12 thoughts on “Sun Magnetic Pole shift could effect the entire Solar System

  1. Yeah, it's funny how the headlines read as if an eleven year cycle is a rare event. That said, things were much different back in 2002, between the current level of awareness, increased consciousness, energy portals that have been opened and awesome astrological events, perhaps this will be another boost to Gaia's ascension.

  2. First off who is 'we'? Is this her majesty QE2 honoring us with her penmanship here at AWE – she uses the royal 'we'? If you are I ain't bowing to you ma'am. ;-)Second, what pray tell your high-and-mightiness has 12/21/12 got to do with this flip? None of 'us' have mentioned that date, old girl. Is the royal eye-sight growing a trifle dim? Maybe lay orf the Dubonnet or take more water with it next time ma'am!

  3. First, how bout this. 12/21/12 was a total bust. Nothing happened. The sun is on its normal 11-year cycle of pole shifting. Nothing will happen with that either.Second, Shut the fuck up!Clear enough for you gov'ner?Pip Pip – cheerio

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