Sheldan Nidle Update – July 30, 2013

1 Imix, 4 Pop, 10 Caban

Selamat Balik! We return with more news! First, a belated Happy New Galactic Year to everyone! This is the year of 10 Caban, a galactic year that is mostly reserved for inner and outer discovery. It prompts you to learn more about who you really are and to look at your native abilities in a new light, and it is these energies that are now becoming most prevalent in your reality. You are embarking on a period of manifestation and discovery about what you think Life is all about and hence, what kind of world you wish to live in. The coming prosperity and new governance are to kick-start this process of self-exploration. However, what you discover about yourselves at first will merely afford you glimpses of the magnificent truth of your real Inner Self. As Spirit begins this unveiling with you, you will learn how your outer world reflects and stimulates the growing expansion of your inner experience. The new year of 10 Caban will indeed be loaded with all kinds of new and stimulating adventures. Just to begin with, personal debt will end and you will be thrown into a world of prosperity. You will become able to meaningfully interact with your new governance, which will sincerely seek your input and truly wish to serve you. This, of itself, will be a big adjustment!

   All across your globe, much is coming into being. Those who have been working in secret to bring about new governance have won a series of legal battles, opening the way to replace your corrupt regimes with new governance charged with restoring people-oriented policies. Gone will be the supremacy of the power-hungry elitists and of an untouchable corporatocracy intent on driving your globe into ruin. As you know to your cost, these dark coalitions imposed illegal amounts of taxation and debt to control and enervate you, and the purpose of the new governance is to rectify this unlawfulness and free you from decades of debt slavery. There is to be a new hard-currency system which will end the manipulation and oppression of a fiat-currency system. This fiscal ‘dry-rot’ will be transitioned rapidly to global currencies that are backed by precious metals, and your new governance is to support and promote not only the hard-currency system but also the beneficial social programs which accompany it. As these nuts-and-bolts aspects roll out, your rapid inner growth will enable you to partner meaningfully with government, to formulate and then oversee the changes you wish to see in your quickly transitioning world.

   You are entering upon a period of great learning. In galactic societies each one is an honored and treasured individual. Each is a unique and irreplaceable piece of the whole, and this is an identity that you will need to adapt to. Government does not stand above the people; rather, it is an instrument to be used to uphold and facilitate the welfare of each person. Admiralty Law (the law of the conqueror), which prevails at present, will give way to Common Law, which comes from the people. Common Law is made up of those practices and traditions which have proved, over time, to work well among people, and this is what gives those appointed to authority a moral compass to guide their deliberations and actions. As this conceptual changeover takes place, your role is to observe your new administration in action and then ensure that it keeps to the direction you give it. You possess a divine standing as a person of consequence. You are a sovereign entity who is part of a highly motivated collective, and as such you have a responsibility to ensure that resolutions agreeable to all are reached. Your saying, “Government is not a spectator sport” is most fitting here.

   Involvement in these changes will furnish your growing consciousness with many areas of hands-on education. You will discover a true, compassionate morality that is to be wholly indiscriminate. You will find how important it is to maintain the joy and wonder of your own uniquely evolving society; also, that governing yourselves is a truly divine operation of great complexity, requiring the informed participation of, or supervision by, each member. The preservation of your sovereign rights and ensuring that Common Law is properly administered is a most sacred task which you will have much more time for once prosperity gives your lives stability and releases your potential. Bear in mind that your levels of consciousness will be rising rapidly and your outlooks and perceptions will change greatly. You will also have available to you Beings from different lineages who have come to help you during this massive transition, as many of you may become a bit confused or upset by how much is changing. This is why you will have individual mentors at your side to explain and reassure.

   Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We come to discuss our perspective on what is happening across your globe as these events will deeply affect your ascension process. And of course, this is our area of expertise. New governance will be the result of a new monetary system, which is to reset itself by switching over to hard currencies. This operation will also bring about a global currency reevaluation. These two developments will swiftly bring down the present debt-based currency system that is backed by the present governments. Our numerous associates are ready to inaugurate the new Basel III financial system which in turn initiates new governance. These new governments will end debt slavery, wealth inequality, and set up economic policies to undergird the great prosperity that prepares Gaia’s populace for first contact and Spirit’s desire to return you to full consciousness. It also enables us to come to you openly and talk freely about the universal truths long disguised by the major philosophies that lie at the core of religion on this sacred orb.

   Our task is to inform you about the spiritual changes that your global society is going through. As most of you are aware to some degree, your world is moving away from the outlooks and concepts that you are familiar with, towards attitudes and knowledge that can seem quite foreign at first. This opening-up of your worldview is what Spirit intends. We are to help you reconceive the beliefs that were taught to you as you grew up; this means changing concepts that you have accepted as ‘facts.’ This will include introducing you to new spiritual terminology which will be unburdened by layers of muddled thought and which was given to us by Heaven long ago. We have only mentioned your societies’ founding myths in passing, but the time has come to recount these tales fully and truly so that you can comprehend their meaning without the fog of ambiguities. Long ago, your dark overlords took these stories and altered them in order to sway your emotions in certain ‘useful’ directions, and we intend to bring your compass back to true north, thus enabling you to align with the truth about who you truly are.

   We the Ascended Masters are to be your lodestar, pointing the way clearly out of your present mess toward a glorious new world, one which you can already sense out there, waiting for you. As Beings literally hurtling toward full consciousness, you need detailed information about what full consciousness means. We have many gifts of wisdom to give you, which will provide the criteria by which to assess what is happening. Heaven is using her divine abilities to reconstitute you and all the world around you, and we have come to be your spiritual guides and to reassure you about what may appear to be a very strange series of happenings. Right now, new monetary systems are coming into being, and with them come edicts announced by new governance, including revelations about a cover-up of truly staggering proportions. As you can imagine, these announcements will change your reality exceedingly, and we are here to be your loving guides during this most amazing transition.

   Today, we talked about what is about to happen. The next period is to be one of sudden, huge change. We intend to be able to announce to you shortly what first contact is all about. Your spiritual, space, and Inner Earth families are ready to appear among you and transform your reality forever! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

27 thoughts on “Sheldan Nidle Update – July 30, 2013

  1. Selamat Balik Sheldon! Please ignore the trolls that will be flooding the comments with their stupidity and negativity. Forgive them for they know not what they do. Most of us love you and the great divine work you and the Ascended Masters are doing to help us! Thank you Sheldon!

  2. Yeah, the "negatives" will need our help; and of course, had they been paying attention all along – they could have indeed seen it for themselves — the awesome changes mankind is to experience!

  3. Blipso, Tripso, Calypso.Your world continues to march onward into a glorious future of mundane promises not yet realized. Though you have been assured for so long that change is upon you without supporting evidence, you are never-the-less soon to be overwhelmed by the coincidental happenings we will claim to be behind, luring you further into our triple reverse psychology and sentence run-ons. Even now as you absorb and resonate with these words you have been thrust moments ahead of where you were only a few syllables ago.Sellme a twelve-guage!We are your ascended masters! We come in peace, or pieces depending on your current level of ascension. We come to speak to you about more of the same in a different way such that the same is really not the same, actually, different, but not really so much. We would elaborate more on that but your heads would explode, so we will spare you the momentary excruciating experience and ourselves the labor-intensive task of the clean up afterwards. We are gracious, and merciful in that way in addition to being above such remedial tasks.As the passing of the days continue in seemingly repeated cycles you are more and more aware of your surroundings not as much because you have chosen to live in them, but because you are losing interest in not being aware of them which has caused you to be more aware of them for the reasons mentioned at the beginning of this sentence. You immediate days will be filled with scattered daylight followed by darkness. This movement from light into dark and into the light again only to return to the darkness represents the crossing our of great Gai through the equatorial plain that has been craftily referred to by the Cabal as day and night in an effort to keep you blind as to the true nature of what is transpiring.Know dear ones, that the countless and never ending supply of sentence fragments and circular reasonings of heaven are indeed written here for you to ponder while pulling fuzzies out of your collective belly buttons. Buy low, sell high…drive fast for speed kills, and for God's sake man be careful, it's freaking jungle out there!Shall I continue???

  4. Well, the Master Used Car Salesman ( MUCS ) is accompanied by several shills right off. Oh, I forgot. Perseod Cloud time — Mechna-004, Da-na-ha-ba 61, Ech-do-to-be Mac 0900, Clatu, Berada, Nicto, etc. etc. You shills should sell tickets for your " Light Chamber " experience ( microwave ). I haven't seen an asshole burn since my little brother sat on a campfire. Musta hurt, he jumped around for a while. Nurse said he had a scab about the size of a quarter, coincidentally, about the size of a shill brain ! Dratzo is not my master. The MUCS sounds just like ten years ago, monotonous, droning, predictable, long winded, repetitious, and comes with ZERO proof or evidence. MUCS should have been a Swami or Krishna consciousness purveyor, they always suck people in and Dratzo would be richer, and he could afford a better picture instead of the lame piece of crap he posts. De-na-a tolaanz ep klzee ra-ha ! ( may has used car lot become lodged in his posterior. frj

  5. Thank you Sheldan for another awesome update! It is easy to see big changes are about to come upon us. The whole world will be blessed with a fair monitory system and new and just governance. Keep up the meditating everyone and lets raise our vibrations to bring in more and more light!

  6. Anon 1:06 No. Not the same person. Sheldan actually has more support on this site than you recognize. The ideas and visions of the future that Sheldan suggests to us in his updates are very inspiring when you take the time to read them and begin to envision a world that cares for every human being. Our lives are about to change dramatically. I hope that you can begin to comprehend the magnitude of unconditional love. That is what is coming and the world will never be the same. We are bringing Heaven to Earth. Love and Light everybody!

  7. Please relax frj. My Benny Hill tapes got eaten by a foaming mouth mad dog. Noodle fills the void great till I get replacements. See the bright side and all that.Also, I'm going to grind up CDs of Noodle's stuff. Cheap Roach Powder. The future is bright fellow.

  8. frj, keep anr eye out for rodents. A bunch (mini-herd?) of green, dripping decomposing rats ran by the other day. Their pattern strangely resembled Noodle's face. I took it as an upper atmospheric sign of some sort. I'm calmer now.

  9. @5:29 no way!! I saw Noodle last year, green and dripping, running in a gutter on all fours like a rat toward a garbage truck, and the truck was green and dripping too! man that is weird, could *not* be coincidence!

  10. @ 5:46 AMYep. And that was right after his mating thing with swiss cheese and motor oil. I really appreciate his spiritual relationship research and guidance.

  11. @5:51 AM Yep. And that's what keeps Ducksoup spamming. Every evening when he finishes up his shift he gets hauled off to the living cocoons aka light chambers and ZAPPED all night ready for work again next morning. So far he's the only surviving 'guinea-human' with grilled cheese in the cranium -oops! but its still in the experimental stages. Its only the promise of mating with the swiss cheese every Sunday that keeps his hopes up. His diet of motor oil and Martian swamp water creates all his rear-expelled *hot-air*. His ET overlords inject a regular dose of *spirit* intravenously straight from the bottle – the one marked 'whiskey' using advanced technology – a skewer thru his nuts. It hurts, but such is Ducksoups devotion to the Geriatric Followers of Losers.

  12. I know that Sheldon has been regergitataing the same messages with slightly different wording for a long time now. But how come only certain people and certain topics get the full attention of the trolls? I mean you dont see any trolls attacking all posts about Snowden. You dont see a slew of trolls attacking posts about Tom Heneghan. You dont see them shitting on many different people and topics only a few certain ones like Cobra, Sheldon and few others. Wonder why? Just for the record when I first was waking up couple years ago I was all gun ho love and light stuff but after being it in for a while I am holding onto a totally neutral stance on this whole thing now.

  13. Anon 1:06, you are an idiot. All the negative comments directed at Sheldon are all the same person, it is one pathetic troll trying to spread a lot of negativity. It is only that one person that does not like Sheldon, the rest of us love him.

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