Cobra Update – THE EVENT Time Frames – August 11. 2013

New Windows of Opportunity

There was a lot of progress lately.  A huge victory of the Light has been achieved on the day of the opening of the 8-8 portal. ALL negative entities from the lower mental and lower astral planes have been removed. The only remaining negative non-physical entities are now hiding within the implant hemispheres on the etheric plane. If they wander outside implant hemispheres, they are removed instantly. There is not even enough of them to maintain implant hemispheres for all 7.2 billion incarnated humans so some of implant hemispheres are already disintegrating and some lucky humans completely free of any negative non-physical interference.

The remaining etheric negative entities are concentrating their attacks on lightwarriors and lightworkers, but their final removal in inevitable and will come soon. Outside of implant hemispheres, angelic beings are healing war-torn etheric and astral landscape, clearing the remaining anomaly and restoring the non-physical planes to their original paradise state. This is how etheric plane looks right now:

The Resistance Movement has communicated that as the non-physical planes will be clear soon, it is of the utmost importance to reach a certain degree of harmony within the planetary liberation movement as lack of harmony there will soon be the last main remaining factor delaying the Event. 

It is also very important for the grassroots preparedness infrastructure teams for the Event ( ) to organize themselves in such a way as to be able to handle millions of inquiries from confused surface population in real time without delays at the time of the Event. 

People trying to guess the timing of the Event based on the timing of my conferences are wasting their precious energy. People waiting for the Event are doing the same. It would be much better for everybody to start forming Event support groups in their area NOW. The Resistance needs a certain number of functional Event support groups on the surface before the action can be triggered. These Event support groups will absorb the shock of abrupt change for the masses of humanity as those groups will be most qualified to deal with the changes.

There are two Windows of Opportunity coming in the near future and each of them is a potential time for the Event, if only the awakened part of the surface population begins to cooperate enough.

The choice is ours.

The first Window of Opportunity comes within October – December timeframe. It will be triggered by the solar magnetic field reversal:

Solar magnetic field reversal comes in 11 and 22 year cycles and it usually triggers societal changes:

There is much more to this first Window of Opportunity and intel about this will be released in September. 

The second Window of Opportunity comes within March- April 2014 time frame. It will be triggered by the Galactic Core activation by the G2 interstellar cloud:

The potential of this second Window of Opportunity is huge, since it encompasses changes on the Galactic level.

64 thoughts on “Cobra Update – THE EVENT Time Frames – August 11. 2013

  1. They sure do look like that and are beginning to appear within the earth plane… Focus ATTENTION towards the sky and apply zero point focus leads to DISCERNMENT! The best way to describe invisible Divine Beings Arch~Angels Divine Master from within the higher realms, are now beginning to make their energy signature more visible. All we have to do is focus, ask and intend then allow! Now! … I understand why the earth had to rise up, form being pulled, pulled in the opposite direction, from Creator Source the energy that sustains our infinite existence!!!… Now how about that? Now! I see why the earth had to raise up to a higher position, in frequency and location, in order for our forefather to be able to reach us and make contact with us, here on the earth plane…

  2. Yeah, at $250 a pop, getting 30 to 50 people together for a conference is a sure road to riches!!!Especially considering all the international plane travel, hotels, hall rentals etc.Big Profits!!!

  3. @5:19 PMWe (entire population) do not share the same fate and we're not all going to the same destination. The wheat has already been separated from the chaff via the evolutionary state we have personally achieved.Now we wait for the pivotal events that will permanently separate, divide and seal the various groups into the timelines that match their awarenesses. If you're waiting for a 100% global awakening/enlightenment you are very likely wasting precious time you could be using to improve your consciousness.One's inner state is the deciding factor as to which "future" one is heir to.

  4. @11:48 still whining in your crib waiting for Big Cosmic Daddy to personally give you your bottle of proof? You are the proof.Dear Prudence, won't you come out to play?

  5. I think if 25-50% of sheeple wake, the light has a good chance of winning. Otherwise, the cabal may complete their NWO agendas against an unsuspecting majority. They want to wipe out over 90% of humanity.

  6. I woke a long time ago and I think if 25-50% of sheeple wake, the light has a good chance of winning. Otherwise, the cabal may complete their NWO agendas against an unsuspecting majority. They want to wipe out over 90% of humanity.

  7. 5:19 You should get out more! You claim to know no one in real life who is awake – that must include you then.10:45 Going by the number of times you post identical comments you are either AI or a shill.

  8. Did some digging on the writer of that Star Trek episode, Boris Sobelman. 2 see if maybe he was freemason or something. Idk. All I could find about the surname was "The last name Sobelman is an old lineage that has migrated all across the world" There's a theory the Knights Templates were suppressed and dissolved but some escaped and from that formed freemasonry. Found a restaurant named Sobelmans Pub and Grill in Milwaukee. They claim their bartender is psychic and are located 3.4 miles from a Masonic Temple located in the triangle north neighborhood. Interesting 2 say the least.

  9. I resonate closely with many of the comments on this blog, which is the sick feeling of reading another channeler's redundant and ridiculous words. However, I look at this entire thing as a story, and at least Cobra is telling us a bit more interesting story than most channeler's who offer no story and no personal experience and just repetitive regurgitated spiritual nonsense. Cobra is at least right in that we do need to take action and form groups, as it has been more than obvious to me for a long time that community building is our essential task here. I am beginning to see more evidence of this actually happening now than ever before, and I would not be surprised if the action begins to snowball pretty soon. There are a few good blogs that speak of September this year being a pivotal time for shift, and we all might just need to decide that it will be September of this year and take action to make it happen. There is no reason for delay any longer. The fact that we can communicate instantaneously now to just about everyone on the planet means ideas can travel and affect the morphogenetic field faster than ever, and that we can organize faster than ever into performing meaningful action. Why we still see a world of pain and chaos deeply saddens and baffles me, but I know that it need not take much time for a radical shift now. At the same time, I know the dangers of getting my hopes up and thinking it will happen 'by itself.' On the one hand, I can see how people would be sick reading words of channelers like Cobra, but I actually do believe he is right in that this dark matrix has been mostly dissolved. I feel that happening as I have been experiencing psychic attacks for years now, and have been feeling them start to clear lately. I like reading about his insight into this, but I also find that any writer that does not include their own experience in their blog is basically not worth reading. Ascension is deeply emotional and physical, and for a writer/channeler to ignore their own experience and stay in the realm of concepts and ideas and stories feels 'negative alien' to me. Hopefully we will all be done with ideas and information about all this crap soon and start finding ways to get more people involved in planting trees and building beautiful buildings and if 'the event' comes while we are hammering some nails, the heaven with it.

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