Project Camelot: Nuking Syria? What are they doing? With Ken’s Updates On Possible Nuke

Nuking Syria? What are they doing? 

Nuke 1.1Published on Sunday, 04 August 2013 14:29

Don’t miss my radio show from last Friday night with Peter Eyre…  

“Peter Eyre is a noted Middle East consultant, political analyst and activist. He lectures widely discussing his views on vital geopolitical issues.”

..”Forgot to tell you that I believe the alleged Syrian munitiion dump explosion a day ago that they said was as a result of a rocket attack by rebel forces was not what they have declared……….it is very clear to me that this was one or two weapons dropped from an aircraft and was a thermo nuclear weapon…… is very easy for Israel or their allies to drop a bomb or missile outside of the borders ……..this is referrred too as a stand off weapon and allows the aircraft to drop the weapon from outside Syria and then guide the weapon onto its target……..this again happened not so long ago at night and was clearly a nuke……so who is nuking Syria?”–Peter Eyre

Nuke 2.1 
The first shot show the first bomb/missile exploding and the second shot shows a secondary weapon to the right of the first one…….this was certainly an air dropped weapon….
You can publish and reveal the source….I am confident on this issue

…The Israeli Air Force carried out an attack some time ago at night and that was also believe to be a nuke and I am sure the IDF are at it again or maybe the US are assisting them again on this daytime raid……when a ammo dump is attacked it is normally a series of explosions lasting many many hours and not just one huge explosion…..we saw this in Kuwait and Baghdad when two ammo bases were hit……..this is certainly not a conventional explosion.”

I am told Israel was given some non-nuclear technology that looks and acts like a nuke but is not.  Some of these weapons may have an EMP pulse.  But for all intents and purposes the affect is the same.

The U.S. is exiting the Middle East while the Chinese and the Russians are moving in…. 
Although this is most likely a ploy…




Updates From Ken

Source Link

[Update 1 – Same Day]

Could the announced closure of US embassies on Sunday have anything to do with this blast? Are they anticipating blowback if the public catches on? Are they going to announce what happened over the weekend?

[Update 2 – Same Day]

I just did side-by-side searches on Google News on the terms “Homs explosion” and “embassy closings.” The first news reference to the explosion showed up 12 hours ago, and the first reference to the embassy closings appeared 6 hours ago. And now the CBS article linked in Update 1 is reporting that the embassies are closing due to a non-specific Al CIAda threat (the standard BS cover excuse) to embassies in the “Middle East and other Muslim countries.”

So far, 14 embassies will close, including “the U.S. embassies in Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Libya, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Afghanistan and Bangladesh.” Apparently, they are closing on Sunday because that is the beginning of the work week in those countries. And according to one report I read, the closure might last for a while.

I suspect they are preparing for blowback from the Homs attack, but I hope calm prevails. The Cabalists very much want to get the Middle East war going. It is essential to their plans.

To my Middle East brothers and sisters: if you respond with anger and violence to this intentional provocation, you will be rewarding the Satanists by giving them exactly what they want. They will unleash exponentially more death and destruction upon your nations. Now is the time to hold the calm patience of God in your hearts and minds. And should violence begin, be on guard against false saviors who may appear from the skies.

[Update 3 – 2 August 2013]

For another point of comparison, consider this test detonation of the MOAB, America’s largest conventional bomb (with 18,700 pounds of high explosive). The weapon detonates at the 0:43 mark, and by the 0:46 mark (3 seconds after), its energy is expended (no more glowing cloud)…

[Update 4 – 2 August 2013]

Now the State Department has issued a travel alert covering the same nations as the embassy closings, and it extends through the end of August.

[Update 5 – 2 August 2013]

Who is blowing up all the weapons depots, and are they using backpack nukes?
Upon searching YouTube for “arms depot explosion,” I’m finding explosions with Homs-like blast characteristics in Russia and Iran. Folks, it’s not that easy to blow up an arms depot. The weapons are stored in a compartmentalized fashion to limit damage from any one mistake. To breach that compartmentalization would take an awfully large starter explosion, like that of a backpack nuke.

A version of the man-portable American W54 warhead has yielded a blast as high as 6KT…

…as shown in this test (code-named “Socorro“) back in 1958. This W54 was detonated in an air-burst at 1,450 feet, but to destroy an arms depot, it would be detonated near or under the ground. Due to its compact size, it could be delivered by a commando or by any number of rockets or cruise missiles. It is rumored that Israel has an upgraded version of this warhead with dialable yields of up to 40KT.

Has a clandestine tactical nuclear war been taking place for the past few years?

[Update 6 – 2 August 2013]

Looking again at the video of the Homs blast, there is another thing I noted. At the 0:14 mark, you begin to see a growing cloud from a secondary explosion (off to the right of the original blast). And if you look at it closely, you’ll notice something…

…It isn’t glowing. The first blast cloud glowed for 12 seconds as if there was a sun inside of it (think about that). But the secondary explosion blew like conventional munitions would.

Given this observation and accounts I’ve heard that the “rebels” were firing “rockets” and scored a “direct hit,” my interpretation is as follows: the depot was hit by a rocket or missile carrying a W54-sized nuclear warhead, and the primary explosion from the nuke set off a large, conventional secondary explosion as the targeted munitions blew.

Since it is beyond my ability to go to Homs and do radiation measurements, I cannot definitively conclude that the blast was nuclear. But given everything I’ve looked at, it seems the most reasonable conclusion.

[Update 7 – 4 August 2013]

Do you believe in coincidence?

On November 9, 2011, Iran’s Ahmadinejad Vows Not to Retreat on Nuclear Drive.
Can you think of a particular nation that wouldn’t like that?
On November 12, 2011, an Iranian arms depot explodes so forcefully that it is felt 20 kilometers away in Tehran. The video shows the expended mushroom cloud…

…Nuclear mushroom clouds start out reddish brown and glowing, then turn white…

…But without video of the initial blast, it’s hard to say if this one might have been nuclear.

On June 17-18, 2013, during the G8 Summit, Russia’s Putin blocks the G8 agenda on Syria.
Can you think of a particular nation that wouldn’t like that?
On June 18, 2013, a Russian arms depot in Chapayevsk explodes. A fireball rises from the blast that glows for 13 seconds after, after which numerous secondary explosions take place. This is what the blast looked like 6 seconds after

On August 1, 2013, Syrian President Assad lauds his military troops, says they will win in country’s conflict.
Can you think of a particular nation that wouldn’t like that?
On August 1, 2013, an arms depot in Homs, Syria explodes. A fireball rises from the blast that glows for 12 seconds after.

But if a particular nation were running around setting off backpack nukes, wouldn’t the attacked nations be screaming bloody murder? Not necessarily. If they did reveal the truth about the attacks, their populations would demand war, and the nuke-popping attacker would likely set off lots more (you just don’t provoke religious lunatics with lots of nukes). One nuke attack would become many. So to give themselves time and latitude to measure their response, they would cover it up.

It is rumored that one particular nation has nukes pre-positioned in key locations around the world, and that they use them to conduct nuclear blackmail.

But I’m sure this is all just coincidence….

27 thoughts on “Project Camelot: Nuking Syria? What are they doing? With Ken’s Updates On Possible Nuke

  1. Looks like Project Camelot picked up on what Ken was saying about a possible nuke in syria!!!!This is just another confirmation that things are heading to a boiling point.The cabal wont win. All I can do is hope.

  2. "I am told Israel was given some non-nuclear technology that looks and acts like a nuke but is not. Some of these weapons may have an EMP pulse. But for all intents and purposes the affect is the same."I really hope so because if this is a nuke, Ken would stand correct that humanity is in very big trouble and if the good guys and/or aliens don't stop this pronto, 90-95% of humanity dies. Ducksoup attacked this as fearporn but Project Camelot is taking Ken seriously!

  3. Yes they do! Prove it. You cant because you lie. People that lie are dark cabal. Or are you just a scared little coward who runs away from reality. Go back and stick your head in the sand! People like you will die first. Only the strong survive and you are the weakest link…. Good Bye!

  4. WOW indeed, the dark force of duality is strong in this one still, the ether from the heart chakra and above is godly, below this is evil and predatory, this is why with fear programming they are trying to keep us in our lower base chakra's. and the back and forth of duality, we are now in a new age and frequency and if you have not felt the shift yet then it's time to focus on the self as it's not selfish, it's your own salvation, hoping that people will die and thinking you'rE on the side of light is still duality. people in the whole new age scam are really showing their ignorance of this divine holy science that all religion is based on and turned in to superstition and dogma and controlling nastiness.ALL THINGS MUST CHANGE. AS ABOVE SO BELOW. KNOW THYSELF..

  5. Agreed. For example look at the interviews with Courtney Brown and his remote viewing group who said Sydney Australia was going to be wiped out by a massive tsunami before 13 June this year and that Madagascar would also be destroyed by that date.

  6. The Galactics…promised that nukes would NEVER BE ALLOWED….if they were Nukes…then…taking anything they say as truth would be….foolish..only we can stop this insanity…go within…pray…meditate …envision Gaia…turning to such an intense light that…this insanity of darkness dissolves…the answer is within…unplug and pray…..!!!!!

  7. This recent blast and the blast on May 5th are not that similar. Here is my post on the blast back in May: – The May 5th blast fit nuclear explosions to a T. Watching the full video of this recent blast you can see the explosion happens much slower. You can see projectiles flying out of the ground, and it never produces a blinding white light. The nuclear blast on May 5th filled the entire sky in an instant.I'm not sure what this blast was as it likely was not as it's being framed however the mushroom cloud itself does not automatically mean nuclear.However, as an aside, in my investigation of the May 5th blast I came across information about a new nuclear cruise missile being used by the U.S. – armed with the B61 nuclear warhead (details in my post). From another post on this B61 warhead: – June 9, 2013:"The U.S. is poised to spend $11.6 billion to upgrade a handful of nuclear bombs – with each bomb costing more than twice its weight in gold. The bombs were originally put in Europe to roll back a Soviet land invasion. With the Cold War over, the costly bomb upgrades would rack up more debt while adding no benefit to our security."The B61 also fits perfectly with the size of the explosion back in May and also the reports of depleted uranium. I am 90% sure the explosion back in May was caused by a B61 warhead.

  8. In ordinary unconsciousness, habitual resistance to or denial of what is creates the unease and discontent that most people accept as normal living. When this resistance becomes intensified through some challenge or threat to the ego, it brings up intense negativity such as anger, acute fear, aggression, depression, and so on. Deep unconsciousness often means that the pain-body has been triggered and that you have become identified with it. Physical violence would be impossible without deep unconsciousness. It can also occur easily whenever and wherever a crowd of people or even an entire nation generates a negative collective energy field.The best indicator of your level of consciousness is how you deal with life’s challenges when they come. Through those challenges, an already unconscious person tends to become more deeply unconscious, and a conscious person more intensely conscious. You can use a challenge to awaken you, or you can allow it to pull you into even deeper sleep. The dream of ordinary unconsciousness then turns into a nightmare. Cont'd @

  9. Initial fear is the natural response to danger. If the truth is that danger exists, then promoting that truth can be misconstrued as promoting fear, but it isn't really. The truth is what it is, and people have to choose how to respond to it. Putting a label on it and pretending it doesn't exist isn't a healthy response. And what does this have to do with Courtney Brown? He was trying to predict the future, but this blast is something that actually happened.

  10. 12:12 Brandon said KC and PC have always promoted fear. 11:19 replies 'Agreed' and 'for example' so I guess it was 'for example'…relating some back history of KC and PC. The remote viewers predicting destruction by tsunami doesn't leave you with a warm glow inside, especially if it was the place you lived – probably freak you out if you believed it, therefore could be said to promote fear.That any clearer?

  11. The Galactics or anybody aren't supposed to be allowed to interfere with our freedom of choice or free will. But… if Planet Earth was destroyed it would impact the rest of the Universe so maybe they can intervene to stop planetary destruction but leave us to destroy ourselves. :-)See you on the other side ….maybe… :D(I'm just kidding…;-))

  12. Thanks again. It is looking more and more like Ken is right that nukes are being used and we may be in the early stages of a nuclear war. He is being attacked as "fear porn" but those awake know the cabal are hell bent on ww3 and they must be stopped fast or we die and go to heaven.

  13. Barbie @ 1:47 Read Richard's post again:-This recent blast and the blast on May 5th are NOT that similar. [my emphasis]…I'm not sure what this blast was as it likely was not as it's being framed however the mushroom cloud itself DOES NOT AUTOMATICALLY MEAN NUCLEAR. [my emphasis]From that speculation YOU deduce that your hero Ken is right. You weren't there, neither was Ken, neither was I, or Richard. We don't KNOW!!Those of us who are awake, excluding you, know how to use discernment and don't go around making noise about uncertainties. I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt by not calling you out as a fear-porn spamming shill. If you keep posting naive baloney all over AWE like you have been doing for weeks now I shall have to review my opinion of you. I wonder if you actually read and comprehend the information contained in comments or are you just here seeking attention and contributing not much with your endless repetition?You might find the Eckhart Tolle post @11:46 below useful idk …..

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