18 thoughts on “Whistleblower: Pentagon is Starting WWIII. Nevada Governor 2014 David Lory VanDerBeek

  1. Well, this is like the 136th insider who claims the cabal has started nuclear ww3. People have attacked previous insiders as "fear porn" but things have gotten serious when so many insiders are warning us. It's time we wake up and put a stop to this before 90% of us get nuked and end up in heaven.

  2. On his website, he has a slogan, "Keep Calm vote for Vanderbeek" Can anyone tell me what the Keep Calm comes from? Isn't that a british crown slogan or something? One of his platform ideas was to have Paladins being a security force…isn't that british too?

  3. Wow…another soul that feels Eis blowing the opportunity he was given. Sad….very sad only.!Right now …today…each of us are either part of the problem..or part of the solution….E…i s the dark side taking control this site…?

  4. Every person espousing nuclear war should realize that they will stripped naked in public, chained to a pole and whipped endlessly by children with feathers until their soul cries for forgiveness! Coulove

  5. 11:04 No it is NOT a warning!!Its YOU trying to sow the fear seed!!Sheeple won't even be visiting this site.They're too busy stuffing their faces in front of the tv.So….you are preaching to the convertedOR not very brightOR you are a shill.**TIP**If your post is in reply to 9:05try using the *REPLY*

  6. Then the awake need to open their eyes wider and warn others, including good guys who need to be doing their jobs. All that needs to be done is brief the soldiers NOT to get involved in wars, make it mainstream too.

  7. Alexandra: Are we truly in a unified time line? Or are we still living on various time lines? COBRA: The main time-line has a been unified into one single positive time-line. It happened at the activation of the portal on Dec 21 of last year. All the main negative timelines have collapsed. We still have some minor time lines like what are the exact details of the event? What are the many different situations that will occur before the event. This is all still up to free will on the sub time-lines. The main time-line is positive. There is zero possibility of any type of strong nuclear exchange, nuclear war, FEMA camps, marshall law etc. This is no longer possible. There is zero possibility for those things to happen.Me: Where is the proof we are on a positive timeline? Why have only bad things been happening? Why are so many whistleblowers and insiders warning us that WW3 has started?

  8. Hey Mr SPAM-A-LOTwhy are YOU sheeple even bothering with the snake? Cobra outed by Ariel Tolliver here at AWE Cobra Cobra Cobra… First it was the various domain names, 22 to be exact! Then it was the (http://www.blogtalkradio.com/earthangelsradio/2009/07/30/in-the-flow-with-carol-guy-and-gary-moore-)program where you tried to alter your voice 'sense you seem to know that people were caching on to your lingo. Then it was the donations from the White Hat's Report that offered you a donation and you accepted it with the same e-mail > (http://nebadonien.files.wordpress.com/2012/08/betrugsvorwc3bcrfe-gegen-cobra.pdf)that had that weird German update you gave concerning anything the reader wanted to imagine it meant. Then under another domain name > ( http://www.aurora2012.net) you tried to sell some perfunctory ''new age tools'' Tachyon Energy, to assist with the ascension transition which had no real world value outside the reason you were selling which was taking advantage of peoples worry and anxiety that these things are needed to make to the upper room so to speak. Then you got caught once again posting the same five articles on different sites that you own since 2004 and trickle posting on those sites as well like you also did today with this very very concise update, you must have our busy schedules in mind huh? Oh how thoughtful of you. Then once again you had the audacity to say you are working on a joint project with NASA' on your Facebook page with no explanation on how that joint venture came to be. Phil Schnieder must be turning in his grave because he actually had government clearance and they still killed him with out working for NASA.This guy needs to one of those people rounded up when these arrest go down because he has lead so many people astray which is the cabal's motto. I mean why does he audaciously think that he has this obligated role in this ascension process that was egotistically self ordained putting up all these various websites which got exposed a longtime ago and still pretend such breaches of identity and fraud never happened. Guys we ar looking at the mind of a manchurian candidate or a real psycho-path

  9. 11:33 – Lead by example and stop being an IDIOT SPAMMER.The AWAKE know that you cannot force anyone else to AWAKE.You are the biggest SHEEPLE on here if you don't know that yet.

  10. We know Cobra is cabal or a conman, but let's keep an open mind. Where does he get all the info anyway? He also hopes the good guys win and says there won't be any ww3 despite whistleblowers saying ww3 started.

  11. @6:21WE don't know anything. You THINK you know. We ALL don't know who is behind all these so called insiders. WE are judging on personal feelings whether we believe something or not.Knowing is the wrong word, we are guessing based on emotions.

  12. I would not be surprised if all those so called insiders on the net are cabal, disinfo or bigshots who are all opinions without proof. Those who truly know aren't talking, they are under gag order. Let's hope they know what they are doing.

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