Tim Turner ‘President’ Sentenced To 18 Years In Federal Prison

Sovereign Citizen ‘President’ Sentenced To 18 Years In Federal Prison

The self-proclaimed “president” of the sovereign citizen group Republic for the united States of America (RuSA) was sentenced Wednesday to 18 years in federal prison following his conviction on fraud and tax charges.

James Timothy Turner, who goes by the name Tim Turner, was convicted in a federal jury in Alabama in March after court filings and evidence showed that he went around the country in 2008 and 2009, holding seminars on how to submit fraudulent bonds to the government as payment for federal taxes. Turner even once sent a $300 million bond in his own name to the Treasury Department.

He was convicted on conspiracy to defraud the United States, attempting to pay taxes with fictitious financial instruments, attempting to obstruct and impede the IRS, failing to file a 2009 federal income tax return and falsely testifying under oath in a bankruptcy proceeding, according to a Justice Department press release.

“This sentence should send a message that if you attempt to use retaliatory tax liens and fraudulent tax schemes as weapons against the United States and its citizens you will be punished,” said acting U.S. Attorney Sandra J. Stewart for the Middle District of Alabama in the release. “We cannot and will not tolerate those who violate the law for financial gain.  I would like to thank the law enforcement officers who worked vigilantly on this case to bring this criminal to justice.”


5 thoughts on “Tim Turner ‘President’ Sentenced To 18 Years In Federal Prison

  1. As a dejure grand juror at that time who was one of many wonderful courageous people in all 50 Republics who did serve all 50 governors under RAP, not RUSA, we did our job and did it right. (And before anyone starts slamming RAP just remember not one juror who so bravely put there name of those documents that where served ever went to jail.) Unfortunately are US Provost Marshal did not do his. If he had, this whole thing would have been over long ago and we today would be living in 50 free independent Republics.After that, all four "elders" went there own ways leaving us in the cold looking like a bunch of wack jobs and we where ridiculed for it. THIS is when ole Timmy boy formed RUSA and went nuts! My jury did NOT follow him any further and neither did many others. It all boils down people to ENFORCEMENT. Military Provost Marshall on our side now? He sure wasn't then, although we believed at that time he was, is he now? Seems like the same ole same ole to me. Time will tell, and soon.As for Tim, he is getting now what he deserves. God bless America

  2. And one more thing, our jury foremen even got a visit from the FBI at the time, sat down and talked with them, and they listened, and understood what RAP did and said it was correct and nothing was illegal. They even understood that they are agents of the corp, and wished us well. Again people, it all comes down to ENFORCEMENT.

  3. If those FBI are awake, they had better act fast and arrest the disinfo agents in the media before it's too late! Make the media disclose everything.http://www.ascensionwithearth.com/2013/08/alert-homs-explosion-looks-like-low.htmlKen says: "Folks, it appears we might have a nuclear war on our hands."Well the good guys had better move fasssssssssssst with public briefings warning soldiers NOT to participate in any wars because it will escalate into ww3 and those nukes* could make us extinct!*supposedly not allowed by positive aliens, but the cabal don't care anyway!

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