7 thoughts on “Teen Activist Schools Kevin O’Leary On GMO

  1. Smart girl not backing out from her standpoint of thinking even with this guy pressuring her. Not for nothing Monsanto is being rejected cross Europe and if it is so good why are they. opposing labeling. That is because Monsanto's agenda is the same as the Nazi's agenda.

  2. All GMOs will be outlawed and I am grateful Rachel is speaking up for her generation and the whole world. She is educating people who would otherwise be clueless about this issue. Way to go Rachel!

  3. Seriously dude? You should really reword the recreational sex part because that would mean sex ONLY for procreation. You can't say that you've never had sex with your wife/girlfriend/lover just for their loving embrace during the sex. Nobody can, except the psycho/sociopaths that run the cabal. Those bastards.

  4. You are right that the cabal have brainwashed people that "sex sells" it wasn't like that and long ago(before the cabal sexual revolution), people were virgins till marriage and only mated for procreation. It's sad how obsessed men are about sex, their lives seem to revolve around chasing sluts. The cabal also have brainwashed people that lust is love when they are opposites. Love comes from the heart, not pants and a loving embrace is known as cuddling.

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