Neil Keenan & Jean Haines Update – August 9, 2013

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Concerning Neil Keenan’s role in freeing the Global Accounts, I have often thought of the words from the Tao Te Ching to the effect that he who knows doesn’t talk, but he who doesn’t know talks – all the time. There have been many people doing much talking, while Neil quietly went about working to get the job done. There wasn’t a day that went by that he didn’t make efforts to move things forward – not a day! I’m sure sometimes he felt like he was only crawling, but it was through these efforts that he created friendships and even alliances with people who saw his honesty and earnestness — while the ‘talkers’ who in reality had little to say were all over the internet telling how they said it really was. Neil didn’t ever go on much about his struggles of which there were many, and he also never tried to sell the idea that when these Accounts were freed from the clutches of the cabal everyone was going to get some sort of a free ride, like a nice ‘check-in-the-mail.’ He didn’t say those things, because he knows they aren’t true. He never lied to you. 

Although he never got down, when he did get tired, I would often say to him that the Universe has everything under control and when the timing is right, everything will come together as it should — and as it now is. Neil does understand that kind of thinking. There was never, ever any thought of his not succeeding, because he was just going to keep at it until he did. Please read this latest update, and perhaps you will understand what I’ve known and been unable to speak about for safety reasons for a very long time: Neil Keenan, who is a very special person, is the only game in town!
One day I hope everyone will want to send him a collective ‘Big Hug’ to thank him for all his efforts on our behalf. 



PS It takes years and lots of research and reading to understand the complex story of the Global Accounts. While I have invested those years and efforts, I still cannot dance among the facts the way Neil can. They are at the tip of his fingers.
* * * * * * *

Ø  Count S. C. Chiang, leading figure in Asian clans, meets with Neil Keenan and throws support behind The Keenan Group’s battle against the corrupt financial elite

Ø  Another crucial ally — the lineal heir of the Sukarno Pakubwono X (CPBX) — a key figure in the Asian clans’ guardianship of the Accounts — meets with Keenan, provides documentation of Account control, and announces support for The Keenan Group

Ø  A line in the sand is drawn to the cabal: fraud is over — pay up or close down

Ø  End-game in the takedown of the cabal — how will the emergency and humanitarian funds reach the world?  World Bank reform seen as possible trigger for release of funds, as World Bank whistleblower Karen Hudes opens contact with Keenan.

Ø   The staggering wealth in the Accounts — ninety-three quadrillion….in real value, not phony fiat Fed-bucks

Ø  Jakarta High Court orders the release of Martha Wibawa (called Nelu) — but the papers get mysteriously lost at the Lower Court level and are not delivered.

Ø  More allies stepping forward to support Keenan — the alliance is closing ranks for the final moves

by Michael Henry Dunn

August 6, 2013 — Dramatic developments continue to unfold in the wake of Neil Keenan’s recent series of meetings in Hong Kong with leaders of the powerful Asian clans who are the legitimate depositors of vast sums (numbering in the thousands of trillions) in hard assets in the Global Collateral Accounts.  Two of the most powerful financial figures in the global scene have now thrown their support behind The Keenan Group, as the pressure intensifies to close down the tottering control structures of the Western banking cabal.  Count S. C. Chiang, a senior leader in the clans, first learned of Neil Keenan’s efforts through the late Dr. Michael Van der Meer, a legendary intelligence community figure who worked closely with Keenan during the early stages of his fight to free the Accounts from cabal control.  The Count informed Mr. Keenan in Hong Kong last month that he and his associates have been watching Keenan’s work closely over many months, and have come to trust his tenacity and integrity.  The importance of the Count’s support can hardly be overstated, as his influence and resources are among the greatest in Asia.  He will now be working closely with The Keenan Group to enforce the depositors’ control over the Account assets, which have been stolen and defrauded by the corrupt Western banking elite for nearly one hundred years.


(Neil Keenan with Count S. C. Chiang in Hong Kong, July, 2013)

Neil Keenan lost no time in strengthening his team in the wake of this crucial support. On his return to Indonesia, a further meeting with Keenan was arranged (through the Count) with the lineal heir of the Sukarno Pakubwono X (CPBX) – the son of the only daughter of Pakubwono X (PBX), BRA. Lestari Purbaningrum a.k.a DRA. Mariam Budilestari a.k.a DRA. Maria Agnes Budilestari.

foto BL0002

(BRA. Lestari Purbaningrum a.k.a DRA. Mariam Budilestari a.k.a DRA. Maria Agnes Budilestari)

A leading figure in the allied Asian royal families, this influential gentleman (who wishes to remain unnamed at this date) met at length with Neil Keenan in Jakarta, where extensive documentation was provided of his legitimate control of vast sums in the Global Accounts, which he has been illegally blocked from using by the banking and bloodline families behind the Federal Reserve System.  He informed Keenan that he has recently reconciled with his Sister, the daughter of the son of PBX, Mr. Soekarno. Together they control enormous sums in the Accounts and are giving their full support to The Keenan Group’s efforts.

This key figure in the ancient allied clans told Mr. Keenan of his vision of The Ten Points – an ambitious plan to utilize the Accounts for the benefit of common people throughout the world, to provide the following essential needs:

1.      Clothing
2.      Food
3.      Housing
4.      Education
5.      Health Care
6.      Public Transportation
7.      Public Telecommunication
8.      Clean Water
9.      Electricity
10.  Jobs

Discussions are underway regarding plans for rapid implementation of such programs, once the Accounts have been freed.

It now appears that a number of the tribal elders who have been guarding the ninety-two different bunkers and tunnels in Indonesia where much of the Collateral Accounts have been hidden since after World War Two, have been corrupted by the banking cabal, and have either sold notes and assets, or cooperated closely with cabal agents in looting gold from the Accounts.  The elders once owed allegiance and obedience to President Sukarno in his status as “M1” (or monetary controller), but that allegiance has eroded over time, as the cabal hijacked and defrauded the accounts.  The lineal heir assured Neil Keenan that vast assets remain untouched, in amounts that are difficult for most people to even imagine. The figure provided to Keenan of the total wealth in the Global Collateral Accounts is a staggering $93,000,000,000,000,000, or ninety-three quadrillion dollars.  And this is in what may be called real wealth, not phony fiat currency printed from air by the Federal Reserve crime syndicate. Even given the fluctuating price of gold, this is an amount that could transform the world a million times over.

The Federal Reserve cabal has essentially been fraudulently using the Global Accounts as hidden collateral for their doomed fiat currency system – much like borrowing money against equity in a home by providing collateral in the form of a phony deed to a property that is, in fact, owned by someone else. Now, as their system totters, they are resorting to outright theft and plunder – which is how the Accounts were amassed in the first place.  Historical documentation has made it abundantly clear that the corrupt elite banking families of the West plundered this vast trove beginning more than a hundred years ago with the express purpose of amassing, hiding, and defrauding the wealth of our planet, to ensure their long-term domination of the world via debt-slavery.

The nations and families of Asia, to whom most of this treasure rightfully belongs, are now allied with influential partners in key Western countries, and are determined to break through the illicit thwarting by the cabal of their access to the Accounts.

Summing up his meetings with these two remarkable men, Keenan stated: “We have cleaned up the clutter as promised and now we are beginning to get the team together that can win.  Not only win, but WIN BIG.  What better way to start than to work with two kindred spirits who are like brothers, both desiring the same thing, that being a better world for all to live in?….People are starting to get mad and they want what is theirs, and I mean what is really theirs.  The blocked assets in the World Bank and Mandiri Bank in Indonesia alone are enough to end the NWO’s phony financial banking crisis five hundred times over, no, a thousand times over — no, how about ‘unlimted’ times over!”
Meanwhile, the unfolding exposè by World Bank counsel Karen Hudes of the endemic corruption at the global development institution, has evolved into a focal point of growing leverage against the cabal — efforts which appear to have a potential strategic convergence with The Keenan Group’s aims.  As a twenty-year veteran of the World Bank – and holding a duty to ensure ethical practices and legal compliance — Hudes became increasingly alarmed at evidence of financial corruption at the bank.  Her attempts to alert World Bank leadership were met with persecution and trumped-up charges by the United States Justice Department (since dismissed).  In a recent interview with prominent alternative-media journalist Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot,  Hudes revealed that a number of other whistle-blowers are now prepared to step forward to institute reform at the World Bank, which (she stated) has been hijacked by the elite financial interests in a deliberate (and thus far, successful) plan to defeat the Bank’s stated purpose: the alleviation of global poverty.

Jim Yong Kim, President of the World Bank works for the cabal, as does Sri Mulyani Indrawati, the managing director at the World Bank responsible for the institution’s operations in all regions. Add to this picture the security firm, Allied Barton, hired by the cabal, who has physically blocked the doors of entry to Karen Hudes, despite the fact that she has been reinstated, and the now blatant corruption at the World Bank becomes obvious. Intended to function as a world development fund, in fact, the Bank’s efforts have resulted in increased poverty and global debt.  Under the control of the cabal, the Bank has operated as an above-the-law haven for elite corruption and illegal securities activities — a mirror image of the history of the Global Collateral Accounts.

In the wake of recent conversations, potential cooperation between Karen Hudes and The Keenan Group would appear to be a logical next step — not only in using the leverage provided by the Asian clans’ backing to free the blocked assets at the World Bank and the Fed, but in the creation of a new and transparent system for the humanitarian and development projects that will follow in the wake of the liberation of the Global Account assets.

In a further strengthening of The Keenan Group, prominent international lawyer and world court jurist Matthew Greene — who also holds the distinction of being the current leader of The Knights Templar (that branch of the original esoteric society that escaped infiltration by the Illuminati) — has been working closely with Keenan for many months.  Mr. Greene, who provided crucial assistance to Russian President Vladimir Putin in his efforts to rescue Russia from the grip of the cabal-allied oligarchs, is in the process of forming a new World Court to address the multitude of issues soon to arise from the global shift. Mr. Greene’s full title is Prince Judge Matthew Greene of Thebes who is now Ambassador, Crown Officer at the Independent Kingdom of Mann.

Crucial services are also being continually provided by prominent New York attorney William Mulligan, who helped to craft Neil Keenan’s now famous trillion-dollar lawsuit against the cabal, and who will be working on the re-filing of the case in the coming weeks (a pdf of the lawsuit may be viewed here.)

In a stunning, late-breaking development, Neil Keenan recently learned that the High Court of Jakarta, which has been reviewing the appeal of Martha (Nelu) Wibawa’s case, ruled and issued an order for Nelu’s immediate release on the 21st of July that was forwarded to the Lower Court to deliver to the prison. Somehow, however,  two of the three pages needed were not delivered, and Nelu has not yet been released.  Action is anticipated soon regarding this potential breakthrough in Neil Keenan’s long struggle to achieve the release of his trusted friend and associate.

The situation is rapidly evolving, as additional allies come forward, and crucial documentation is provided (this writer has recently learned that prominent activist and researcher Peter Eyre, an authority on the history of the Accounts, has been providing consultation to Mr. Keenan for a number of months). A number of options are under consideration to move into the final phase of shutting down the long, sad story of the cabal’s hidden domination of our planet’s resources, with the goal of rapidly implementing global debt-relief, emergency aid, free-energy utilization, infrastructure improvements, environmental cleansing, and other desperately needed humanitarian programs.  The changes will not come overnight.  Neil Keenan has always been consistent in his refusal to promise instant “rose garden” transformation.  But great and positive change is coming soon.

One final note to emphasize: the accumulated wealth mentioned here is comprised of hard assets —  not phony Illuminati debt-slave notes — but the real wealth of planet Earth, which the guardians are determined shall finally benefit the entire family of humanity.

Michael Henry Dunn
(Twitter: mdunn551)

46 thoughts on “Neil Keenan & Jean Haines Update – August 9, 2013

  1. Here is more information about M1…..Ben Fulford: The hunt is on for M1, the secret guy printing fraudulent Euros and dollars for the Sabbatean Mafia, June 18, 2013, Committee of 300 and Collateral Accounts

  2. The dark is too powerful to be destroyed but it can be transformed according to the mayan elders. This brings me to the theory of energy cannot be created nor destroyed, and since literary everything is energy, therefore here's where divine intervention comes into place in the transmutation of dark energy forces into other realms of existence so that we could live the next golden age within the ascension process. Remember that the one percent of humanity in control is about 700,000,000 people that's right one percent of 7 billion people living in this planet so as you can see is a diffict task that can be accomplished with mass consciousness and help from guardian alliances ( positive ET's.) As above so is below, so let it be it. Peace 🙂

  3. Insiders have said that Keenan is not in a position of authority to call any of the shots, he's just a messenger. Since he's not talking much, he may be under a gag order. I really hope his bosses are of the light and know what they are doing because other insiders are warning us that the cabal are using nukes and are hell bent on ww3.

  4. I would like to know also the update on the weapon to disappear the dark cabal illuminati zionists controllers. When are we going to start disappearing them lets not take too long please.

  5. Need I remind you that 12/21/12 came and went without our golden age? Yes, even the cabal are eternal, immortal souls that shall end up in the lower astral realms(hell) and have the karma of everything they have done to us, they shall experience over thousands or even millions of lifetimes. Others say they will be sent to the central sun or to source, transmuted and be reborn as a brand new soul in blank state to begin from square one.

  6. Not likely to happen, otherwise it would have happened long ago. The cabal won't stop, they are like the terminator that can not be bargained with. If the good guys know what they are doing, they need to move faster because the cabal are moving ahead full speed with their NWO depopulation agenda.

  7. Hi, I read your "My Spiritual and Psychic Experiences" and it's very interesting. I also read that fear is an illusion, but I still fear the difficult, painful experience that will lay ahead should the good guys lose and the cabal succeed in starting ww3. Insiders are warning us that the cabal have already used nukes and shown proof and photos. Others call it "fear porn" but this doesn't change the fact I am awake and know what the cabal is doing. There's no proof of anything good happening, only evil and this makes me scared and nervous. I only wish more people were awake and that the awake had some way of getting in contact with Keenan and other insiders to give them the heads up on what the cabal is doing before it's too late. We really do want to help humanity, not sit and wait.

  8. Roughly 7 Billion is the official human population on Earth.Since when would any official number not be a lie?Math is a useful tool but only when you are working with accurate figures.Chris Thomas says 7 Billion was reached in 1996 and we are now at 3.8 Billion and dropping.Police forces around the world have been ordered silent on rapidly rising suicide rates.I would tend to believe Thomas over anything "official".

  9. It's a bogus story. These articles are theatre to keep the masses distracted. The real reset will be a spiritual experience. We won't be replacing one set of criminals with another. Until everything is fully transparent real change will not occur.Mojo

  10. way to go neil and jean we are close to the end mass arrests coming soon i hear the cabal are trying flee the country but obama did one thing you all remember the first thing he did is put law that u comment crime u be caught any where in the planet and they can't leave the planet eiter what i fond from fran 2 years agoso we see what happens it could be hype or the great dispointment so start praying folks fars um corsernthey are our last hope. so get it done.

  11. 4:08 If you are fearful and nervous then you need to work on yourself to remove your anxieties. No-one can do it for you. Repeating the same unsettling thoughts to yourself (and us) won't help your personal problem with this go away. There's help out there for you if you want it. Good luck to you.

  12. energetically we all ready got nuked many just didn't know how nuked, duked and blind sided while we all were living underneath the veils of deception, lies and deceit.

  13. "There is no spoon…" On a relative (dualistic) basis, fear has to be dealt with by looking into it honestly and not trying to run away from it. Fear juxtaposes hope which juxtaposes fear. It is the dualistic merry go round that is being flaunted in front of our faces.On an absolute basis however, hope and fear do not really exist. We are all "characters" in this grand play/game – and our essense is really beyond any concepts. Both hope and fear exist on a relative basis but everything ceases to exist once we start to examine it.

  14. I posted this at Jean's blog: have read some of this wonderful article and comments and will read the rest of them soon. I wanted to give all of you the headsup that the cabal is serious about starting ww3 and nuking 95% or more of humanity. Dozens of insiders have been warning us that the cabal are using nukes and might have already started nuclear ww3. This needs to be put to a stop quickly! Is there any way for the good guys to take back the mainstream media and brief the public with everything that has been going on? People need to be told that all wars are a scam that only benefit the elite war criminals and NOT to ever participate in any wars! Shills are attacking such articles as "fear porn" but the awake know better and won't pretend the cabal isn't serious about nuking us.

  15. Jean's reply Yes, I’ve also published this article. We have to hope that good people are managing this behind the scenes. If we all do our parts, then we will come through this. I absolutely believe the cabal will not be permitted to start WWIII. Whatever happens outwardly, there is definitely a greater force than they managing the timing of everything. I know it looks bad right now, but remember Drunvalo’s words: It is going to look very bad, like there is no way forward, and then, suddenly, a way will open. I think you can take those words to the bank.Drunvalo was permitted to see the future, and we do get this planet ascended – as he said, by the skin of our teeth. The fact remains, that we do get the job done!Hugs,~Jeanfwiw I agree with Jean.

  16. To everyone on this site. The WWIII has already begun a few years ago, and some of You may have even seen it on TV when one of those radical religious or perhaps righteous Towelheads announced it in these words:"Welcome to World War Three". I saw it way back then and was surprised and thinking why they would have that on official TV. Years later I got it why. This World War Three thing is a full blown multi-dimenasional something and by the time it will be obvious to the sheeple, if the good guys don't put an end to it, it may be too late. Who cares if no "familiar" TV speaker or "usual" public figure makes the announcements. Some things are just so obvious but people still don't get it ! Same thing with that fake dollar, the federal reserve note which never was a real dollar, never was real papermoney, it was a fake since day one, and lots of folks do not get it, however some folks do get it. The abyss that is right in front of the faces of the "unbelievers" is so deep that it seems like no logic, no rationality can ever overcome it. Some people are so deeply stuck in a strange Coma that it probably permanently has numbed their mental faculty, kinda like they just can't believe the actual truth. This all works in the favor of the NWO!I wish the implementation of all the true beneficial activities are real and not just some idea rooted in LA LA LAND.

  17. I just listened to the first 10 mins of yesterday's Drake show where he says he and Keenan are working on the Collateral accounts. If that is so then I have doubts about Keenan. Drake is unreliable at best. Jean was asked about Drake and said she wouldn't discuss it on her blog as it had been discussed elsewhere. Not sure what that means and unless she clarifies it won't clear up any confusion. I wish Keenan and his team well, but drop Drake if you want credibility.

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