Published on Tuesday, 06 August 2013 19:53

Written by Kerry Cassidy

According to a Colonel stationed somewhere in Arizona, there have been a sudden influx of craft in the 100s in low Earth obit in the upper atmosphere sighted Worldwide.

No further intel on the shapes or sizes of the craft however my source is referring to them as visitors coming from outside of this planet… (in other words not coming from inner Earth)…

Apparently this sudden escalation in visitors is driving the military crazy.  All systems are on alert.

Another source reports multiple new races have been spotted visiting surface Earth lately and some say the Northern Hempishere is being visited by a race very much like the Nordics in appearance.

Still another source is talking about the race coming into Africa (see my previous posts about this and the tv series The Event for background on this) … are Asiatic in appearance though humanoid.  This contradicts the other source info indicating that highly educated black Africans coming from the Aldebaran system are how they are appearing… seen crossing over borders into South Africa.

19 thoughts on “Project Camelot: WORLDWIDE RASH OF UFOS SAYS COLONEL

  1. Neil Keenan mentioned something about angels coming down about now.The Galactics will not help until the financial system is safe – working on that now.Anon 10:33 is suffering from a severe case of RCI (rectal-cranial inclusion). Must be dark and lonely in there………….

  2. That's IF the new financial system is from the good guys and IF the galactics decide to disclose themselves. Who knows when or even if in our (short) lifetimes? There's so much fear porn now, hope it doesn't become a reality or we are all dead.

  3. Why ugly? They had all the time of their lives to invade us before the United States developed the biggest military on Earth (perhaps to fight them off, so that they can be the only invading FORCES in the world) and they didn't do it, why would they do it now??They could have invaded us in the Middle Ages. If not the Middle Ages, for the "energetically inclined", then at the beginning of the 1900s. And they didn't. They aren't about invasion.This is stupid Satanic influenced Military mind at work.You know, the Hierarchical Masonic criminals.The "selective" brotherhood proponents.The "Illuminated" versus, get this, PROFANE.PLEASE ETS COME DOWN AS FAST AS YOU CAN AND PUT AN END TO THIS CRIMINAL PYRAMID SCHEEMES WITH STUPID INTELLIGENCE OFFICERS DOING UNSPEAKABLE HORRORS IN THE NAME OF A SATANIC PEDOPHILIC "ELITE" WHO USES MASONRY AS CONTROL MECHANISM.AOne.

  4. We were already "invaded" by the cabal so an alien invasion, if positive will "save" us and if negative, will simply finish what the cabal already had planned to do to us anyway.

  5. Ducksoup's game is also LIES. Dinar gurus, including the duck are cabal shills and there's news that they have been getting arrested and going to prison! Insiders also say dealing in dinars is illegal because dinars=cabal!FACT CHECK #43FOUND AT DINAR BLOGS EVERYWHERE: ==========================================================================================================Intel/Newshound Guru Poppy3 OK JUST GOT OFF THE CALL SHORT AND SWEET HERE IS WHAT HE SAID — Everything that has been said today about the rv is false. No one has rved, NO new cars, no dancing in the streets, NO cards are working. It is all BS…ALSO SAID NO RUSH ON THE GROCERY STORES. HE SAYS WE APPEAR TO BE RIGHT ON THE INFORMATION I SHARED AND IF NOTHING CHANGES WE SHOULD BE APPROACHING THE FINAL DAYS OF WAITING. POPPY3TRUE, IN LARGE PART.==========================================================================================================WE THANK “POPPY3″ FOR SAVING US A LOT OF TYPING THIS MORNING. HE IS CORRECT IN THAT THE RECENT REPORTS OF WORKING CARDS, DANCING IN THE STREETS, SHOPPING SPREES IN BAGHDAD ARE ALL FALSE. SOME OF THE MOST POPULAR DINAR “GURU’S” HAVE BEEN SPREADING THIS FAKE INFORMATION AND WE ARE QUITE CERTAIN THAT SOMEONE IN THE LOOP IS BENEFITING FROM THE SUDDEN IMPULSE ONE CAN GET TO BUY MORE DINAR WHEN SUCH NEWS IS SPREAD. WE CANNOT THINK OF ANY OTHER REASON WHY SUCH FAKE INFORMATION IS THRUST INTO THE DINAR “INTEL” WORLD. IT CERTAINLY IS NOT BASED ON ANY SERIOUS INQUIRY ABOUT WHAT IS GOING ON IN IRAQ AND WITH THE DINAR IN GENERAL.THERE HAS BEEN NO R/V AT THIS TIME.

  6. Its all designed to deceive us. Gordon Duff is in on it too with his Chinese ETs fantasy. If we are all busy looking over at China we might miss who's really mugging us off – the USA and their fake ET invasion attempts.If we turn off the tv, radio, internet, stop reading newspapers, advertisements, stop watching films and propaganda, THEY couldn't influence us in any way. THEY have power because we give our own power away – to THEM!The time is long overdue when we should take back our power. We always have a choice what we let into our minds, some of us don't realise this or chose to ignore it.

  7. Stop WAITING for a saviorSTOP waiting for an event, any eventbecause anyone of us could be dead tomorrow and that'd be our own PERSONAL event!Take RESPONSIBILITY for YOURSELVESStop spreading fear – this is to you 1:12 ;>)There's NOTHING to fear. PERIOD

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