World’s first test-tube burger revealed in London

Published on Aug 5, 2013

The world’s first test-tube burger has been revealed in London and tasted by two lucky volunteers who seemed to quite like it! Scientist-turned-chef Professor Mark Post produced the burger from 20,000 tiny strips of meat grown from cow stem cells. The lab-grown 5oz (142g) patty cost £250,000 to produce was fried in a little sunflower oil and butter by leading chef Richard McGeown.

Nutritional scientist Hanni Rutzler said the burger tasted “close to meat” but that it was “not that juicy”. Report by Ashley Fudge.

11 thoughts on “World’s first test-tube burger revealed in London

  1. What's wrong with meat as long as no animals are harmed in the process? Replicators could create food for pennies, what we see is much older tech and already obsolete.

  2. Id personally prefer a real organic burger over some lab grown specimen anyday ^^; Also, the way i see it, eating meat is no different to eating plants. Both animals and plants are living conscious beings with emotion; nothing wrong with consuming either, just so long as we appreciate & thank the spirits of the beings that give their lives in order for us to continue to sustain ourselves in this reality =)

  3. Yea, plants are fun. When you look at it on the surface you can see plants that -make delicious food- that every other organism can eat. You can put fruit in the ground and it'll be good food for the plants again, you can eat it, you can feed it to other animals!Clearly plants are amazing.

  4. Meat slows you down.In the 5th dimension you drink slurpees. Juice. Very little real food.You actually eat from your environment. That is the reason, I believe, for me being feeling the atmosphere with my whole body since the 21st of December of 2012. We will "eat" from Life itself.I am sure of it. But it will take a while.Pills will be much more suitable for the 5th dimension.AOne.

  5. @ AnonymousAugust 6, 2013 at 5:28 AMYeah ^^ i have two way conversations with my Chinese Bamboo friend in my art studio ❤ Her name (translated into english from energetic vibration) is Weila =)@ AOneAlrighty =)Well within the 5d that i know of (having ever-so-briefly consciously re-experienced it within this lifetime), no being needs to consume anything from another in order to sustain its form, and lives purely on its own never-ending energy/consciousness. And just to clarify, by "consuming", that would be either physically via food or fluids, or energetically via attention & awareness. Not only that, but each being is completely consciously aware of all its physical manifestations & creations throughout the cosmos in all dimensions (& is also able to tap into its existance beyond) and has complete conscious control over each and every one of these manifestations & creations.I guess we're probbably talking about different versions of what we all label "5d", hey? lol

  6. Plants don't feel pain nor do they die when you pick the fruit from them. Others plants are annuals and are already dead when you harvest them for their fruit or seeds. Killing animals for their meat will become illegal once replicators are released.

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