Ben Swann’s Truth in Media Launches Exclusive NSA Expose

Published on Aug 14, 2013

Alex is joined via Skype by former FOX journalist and investigative reporter Ben Swan on the topics of NSA Spying, IRS intimidation of Press, tapping of Press phones and Emails, the SNowden case, the death of Michael Hastings and the breaking news from Ben on the NSA using copyright claims who are making fun of the NSA.
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6 thoughts on “Ben Swann’s Truth in Media Launches Exclusive NSA Expose

  1. enerchi,update from Tolec:"Announcement: 08.15.13. Expect to see in Earth's day time & night skies in the near future – the brown dwarf Tekoma as it travels to its new stationary orbit near the planet Venus. It only brings one (1) planet with it, Nihohia. This event is not expected to cause any problems for planet Earth. Consider this sighting to be a harbinger of the many more changes to come to this planet."P.S. That's a shame that Ben Swann is taking part in that fear mongering alex john show which is cabal controlled.

  2. IN CASE YOU DIDN'T NOTICE —THIS report – and others like it……For MONTHS now — THE START OF THE —->>>>>>>>>>>> BRIEFINGS <<<<<<<<<<<<<DING DING DING(dong)

  3. There is no proof that our sun is binary or we would have seen a red/brown dwarf long ago. All those reports of a second sun may be due to the sundog(Google this) phenomenon. If by miracle a second sun appears, we will all want to know how could something so bright have been hidden for so long? Humans can see to the 13-15th magnitude stars with a medium affordable amateur telescope!

  4. Stars are not cloaked. Go and buy some $50 10×50 binoculars and drive far away from the city and you will see many thousands of stars and maybe even a few bright galaxies, such as Andromeda and Triangulum. Yet you won't see anything brighter than Sirius or planets like Jupiter.

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