LaRouche: Our Intention is to Bankrupt Wall Street

The Fight for a Glass-Steagall Act Intensifies
In a discussion Tuesday evening between Lyndon LaRouche and the six members of the LaRouche Policy Committee, Mr. LaRouche, upon reviewing the work currently underway in Washington, D.C. to get a vote on Glass-Steagall before the August recess, came down hard on all “college trys” to restore the crucial banking separation legislation. Below is a brief excerpt of that discussion followed by a statement of intent from the six members of the Policy Committee:
“We have to say, in detail, exactly how we intend to bankrupt Wall Street, through Glass-Steagall. Wall Street is the enemy, and if you cannot say we’re going to overthrow the enemy, you’re not going to accomplish anything, because you don’t know what you’re dealing with on the other side. You have to say, “Our intention here must be made clear:  It is our understanding that we can not save the United States until we bankrupt Wall Street! So that’s going to happen,  but it will save the people of the United States.  If you don’t bankrupt Wall Street, then the people of the United States are going to go to Hell!” –Lyndon LaRouche, 7/30/2013

Our Intention is to Bankrupt Wall Street

15 thoughts on “LaRouche: Our Intention is to Bankrupt Wall Street

  1. Yup, the cabal must be defunded and bankrupted and public briefings must occur to wake up enough sheeple for the light to win, else we die and go to heaven. Only the cabal will go to hell regardless if they win or lose because they have already done so much evil.

  2. I appreciate all that has been stated here. I agree. Passion, forthright patronage, stand up and take

  3. For starters:*Global* reset of *all* country's currencies to Gold Backedand interlinked in a new system of Basil 3 compliance, asecurity protocol, Babylon2 (security and safety almost beyond description), and this in addition to ancient global wealth (just one of which is 95 *bunkers* of gold) to be distributed via non-government controlled foundationsto assist in rebuilding the planet starting with the childrenfirst, aged next, then the rest of us.Actually 7 countries will lag behind all the others and then revalue when they are ready, and join the rest of the world.ALL previous evil fiat (air backed only) currency manipulationwill cease for all time, and the criminals who did the deedswill see prison unless they help (helped) clean it up.Timothy Geithner spent a recent *year* signing legal affidavits against many many international criminals,including those in the US Government.Other dramas will be playing out as well, and will literally be Earth Shaking.

  4. weird video, but stillI agree 100% that greed of the non-productive, middle-man, take-it-all-for-ourselves part of the population, ie. elites and their minions is major cause for the situation we are in. But let's not forget the naive majority – the rest of the people who have to work for their living, to earn something called money to live on a planet they were born on.We, the people, are as much to blame, because we accept and comply with the fact that the non-productive and useless minority take from us the most of our production and energy, and we still go on.It's about time to stop thinking in payback terms and face the real monster, the one in the mirror. Realize we are all equal, not because some paper has that written on, but because we are all part of the same species, no matter the race, religion, nation or whatever else we feel like identifying with.I am in no way, shape or form supporting the NWO and one world government, but rather community based, non-centralized, yet mutually responsible system on non-governance. Meaning, we don't need a group of people telling the rest of us what we should be doing, no political system as such, only online voting system where we share ideas and vote on ideas directly, with individuals freedom of action and being in mind. If you want to call it something, call it true non-representative republic of sovereign people.But yes – before we can make any progress, the current corrupt systems must be dismantled. I would go so far to say, that we don't need money at all. It's only a tool of manipulation and control, whether it's fiat or gold backed or whatever backed.

  5. While bankrupting Wall St isn't a bad idea it would do absolutely nothing to take down the true power structure pulling the string from behind the scenes. Sorry, Larouche, but you're still after small fry that would collapse on their own anyway if you actually took down the big guys. The Big Banks/Bank Names, and the unholy trinity that is the Trilateral Commission, The Council on Foriegn Relations, etc, etc. Go after those guys and I wish you the best of luck. Be warned though, for if you do you just may wind up dead.- Enoch

  6. Insider @ canauzzie Saddam also sent a series of Plates to Iran. They have been producing perfect counterfeits for years. No different to the US producing dollars from an asset base of zero.Unless you know for sure you hold clean Dinars, who knows what you hold? The numbers being pontificated do not add up and the US will not be able to fund the largess of such aspirations. Lets wait and see what and when first. Be sure they will first help themselves and only any surplus will get to the markets. Parties who forwarded sealed packs months ago have had them returned now opened. God knows what is real or not. Expect some "problems" yet to unfold. How many notes were printed to order to satisfy the Ponzi demand. It has been a pyramid market for 10 years. Time enough for mischief. Now, we lose another week. What then? A month? Two? Bernanke seems to want out fast. No Dinar public gratification, just arrests. If not next week, what then? Each promise is broken. The Cabal cares not.Dinars are of little relevance to what is playing out as a Global power play. The Tri Laterals have a clear and firm agenda. Power is now global.Everyone is a pawn of the game plan unfolding. Also dinar gurus being arrested left and right.

  7. No, I'm sorry, you are the one that doesn't get it. Take away their ability to create money and their power base is destroyed. Basel III, Glass-Steagal, asset-backed currencies and ending the central banks are the absolutely necessary first step in regaining control for the people.

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