Dr. Jim Willie: "We’re leading up to a big event."

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Dr. Jim Willie, Publisher of “The Hat Trick Letter,” says, “We’re leading up to a big event.  We are having breakdowns in numerous structural elements of the financial system.  We’re seeing a chain reaction of breakdown events in progress.”  

Fed Chief Ben Bernanke talked about tapering the money printing to buy bonds two months ago.   
Dr Willie contends, “The ‘taper talk’ was a stress test to find out what in the world would break down, and the answer was everything!”  

Dr. Willie predicts, “In the United States, we are going to have shortages across the board, and that includes gold and silver.  Just think food and gasoline.  That’s when the riots are going to start.  You are going to see out of control chaos and the government stepping in to restore order. . . . Shortages and price inflation are going to drive people out of their minds.”

Join Greg Hunter for an in-depth One-on-One interview with Dr. Jim Willie, who can be found on GoldenJackass.com.


9 thoughts on “Dr. Jim Willie: "We’re leading up to a big event."

  1. Ducksoup's game is also LIES. Dinar gurus, including the duck are cabal shills and there's news that they have been getting arrested and going to prison! Insiders also say dealing in dinars is illegal because dinars=cabal!FACT CHECK #43FOUND AT DINAR BLOGS EVERYWHERE: ==========================================================================================================Intel/Newshound Guru Poppy3 OK JUST GOT OFF THE CALL SHORT AND SWEET HERE IS WHAT HE SAID — Everything that has been said today about the rv is false. No one has rved, NO new cars, no dancing in the streets, NO cards are working. It is all BS…ALSO SAID NO RUSH ON THE GROCERY STORES. HE SAYS WE APPEAR TO BE RIGHT ON THE INFORMATION I SHARED AND IF NOTHING CHANGES WE SHOULD BE APPROACHING THE FINAL DAYS OF WAITING. POPPY3TRUE, IN LARGE PART.==========================================================================================================WE THANK “POPPY3″ FOR SAVING US A LOT OF TYPING THIS MORNING. HE IS CORRECT IN THAT THE RECENT REPORTS OF WORKING CARDS, DANCING IN THE STREETS, SHOPPING SPREES IN BAGHDAD ARE ALL FALSE. SOME OF THE MOST POPULAR DINAR “GURU’S” HAVE BEEN SPREADING THIS FAKE INFORMATION AND WE ARE QUITE CERTAIN THAT SOMEONE IN THE LOOP IS BENEFITING FROM THE SUDDEN IMPULSE ONE CAN GET TO BUY MORE DINAR WHEN SUCH NEWS IS SPREAD. WE CANNOT THINK OF ANY OTHER REASON WHY SUCH FAKE INFORMATION IS THRUST INTO THE DINAR “INTEL” WORLD. IT CERTAINLY IS NOT BASED ON ANY SERIOUS INQUIRY ABOUT WHAT IS GOING ON IN IRAQ AND WITH THE DINAR IN GENERAL.THERE HAS BEEN NO R/V AT THIS TIME.

  2. And there will be no RV until the 1500T derivative bubble is settled and the 600T bond release between the US and China. The Galactics are involved but will not help until the system is safe.Early Oct (read: Oct 8th) is the date when funds will be released to US Treasury. The banks are the villains (as usual) and are making massive amounts of money via trading platforms and are in no hurry to stop. Basel 3 is just another form of control.St. Germaine Trust is real and will be released. Again, only when the financial system is secure.

  3. The stock market will crash big time. That is the event. Then they'll create a new global monetary system to suit the elitists new agenda and all of you will think the "good guys" are behind it for all of humanity. Instead it's the opposite and we'll be sitting around with our dicks in our hand. This website has gone from talking about more spiritual topics to just bullshit.

  4. So B3 is cabal? Many insiders think it was the work of the good guys to go back to the gold standard. No proof if there will ever be an RV nor any help from aliens. Dates always come and go, 2012 was a bummer and 2013 has a good chance as well.

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