GaiaPortal Update – August 10, 2013

Verification of Renewed and Amplified Energetic Structures for Gaia Ascension Now in Progress

10 Aug gaia_energy1Verification of renewed and amplified energetic structures for Gaia Ascension is now in progress. This final phase of Gaia preparation for Ascension occurs at this time as sufficient former paradigm structures have been removed and/or reset.

Such verification requires no effort on the part of Hue-Beings at this time, as Gaia has complete administrative care of and responsibility for this phase.

Hue-Beings will continue efforts at local levels as Guidance suggests.

The “humanity” segment of Gaia population is now experiencing full and comprehensive inner and outer transformation, whether conscious [aware] of this or not.

All has proceeded as desired at this point, and further adjustments are not anticipated.

7 thoughts on “GaiaPortal Update – August 10, 2013

  1. The nice part about this new alignment and regardless of what anyone has to say, I like when I close my eyes and can see a cross of Light through my 3rd eye it assures me that I have a connection with the only one that really matters, the only one that has ever mattered in my life is our Divine Creator~

  2.**And here’s another useful thing about blogs – their complete lack of traceability. With a conventional website, the IP address can be used to track down the names and addresses of the owners and technical managers of the domain by using Whois.Not so with a blog, which is why they are the web’s vehicle of choice for purveyors of disinformation and “intelligence” agencies’ psyops.And, of course, for “Star Beings,” gods, and goddesses.Personally, I just wish they’d give over this tiresome “hue-manity” claptrap and just entertain us all with the latest social scuttlebutt from Tel Aviv.**Brilliant!!!

  3. As the writer points out god managed to create the world from scratch in 6 days yet these goofballs have been fannying about with ours and earth's ascension tweaks for freakin years and still haven't got it. LMAO

  4. Three distractions and avenues of disinfo.1. Mainstream media2. Channels3. Dinar gurusPeople first wake up to #1, then #2 and finally #3. Focus on yourself and ascension. No one knows when or if anything good will happen, but we know what NOT to give our energy to.

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