JHaines Blog: Neil Keenan Update – July 30, 2013

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• Powerful Asian clans call Keenan to series of meetings to discuss Global Accounts
• Countering HAARP: A “machine” is now in place to selectively eliminate a list of 500 cabal members responsible for mass-death weather and earthquake technology.
• “Angels”(E.T.’s? – 4th Dimensional Allies?) are now in place assisting the Shift, according to senior clan leaders
• “Empress” not in picture
• Keenan obtains lawyers for Nelu – appeal to be filed
• Keenan gives personal testimony regarding Hong Kong meetings in accompanying videos

by Michael Henry Dunn

Dramatic developments in the evolving story of the Global Collateral Accounts are unfolding this week in the wake of Neil F. Keenan’s three-day series of meetings with senior leaders of the ancient ruling clans of China – the rightful owners of hundreds of trillions in notes and assets which have hitherto been frozen or stolen by the Western banking cabal.  In recognition of Keenan’s long fight to free the Accounts from the grip of the cabal, high-level leaders of the clans invited Keenan to Hong Kong last week to discuss the status of the Accounts, and to plan immediate forward movement in the shift of control over the notes and assets back to the rightful owners.  Keenan was informed by clan leaders that, given China’s ownership of 88% of the United States (thanks to vast U.S. borrowing over the last several decades), the clans are interested in how a shift at the World Bank could give the clans access to and control over their assets for the first time in a hundred years, with the hope of immediate implementation of humanitarian programs utilizing the vast funds in the Global Accounts.

The president of the World Bank has been traditionally chosen by the president of the United States.  Barack Obama’s choice of Dartmouth University chancellor Jim Yong Kim, a global health expert, was seen as a break from the practice of choosing a cabal-insider banking figure.  However, any World Bank president, by definition, operates under the thumb of the corrupt Western financial elite, which has previously hijacked the global financial system twice within the past sixty years. On his return from Hong Kong, Mr. Keenan stated, “The clans themselves have not only not received one dollar, they have not even been able to get into their own accounts. Therefore, a Westerner’s choice would not really carry any weight since the families/clans already been scammed on numerous occasions by the West. The clans prefer to access their own funds, and they also would like to work directly with the people through monitored, transparent foundations throughout the world where the funds would be directly controlled by the people and not by the governments.”

Keenan was informed that a technology exists to counter the HAARP mass-death weather technology used by the cabal: a weapon that can be precision-targeted to essentially “disappear” cabal leaders wherever they may be located – even to the extent of targeting one person seated at a table of ten. Use of this sci-fi level weapon is necessary to stop the ongoing slaughter and destruction of the planet perpetrated by top-level cabalist leaders. A “List of 500” cabal members is said to have been drawn up for targeting.

In one of the most startling developments related to Neil Keenan by clan leaders, hundreds of “angels” (the term used by the clan) have been in place on the planet for several weeks now to assist in the Shift to freedom. (Whether this term refers to extra-terrestrial or so-called “Galactic” allies, or to 4th Dimensional beings, or simply to highly evolved spiritual beings is not clear.) These beings were said to have held back from intervention because there was not sufficient awareness and awakened determination for freedom among the people of Earth. That balance has now shifted in favor of liberation, allowing the angelic forces to step in. In what ways and in which arenas this assistance may play out is not yet known.

While Keenan had previously been given to understand from various contacts that Bennie Hua, (known to some as the Empress elected from within the Qing Dynasty) represented China’s interest in the Accounts, she does not appear to be involved, according to clan/family sources.

Meanwhile, Keenan’s work in Indonesia to obtain the release of his right-hand man, Martha Wibawa (called Nelu), is making significant progress, as a team of lawyers is now in place. An appeal is scheduled to be filed this week in the Supreme Court. A further update to this situation is expected in the coming days.

Neil Keenan gives extensive personal testimony regarding his meetings in Hong Kong in two videos accompanying this article (see below).

Michael Henry Dunn

59 thoughts on “JHaines Blog: Neil Keenan Update – July 30, 2013

  1. When the RV, Global Reset, Etc HIT,(and MAN will they ever HIT)people like the unstable guy below,are likely going to go a bit nuts.Or a LOT nuts.The 2nd Amendment ensureswe are prepared.Be ready.It IS going to get **interesting** for SOME TIME.

  2. Ignore all the fake ducks. I already posted on Jean's site, see below:————————————–Hello Jean and Keenan, I am a huge fan of your works in freeing the planet from the cabal rats. I keep telling the sheeple that public briefings and revaluations are coming soon, but no one believes me. They shall find out what I know. Zap/Poof has been briefing us about the new financial system, revaluations and prosperity packages which will bring prosperity for humanity. Fulford also has been briefing us about many positive happenings.Could happen next week if all goes to plan. Tolec and tanaath also have words of wisdom for us about the positive changes happening. I am heavily invested in dinars and dongs and should get rich anyday now. The RV was designed to de-fund the cabal and fund millions of good guys. With those funds, the good guys can undertake on projects to rebuild the world.I look forward to seeing more articles from you about Keenan and his daily heroic works to save the planet. I also look forward to articles on the dinar/dong. It would be a shame for people not to know about their chance to fund themselves after RV. One more thing, I have been defending Keenan's honor by calling anyone who attacks him a moron or shill. Looking forward to your response as well as Keenan and anyone else.-Ducksoup

  3. And here's Jeans's reply to the DuckDucksoup, I hate to disappoint you, but I do not see that there is going to be any reset at all. From where I sit, I do not see this coming at all. I finally read Scott Mowry’s recent post, and he makes many statements that I know to be false and many that are undocumented. I know that it is impossible for them to be documented, because they cannot be true. The commentary on Scott’s post at Removing the Shackles was also total disinfo.Lately, I’ve been wondering why this kind of thinking is hanging on, and I’m beginning to wonder if it isn’t to lull everyone to sleep about what is actually coming so they make no preparations. This would make the instituting of martial law far easier. It sounds wonderful, like everything is immediately going to become rosy with this so-called reset, and I’m sorry, but that just isn’t going to happen. I am also sorry that I cannot now document what I am saying, because it is simply not safe for me to say anything. Yes, what many will likely do is have ugly things to say about my words – and me. Nevertheless, I’m going on record saying this simply isn’t going to happen, so I suggest you get yourselves ready for the possibility for a very different scenario, one that is neither so easy or pleasant.Will we take down the cabal? Yes, I believe we will, and I believe it is going to happen soon, but it isn’t going to be a cakewalk. Sorry! They are going to do their best to get people upset so they can create martial law.Hugs,Thank you dear Jean for politely informing the duck. We've known he's wrong but now someone in the know has told him too! Love you Jean!!

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