Abby Martin: The Atomic Curse on Humanity

Published on Aug 8, 2013

With the ongoing nuclear crisis in Fukushima, Japan, Abby Martin goes over the dangers of nuclear energy and remarks on the anniversary of the atomic bombs that devastated the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War II.

One thought on “Abby Martin: The Atomic Curse on Humanity

  1. …Did you know that most all of the American Navy in the Pacific was not only ordered back to Pearl Harbor but also ordered to empty their vessels of all munitions just hours before the attack? Yep, it's true. This was yet another early version of an inside job just like 9/11 was, just like Boston was though that was not real, just a smokey flash bang with a bunch of lousy actors managing to fool most of our round, couch potato, gullible nation… It so amazing that essentially a full blown fascist corporate plutocracy has managed to take total control of this country with almost no one noticing.Can you believe that Americans actually cheered when we disintegrated countless Japanese people in two major cities with two nuclear blasts…People actually feel good about our military's fighting against militant Islam by killing over 1.5 million Iraqis, most of whom were just civilians, people just trying to survive, just like you and I… I know that it is also true that the mass media NEVER tells the truth about anything so we weren't informed but like fools we all judged the situation as if we were there… My Friends, the dream that was America died just after it was born and like a zombie wearing nice clothes appears to be a good guy until you get up close and smell fragrance of death, corruption and betrayal of the worst kinds… The comfort of our couches in front of our TVs is a very small comfort indeed compared to what we've allowed to happen in this country. "When Good men see but do nothing…"It is a very sad thing to be an American today… The American Military Industrial Complex has long exceeded Hitler in every diabolical way…Don't bother raging at me, I'm just another American scratching out a living, horrified at the two faced government we are under, horrified at the evil this government and the few baboons that control it have long perpetrated on the world without any compassion, without any care or concern or remorse… These make the devil look like a good guy by comparison…

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