof, and you got my attention. I didn't listen and won't, they lost me after the ' god wants us to have more cash ' thing. Classic appeal to the religiously tainted masses who talk to an invisible guy in the sky. Bravo ! frj

  12. No PPs or other similar global funds programs have required an initial investment to participate.Many will have a wake-up moment when they realize that NO massive funds will be going to any individuals –NO ONE is getting rich on *these* funds.The priority is:1) Children.2) Elderly.3) THEN the remainder.May be a WHILE.The target is EARTH cleanup.~~Now the FOREIGN CURRENCY game is a WHOLE **OTHER** THING.ONLY the imaginative and risk-takers will be involved, with a proportionately HIGHER returnbased on the higher drama and higher couragerequired to be involved.THIS one DOES involve an investment of hardearned money. And these risk-takers WILL be ***heavily*** rewarded. AND they will be counted on to re-invest their multi-millions in REBUILDINGtheir respective zones.This one is auto-self-regulating, as only those with the guts necessary for effective REBUILDING will **have had** the GUTS to invest in the first place.CLEVER planning that.

  13. On the overall strategy:"THE PLAN" (to free Earth)is a financial target:1) DE DE DE-Fund global RATS (IN progress, nearly DONE)2) ** F U N D Good People of Earth for rebuilding.Foreign currency is important part of #2.~~Public Announcements??????Does ANYONE with a brain cell think therewill be LOUD public announcements to, for instance,the 30 Million American sheeple, that 3-4 millionof their ranks just made 4-12 MILLION on a ONE THOUSAND DOLLAR investment????NO! There will be no such loud announcements, merely general briefings re changes for the better.

  14. Any one waiting around to "get rich," particularlythose unwilling to take a chance or demonstratesome guts, will be waiting till the end of infinity,out there where the spiritual grass is green, and the stupid "no money" society will thrive — yes out there damn close to the end of infinity.

  15. ZAP gave a briefing regarding **massive funds**available to people who have a HELPING projectto carry out.These funds must be APPLIED FOR.There will be TIGHT RULES to follow –much hard WORK to be done to QUALIFY.NO FREE LUNCH here, BUT you can makea decent living doing VALUABLE projects.DUH, WHY NOT do the Foreign Currency game,make a few multi-millions, and DO YOU OWN DAMN HELPING PROJECTS under your own damn rules? ? ?Idiots will refuse this one.WHY?Well because they are IDIOTS, THAT'S why.

  16. Let's say you have some hats hanging on hooks on the wall.Well take an old crap infested pair of underwearand WASH WASH WASH it.THEN cut it up and RE-STITCH the thingin a NE PATTERN.Whatta you got??….An AUXILIARY WHITE HAT.VOILA'

  17. Dinar shills trying to scare sheeple into ponying up money they DON'T even have. What will happen to all the few billion people in third world countries who don't even have money for food? They will stay poor because they were too poor to invest in dinars? Yea, smells cabal all the way. If the mainstream media tries to censor anything(such as dinar RV), the awake will just post it all over the net and there will be a huge outrage at the censorship still going on in the media. As for no money society, once I get my free energy and replicator technology, I can live a lifestyle like the Jetsons. Only the cabal wish for money to stay relevant. Google "Venus Project" to see how good guys plan to make money obsolete.

  18. 11:52"…third world countries who don't even have money for food?"Another WISH-HE-KNEW moron farts data gas.**THAT** is the target of the MASSIVE GLOBAL ACCOUNTS (KEENAN and others) Mr wanna-know IDIOT:1) Kids2) Elderly(both 3rd world)3) Everyone elseThe Foreign Currency is for NON-CHICKENSHITSto DO BIG REBUILDING PROJECTS ON THEIROWN.Your no-money (50 years away ) will go well withyour no-brain. Perfect match.

  19. Gmail address… yeah right. Gmail is completely controlled by the NSA, we all know that.Professionals especially insiders would never ever use Gmail. Please people, we are all desperate to some extend, but it is blatantly obvious by the email address alone that this is a fake/scam.Same thing goes for all these so called insider conference calls on Skype. If you want to protect your sources you never ever use Skype.

  20. I keep reminding people not to sign up for anything without proof. Scammers are feeding on desperate sheeple, how disgusting! Please protect yourself and wait for the good guys to disclose everything.



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