Tom Heneghan Update – August 6, 2013

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Tuesday   August 6, 2013

Gordon Duff, the Traitor Exposed!

by Tom Heneghan, International Intelligence Expert

UNITED STATES of America  –  It can now be reported that Ambassador Leo Wanta is being coerced and blackmailed by Adamus Group and Nazi Jew, Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate stooge Gordon Duff of (Adamus Group).

Note:  Adamus Group is controlled by German Nazi and Israeli Mossad asset and enabler, former Vice pResident Richard “Dick” Cheney.

We can now divulge that Adamus Group has been directly fingered by the Joint American-French Intelligence Task Force as being tied to the Israeli Mossad and the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) infiltration and orchestration of terrorist al-Qaeda cells in the nation of Yemen aka Nazi Paperclip Adamus Group headquarters that created the illusion of terrorist threats that then forced the close down of U.S. and other western embassies across Africa.

Nazi Jew bitch Gordon Duff continues his attack on duly elected President Albert Gore Jr. on the behalf of Benghazi war criminal, Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate business partner, lesbian Nazi Jew Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton.

Reference: It was Albert Gore Jr. that helped elect Bill Clinton as President in 1992, who was deep in 3rd place vs Ross Perot and then President George Herbert Walker before Albert Gore’s Vice Presidential nomination sealed the deal.

Message to Duff: It is in your best interest to cease and desist NOW!  Do you get it!
Reference: Wanta’s credibility is now in question (I have been dealing with him since 1995, and it was myself, Tom Heneghan, and then Vice President Albert Gore Jr. that saved his life in Syre, Oklahoma).

Wanta is now associating himself with Israeli Mossad asset and Adamus Group terrorist Gordon Duff of, who now claims he has Leo Wanta’s back.
Direct message to bitch Duff: Your back is ass backwards and once again: CEASE AND DESIST NOW!

P.S. Last night as the Israeli Mossad-controlled U.S. media continue their FALSE FLAG terrorist propaganda I called Wanta and said that we have no choice but a revolution (as Thomas Jefferson would clearly order now).

Wanta then said that is unacceptable.

Wanta and I then exchanged vulgarities with each other in which I described the alleged U.S. intelligence community in general as rotten Nazi Paperclip thugs, along with the NSA, have eradicated the U.S. Constitution and our American Republic.

Wanta then hung up the phone and placed a block on his phone (202) 379 – 2904 ext 001.

Note: This phone chicanery is directly linked to Nazi Jew Gordon Duff and former Vice pResident Richard “Dick” Cheney, current U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder (who needs to be prosecuted immediately for massive treason) and the Israeli Mossad administered Adamus Group.

In closing, a massive financial crisis is imminent with JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs, along with the criminal privately owned U.S. Federal Reserve, unable to create liquidity in the world financial markets because of their ass backwards derivatives tied to the Central Bank of Japan.

We live free or die as Albert Gore Jr. remains the duly elected REAL President of the United States.
Duly elected, non-inaugurated, natural born
Albert Gore Jr., the REAL President of the United States


22 thoughts on “Tom Heneghan Update – August 6, 2013

  1. Duff's latest story about the Chinese and ET's is total disinfo backed by the last vestiges of the cabal. He's been tasked to distract us into looking "over there" – part of a set up for the cabal to set up a false ET invasion over HERE!!! Duff's busted.

  2. * Does anyone have better info???… Does this translate & call into question?-> Gordon Duff's guest writers, such as Preston James'-> ET/ED info… as bogus misdirection as well!???!….that's the trouble with shills & betrayal…nobody knows what to believe…like a teaspoon of engine oil in a tank of fresh water…Veteran's Today …is now tainted.

  3. "Gordon Duff, the Traitor Exposed!" – says Disinfo and Rothschild Shill Tom HeneghanAs I said on the last Gordon Duff Artcle posted on this blog. The difference is that we know who Gordon Duff is, we know that his articles have at least 30% disinfo, because he openly admitted top it.@Anonymous 5:19The truth is the exact opposite of what he writes. Just replace China with the US, cut a little bit of the nonsense out and woops it could be the following message:Preparation for Project Bluebeam – Fake Alien InvasionUS plans war with China

  4. Duff outed himself when he said he puts out 40% disinfo. Its up to anybody reading his article to sort out the disinfo but who has the time to do that realistically? It makes more sense to pass on Duff and VT altogether.

  5. * Al Gore is a 0.01%er/Satanist/Zionist/NWO 'ball-licker' who carries bags of blood with him, everywhere he goes, for when he get's the 'thirst'…replete with his bogus CO2 BS that's making him rich with his 'carbon offset- snake oil'…(maybe this post is just more propaganda…because Gore is very much in the CFR Club)

  6. Poof probably faked his death to become Zap. Just another dinar shill. Drake is rumored to be Ducksoup, a shill pushing the worthless* dinar.*ok so maybe it will RV 1:1 with the new treasury dollar, but sorry no get rich quick.

  7. Did you read Gordon's response to someone who asked him for a comment on Tom's previous article about him? Gordon responded,"I keep trying to fire Cheney." Or something like that…classic.

  8. has this guy ever read veterans today? its about as anti zionist as you can get, if fact duff criticizes alex jones for not fingering mossad for 911, and duff is supposedly linked to mossad?. as for gore is he serious ?. This tom guys totally out of the loop or perhaps just insane, whats with the gore worship? jeez

  9. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: V.K. DURHAM AND LEE WANTA UNITE AGAINST HENEGHAN BLOG’S YELLOW JOURNALISM PROMOTING CIVIL UNREST " Anyone who has followed Heneghan’s newsletters over the years knows that he often appears to be a bomb with a pre-set time to go off. His views are often radical. Over the years, many of his views have been accurate… but if one looks at Heneghan claims of “done deals” versus what has really proven to be the case, Heneghan has also provided much misinformation. How many times has he told us the Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols have been paid – and Wanta still awaits a checkbook making it possible to pay the Protocols?"" Heneghan has, for example, spoken and misspoken about the Wanta Reagan Mitterrand Protocols on so many occasions, it is like getting whiplash from watching a tennis match. One ball gets shot over Heneghan’s net saying First Lady Nancy Reagan is talking with Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts (in support of Protocol payments), yet when questioned on various radio shows, Heneghan doesn’t even know which nations are involved in the Protocol payments or which nations are getting how much money. It makes it very clear that Tom Heneghan (who seems incapable of saying a single sentence without the assistance of vile language) doesn’t know much regarding the subjects about which he writes."

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