39 thoughts on “Cosmic Voice: Tanaath, Drake, Sunfire – Extraterrestrials Answer Your Questions

  1. As they said (paraphrasing with my own words, as I understood it),no one is required to listen to them…,it is more on an "if you like"/"if you want"… basis.I listened to their introduction and cursorily a little beyond.I like them – especially Tanaath,even if I don't think I need to or even can listen to every single word they say. ;-)Besides, I believe they are more honest, than most other "sources" I came into contact yet- except f.e. Ken – he also seems to be very honest.

  2. Drake surprises me more and more with all the cosmic knowledge he has. I respect someone who knows that much. I don't care about his human reactions. What he knows and shares is more important than his character. ]Thanks guys for this interview.. Keep em comin…

  3. excuse me, but I'm a canadian posting a comment about Drake. I don't think Drake is dumb enough to answer himself. Listen to the broadcast and learn the truth…

  4. been around since the beginning. Drake's knowledge of how the universe works and it's relation to us is very useful info. Thanks anyway for the tip…………

  5. I'll miss Grammy J and Denise. There is a lot of finger pointing going on here. No one seems to be willing to take responsibility for the fallout. All Drake and Tanaath really said about that was "Nobody is perfect. Anyone can have a bad day, a bad week, or a bad month." I think I'll stick with Grammy J and Denise. But the fact that both Grammy J and Denise both saw "Greys", who seemed to be disrupting their space, tells me there was mischief afoot. Perhaps the Greys got exactly what they wanted. They have certainly discredited Drake and Company.

  6. Please realize that is exactly what "they" (Greys/cabal) wanted. A division and Grammy J and Denise fell for it. To bad, because I liked them too and wish them well. Don't people get it, "they" do not want Drake, or Tanaath and Sunfire on the air, period! Excellent information if you "listen". To bad for "them", because Drake/Tanaath/Sunfire still are and will remain on air until it is done. No matter how many times you have heard soon, two weeks, whatever, it will ultimately happen. So to those who have lost patience/hope, please sit back and be silent and let those who are getting it done, finish the job. Please get over your Grey/cabal negativity feeding attitudes and just be silent. If you can't, then YOU are part of the problem, not the solution.

  7. Wrong anon 1:49. Habitual attention seeking liars and dishonest Dinar Fraudsters are the problem. That is all I have seen from Drake. Even worse are the fools that are not capable of seeing through them but then try to silence anyone who has some sense.

  8. I must say it is more than magnanimous of you to include these fraudsters in your nooze line-up. How about a request to 'redefininggod' to give us the gibs and the gabs of all this? He may want to unclude a scathing, nay a few well placed rapier thrusts, into the heart of John Lash's 'Archons' and other tales of Astral Woe.Shiva save us all!

  9. I'm reading a lot of allegations, that do not even mention details, let alone give any proof!I do not currently see any lies with Drake or contradictions with Tanaath, nor do I currently see any financial (=corrupting) motivation on their part.There however may be some type of corrupt motivation behind the ones making such claims, without even the slightest kind of backing.

  10. I do not see your problem Anon 12:20.You are talking about this current show, this post is about, August,7 2013, aren't you?If that is the case, there should not be a problem.On that cosmic voice page of that show there is a link to download the mp3 file:"Download this episode".That should work just fine.Can you clarify, in case you meant something else?

  11. Greenlight*S*, plural, not just one greenlight. He announced the mass arrests greenlight at least four different times in 2012. David Wilcock also backed him up saying that his own "insiders" had "confirmed" that Drake was legit.That is why most people take everything both Drake and Wilcock say with a huge grain of salt. It's not "negative thinking", it's called "discernment"!

  12. Well, the light can't win if they can't figure out how to remove the cabal and brief the public with complete disclosures. I really wish there was a way for more people to be awake like us before the cabal complete their NWO agenda. Oh well, the sheeple will fail the spiritual test and have to reincarnate while we get to ascend to heaven. Death doesn't exist.

  13. Lots of people are incredibly brainwashed, uneducated, undereducated, some seem to live in La La land ! For example: the most easiest things to figure out is that stupid worthless toiletpaper so many people call Dollar. One smart person had a cartoon on YouTube perfectly describing the actual reality. It is a shame how people use words that they know don't mean what it says and still use it and in that way aiding the illusion. The Federal Reserve Note is NOT a Dollar and never was AND NEVER WILL BE. This is just an example how lazy people are, too lazy to take a calculator and figure out what is "Purchasing" Power, what is CENT, what is Percent etc, unreal how many idiots in this world,… unreal how lazy folks have become and how incredibly stupid even the smart sounding people behave, just totally unreal. If I didn't know any better I would say that humans just don't have a chance. The reality of it is so extreme most people seem to never get it. So much BS and so many distractions, just unreal and still it seems like everybody is always waiting for everyone else to do something about the worlds problems. Too much irrationality ! ! ! !

  14. Accepted, Anon 7:43.A huge grain of salt seems appropriate in those current circumstances.I had stopped listening to Drakes shows, I found taking lots of time while saying little new, last year.Similar with David Wilcock – I hadn't seen him put out anything new, let alone useful for quite some time.I believe Drake is very "human", but not knowingly dishonest.I believe Tanaath to be very honest.Having said that, I know of no (completely) reliable source at this time at all!Some appear to be more suspect than others…,but I would not currently count Tanaath or even Drake in that category.

  15. The cabal have done such a good job dumbing down the masses that I estimate only 25-50% will wake up in their lifetimes and that's if the good guys win and brief the public daily.

  16. Drake is a delusional attention whore. Zero original thought, all his "intel", "knowledge" comes from conspiracy/new age websites. Bottom line? He's full of shit.

  17. It's perfectly normal to shoot a gun at squirrels in an apple tree, right? Even some of us not so advanced ET's can do a web search for better ways to handle this.

  18. The sad aspect of the story is, if you do not claim to be, what you are not,no one will even consider listening to you or communicate with you…It seem like a big disadvantage to even consider to be honestin this so called 'civilization'.There are too many working, helping or going along with making it even worse!It is plainly disgusting.It appears doubtful if any 'real' 'extraterrestrial' would even dare to think about"touching" any of us even 'with pincers'.Real values and virtues have been replaced a long time ago with fake 'values'.. everyone seems to depend upon.So virtually everything has become corrupted in a way.The whole thing looks like a garbage dump that could self ignite any time.Yet who of us could know in how far 'real' 'extraterrestrials' are corrupted as well…?(Not denying the potential huge differences 'out there'.)

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