Sheldan Nidle Update – August 13, 2013

2 Men, 18 Pop, 10 Caban

Dratzo! We come! Much is progressing around your world. First, those who are busy rooting out the dark have successfully obtained the means to indict the leaders of your world’s major governments and this dovetails well with the various legal torts (the right of action for damages) that are setting up a new financial system and putting the fiat, debt-brokered system out of business. Despite much dark opposition in the courts, these legal instruments have surmounted the many litigious obstacles placed in their way by the dark-controlled court-system. This significant achievement is allowing your new reality to begin to take shape, assisted by several new organizations that have been created to facilitate a new monetary and governmental system. Those responsible for these legal and financial maneuvers are wealthy, possess the logistical resources, and above all, are armed with a superbly thought-out and comprehensive plan; those who have had the opportunity to review parts of it are thoroughly impressed with its vision and exhaustively detailed plan of execution. However, the challenge all along has been how to overcome the vast, entrenched control mechanisms with which the dark rules your planet, and which cannot be breeched without the backing of the forces of Light. This backing is now in operation.

   The Earth allies’ plan to expel the dark and its minions from power has taken time to get to its present state of viable operation, and owes a debt of gratitude to the many courageous ones who were willing to take on the then-seemingly invincible dark-controlled regimes around the globe. It took three major legal efforts before the present one met with success. The first torts were flung out of the dark-controlled statute courts (originally set up for wartime exigencies only but never rescinded). The second lawsuit, involving meticulously researched material, was again given the boot for non-compliance with certain trumped-up procedural requirements. It was only recently that Heaven permitted us to use our power and influence to ‘level the playing-field’ in the courts and give our allies a fighting chance of success. This leg-up achieved its purpose and a general legal proceeding was at last instigated. After years of improper rulings to protect the rich and powerful, headway began to be made, and after more years of our assistance, the present successful conclusions were reached.

   These legal successes bolster the progress being made with the new hard currencies and the new rules for the global financial system. Again, our backing allowed those who hold jurisdiction over vast deposits of precious metals and stones required to back the new system to come forth and, in the strictest secrecy, to set up a plan to transform your debt-based financial system. This planning is now complete. Furthermore, new, creative ways to introduce the hard currencies and implement the new system are even now becoming law around your planet. The apparent slow-down is being caused by the colossal complexity of shifting the running of an entire planet into a new gear with minimal disruption to supply-lines and infrastructure. So much is to happen almost simultaneously! In the face of this the many groups responsible for carrying out these changes are nevertheless coming together over timelines and are now armed with the requisite documentation to effect a rapid financial and governmental segue. With us at their backs, a new world is beginning to take form around this most precious globe!

   These various operations are shaping up to be the pivotal first domino that will very shortly lead to first contact and all that that implies. Our on-planet and inner planet brethren are in the final stages of completing what can only be described as an urgently needed miracle. Bear in mind that the controlling dark elites have believed for eons that what is about to happen was impossible, as they controlled the courts, the governments, and the entire global economy. Only recently did Heaven permit us to engage significantly with the dark establishment to turn the tide of Earth affairs. As a result, we have divested the dark of its great resources and its means of callously destroying its opposition. These inroads into its vast defenses have also forced it to confront the fact that its immunity from accountability is no longer in play and its old tried-and-true maneuvers are no longer working. Even new schemes are failing to achieve the expected results. The specter of failure looms ever larger over their panicked heads as the Light continues ever more forthrightly to reclaim her rightful dominion!

   Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters and we come with good news! The final phases of manifesting your new monetary system are coming into view. At the same time that your financial structures are seen to be crumbling, the legitimacy of the world’s governments are also being perceived to be wanting and are being reviewed. Over the eons, the dark created ‘special circumstances’ to validate the creation of de facto governments that were open to manipulation by special interests, such as large banks, wealthy individuals, and international corporations. This de facto governance was thus deeply flawed in concept and intent, and lacked the moral and spiritual substance to serve its countrymen. Its sole object of pursuit was to further the self-interests of the rich and powerful. This travesty of government needs to be replaced with one that upholds the growing consciousness and spirit of the age, and that supports and promotes the incoming Age of Light and the peoples of this reality.

   Our role at this time is to provide the moral and spiritual guidance for your ascension process. Sadly, those presently running your world are dedicated to preventing this at all costs and possess a great many resources to carry out this most improper agenda. However, we too possess a most blessed resource: our space family. Heaven brought them here to provide the powerful back up needed to neutralize this intractable dark force. This backing gives us the opportunity to launch our program to oust the dark minions and create a new world for all humanity. This galactic element allows us to get our new financial and governmental systems into operation, which instantly alters the political, financial, and economic landscape of your entire planet and lets the tyranny that has strangled humanity for 13 millennia fade like a nightmare. The new world that will appear is the precursor to your magnificent, fully conscious one.

   In this post-nightmare world we can come forward and begin to set straight so many falsehoods that were force-fed you by the dark, and explain the many hidden facts and truths about who you really are and where you are going. The path to full consciousness that you presently travel is in fact only returning you to your original divine blueprint. As you engage more fully with the Light you will find many lost memories of past lives returning to you. Abilities and natural talents that you did not know you possessed will likewise come to the fore, and it is here that we can also be of help as we guide you through these surprises safely and easily. During this time we will remove the spiritual and material ‘roadblocks’ to this divine process of change and you will meet your Spiritual, Inner Earth, and Space families. You will learn about a historical big picture that will ‘knock your socks off,’ as you say. All these things will bring you great joy and a feeling of deep well-being.

   Today, we brought you a report from our first-contact board about recent developments on your world as well as a discussion from your Ascended Masters. Be ready for a number of events designed to alter your global reality forever and to set the stage for a very different one! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

42 thoughts on “Sheldan Nidle Update – August 13, 2013

  1. Sounds just like every post. "Here is some more of the same stuff we always say, maybe a little different and fitted in with current/recent events to give you some hope, and we will keep spewing these same words in order to program you into believing what we say in order for us to have a better chance to manifest the reality that we want"This is how it works and is a pointless waste of energy.See the patterns yet? How many will you need to read before you see the pattern? Do you think that because it is on a blog on the internet that it is any less effective than TV programming? Keep telling yourself something long enough and if you truly begin to believe it, then you will see it.

  2. THE SHILLS FOR DRATZO ALWAYS POST FIRST. That's you, 1:39 AM. With or without your cheerleading, the master used car salesman is a galactic loser. EXAMPLE : " Hi, I am a master used car salesman, I make up galactic sounding but meaningless dates. I have repeated the same shit for over ten years, promised you the galaxy, but nothing ever happens. I post a goofy assed picture of a child molester every other post to keep you guessing. I say I am everybody's master to sucker them into my human eating friends microwave, and make up another name, calling it a ' Light Chamber.' My reptilian friends love curried caucasian, you dumb humans come back for more every time. Where do I find the time to write this ? Au contraire, mon frere ! All I do is switch a few paragraphs around and – Viola ! – it sounds brand new. I really don't talk to aliens, there aren't any I've ever seen. If you hit the bong real hard, you think you are ' channeling ' for sure ! My seminar money is way down, so I have to peddle myself like a cheap hooker to generate more customers. I gotta come up with a new idea, maybe " Take a space ride with an Archon, enter here." Ah, well, such is the bullshit business — seminar, anyone ?" This would be the most honest thing he ever said. frj

  3. As the story slowly unravels and patience wears thin I think we fail to see the bigger picture. There is no doubt we are deep trouble, the world is drowning in dept and our monetary system as we know it is going to have be restructured at some time in the future, Fukushima is major worry for all of us living on the planet, will we all survive that disaster. Our bee colonies are dying along with our fish stocks which are depleting by the thousands around the world from causes unknown. We, have been custodians of this beautiful planet and now it is evident we have failed to the point where intervention of some kind is necessary for our survival. I dont know about you, but anyone who can put a positive spin on anything today is enlightening to say the least. We can only live in hope. God Bless.

  4. I can't figure out why someone would read and denounce postings or people they do not believe in! and at 4 am!The only thing I can think of is that they are being paid to do it.If there is another "sane" reason someone please explain!!

  5. Yep…three of the comments…so far are from AWE's resident shill.probably twenty something…with nothing better to do that twist everything around…you are outed…dude. your same tired comments everytime Sheldon posts are easy to see…If nothing else maybe you could change the way you assembe your words….make us think for a minute that you actually have thought out your response…that way you can hide how desperate you are becoming….HO

  6. Nice try anon 4:17, it is so obvious that you are a paid shill that is being paid to say bad things about Sheldon. What a pathetic little worm you are. Hopefully you will realize the error of your ways when everyone has ascended and you are left behind with your dark cabal masters on a prison planet. Have fun!

  7. Anon 9:08 you are either Sheldon NoodleBrain yourself or a gullible little idiot. Nobody could possibly take him seriously at this point. Why would anyone have to get paid to make Sheldon look bad when Sheldon has accomplished that all by himself? When you "ascend" let us know. Until then, you sound like a fool.

  8. Anon 8:31, Maybe the reason is that new people are finding this stuff for the first time and don't yet realize how long Sheldon has been leading folks on with his worthless babble. Now I have a question for you? What has Sheldon ever been correct on for at least 10 years of blogging? Can you name anything at all?

  9. When its 4 am in Enerchi's neck of the woods its 9 am 10 am 11 am in Europe etc. Its not just Americans posting here. That's a 'sane' reason. Click on the world map and educate yourself :>)

  10. Anon 8:33 AM — Answer – # 1. You don't have to read them, they are all the same. # 2. ' Denouncing ' serves to warn newbies and is really frigging fun, Dratzo gives you SO MUCH to work with. # 3. The 4AM thing is, well, some keep weird hours because the quiet pervades when most are asleep. # 4. If they are " being paid to do it, " where's my goddamn money ? frj

  11. Yep…three of the comments…so far are from AWE's resident shill.probably twenty something…with nothing better to do that twist everything around…you are outed…dude. your same tired comments everytime are easy to see…If nothing else maybe you could change the way you assembe your words….make us think for a minute that you actually have thought out your response…that way you can hide how desperate you are becoming….my initials are 'HO' because I get paid for what I do too…HO …HO

  12. Anon 2:39 You have made a very valid point. If you "Keep telling yourself something long enough and if you truly begin to believe it, then you will see it." We do create our reality. The reality that Sheldan speaks of is worth pursuing. I think we all hope for a world where everyone has enough and children are not dying in the streets for lack of food, water and warmth. This is the world that is coming but we are waiting for the bulk of humanity to catch on to the dream and put us over the top. You see we are creating our world with each thought we think and each action we take. You can join the Light now or you can wait, but the sooner you join, the sooner things will work for everyone. Love and Light!

  13. COBRA: There has been much progress in removing the negative entities form the astral and etheric planes. There has not been so much progress is awakening new people to the reality of this change. This will happen when there is more light on the etheric and astral planes and when the light forces will be able to contact people directly through their own higher selves.Me: That's because "good guys" have not been able to take back the media and disclose the truth to the public yet. 90% of humanity is too dumbed down and closed minded to wake without being told what's going on. The smarter ones among us were able to think outside the box and figure things out on our own.

  14. Hey SPAM-A-LOT 12:04why are you sheeple even bothering with the snake? Cobra outed by Ariel Tolliver here at AWE Cobra Cobra Cobra… First it was the various domain names, 22 to be exact! Then it was the ( where you tried to alter your voice 'sense you seem to know that people were caching on to your lingo. Then it was the donations from the White Hat's Report that offered you a donation and you accepted it with the same e-mail > ( had that weird German update you gave concerning anything the reader wanted to imagine it meant. Then under another domain name > ( you tried to sell some perfunctory ''new age tools'' Tachyon Energy, to assist with the ascension transition which had no real world value outside the reason you were selling which was taking advantage of peoples worry and anxiety that these things are needed to make to the upper room so to speak. Then you got caught once again posting the same five articles on different sites that you own since 2004 and trickle posting on those sites as well like you also did today with this very very concise update, you must have our busy schedules in mind huh? Oh how thoughtful of you. Then once again you had the audacity to say you are working on a joint project with NASA' on your Facebook page with no explanation on how that joint venture came to be. Phil Schnieder must be turning in his grave because he actually had government clearance and they still killed him with out working for NASA.This guy needs to one of those people rounded up when these arrest go down because he has lead so many people astray which is the cabal's motto. I mean why does he audaciously think that he has this obligated role in this ascension process that was egotistically self ordained putting up all these various websites which got exposed a longtime ago and still pretend such breaches of identity and fraud never happened. Guys we ar looking at the mind of a manchurian candidate or a real psycho-path

  15. Anon 10:53, tell your cabal masters that they are paying you more than you are worth. You aren't even any good at trolling. You guys are clearly getting desperate, I love it! Just more proof that Sheldon is right and our ascension is close!

  16. Anon 12:34 tell your cabal masters that they are paying you more than you are worth. You aren't even any good at trolling. You guys are clearly getting desperate, I love it! Just more proof that Sheldon is a fraud and our ascension is a myth!

  17. As long as there are wars, there are brainwashed soldiers who fell for the scam. Only when we have world peace will we know that soldiers have woken up and never want war.

  18. Thank you Sheldon for another update full of your divine wisdom! Please ignore the trolls that are talking bad about you, the dark is most desperate at the end when the light is about to win. The Golden Age is truly close, Cobra confirms it was well, he says the Event will happen soon! The cabal is done! I can't wait to see all you in the higher dimensions Sheldon!

  19. Anon 12:38 If you believe Ascension is a myth, why are you here on this site? It's called "Ascension with Earth". We're here to support each other in our work of Ascension. And it works really well when we can have conversations that lift our vibrations so that we can feel the higher Realms. Attacking Sheldan or other's beliefs about Ascension undermines the whole process. We are in this together and we will ascend at the appropriate time. No need to worry or spread fear. Love and Light everyone!

  20. Thank you Sheldon for another update full of your divine wisdom! **Sheldon's a mind-controlled slave for the cabal. The cabal are not divine and are not wise. Therefore no divine wisdom.Please ignore the trolls that are talking bad about you,** We are not trolls, we care about our fellow posters and are pointing out the charlatans who have said the same thing for years – 16 or thereabouts and who get paid for keeping false hopes alive. the dark is most desperate at the end when the light is about to win.** its a Pyrrhic victory. The light versus dark are two sides of the SAME COIN. It is a false scenario. The Golden Age is truly close, Cobra confirms it was well, he says the Event will happen soon! ** See post above exposing Cobra's frauds.The cabal is done!** Not quite but we are getting to that stage.I can't wait to see all you in the higher dimensions Sheldon!** There's more than one Sheldon? That figures!

  21. Anon 2:05 What is the opposite of Love? Fear, oppression, hate. What is the opposite of Light? Darkness. I think I'll hang with the Love and Light crowd where all possibility exists. Love and Light does make it right. We are all ascending into the Light, like it or not. And if you really don't want to see the Light, there is another 3D world prepared for you. Don't worry. You will figure it out some day. Love and Light everybody!

  22. Anon 2:18 All this just to prove you are right? How egotistical of you. And what does your heart say? What do your feelings say? Who do you really want to be? Are you a part of the problem or the solution? There is nothing about Sheldan's teachings that says Cabal. Sheldan is for the Freedom of all Humanity. As far as the Light and the dark being the same, you have the beginning of understanding here but you haven't taken it far enough. The dark's purpose is to provide the contrast we needed to have this experience on Earth. The dark's mission is now complete. Once there is no more need for darkness, all that will be left is Light. We will have the memories of darkness but we will focus on the Light. This experiment was nearly out of control. But you will see the Light has won. And this is a very good thing.

  23. Well, I just lost chess games to a rude girl who I suspect might be cheating. She has a huge ego and had to rub it in by calling me "imbecile boy" well I just laughed to myself because karma will catch up with all those man-hating women when robogirls(look/act 100% human) are released. Those rude, bitter women can go fend for themselves, we don't want them.

  24. 4:53 Since when have the cabal announced their teachings upfront? Your argument for support of Sheldan is weak. Please provide proof that you will have the memories of darkness etc.

  25. Anon 4:53 There was a really fascinating post a while back, like in Oct or Nov 2012 on this website. It was a question and answer session by a spiritual leader of the Illuminati or Luciferians. It was interesting that this "spiritual" leader was required to answer any question we could think of (a certain group that he approached anonymously online). He stated that he really didn't want to do it but part of the dark's agreement is to be upfront about what they are doing. The questions got really deep and this leader answered them in very amazing ways. When he was nearly finished he had revealed so much of the Plan that he stated that he had to go out and do some evil to make up for all the good he had revealed about the dark side's Plan. I read the whole interaction and it seems like it took me hours to work my way through it all. The dark gets to remember who they are and their purpose here. They have to be something like 97% evil or they have to stay. The light however only has to be 51% light and they get to move out of this testing ground. Any way, this is one instance where the dark laid out their teachings for anyone to read. I am sure it is still available on the Internet somewhere. He clearly stated that the Law of One is the most accurate teachings we have. I found that very interesting. He also stated that ACIM (A Course In Miracles) is only 85% correct. I don't know that I can trust the Devil on those statistics though.Also, the Georgia Guidestones that announce the NWO's intention to wipe out over 90% of the earth's humans is a very obvious announcement of the dark for anyone to see.I believe that when we ascend we will have full memory of our past lives from all time back through the eternities. Life on earth has been full of darkness, more darkness than anywhere else in this Universe. So I don't have proof but I believe that we will have full memory of this life and we can remember it any time we need to get a reality check for wanting to remain in the high vibrational 5th or higher dimensions. Personally, I will be glad to forget all the darkness I have witnessed or endured in this life. But God is limitless, therefore He/She knows the dark as well as the light. The Devil cannot have any power over God but God certainly can comprehend the darkness as God created it all.

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