Update From Tanaath – July 28, 2013

Reports of a virus on Homestead sites

by Tanaath on 07/28/13

I use a host company to make this site, it’s called Homestead. It’s pretty idiot-friendly, and considering the only HTML I know is paragraph breaks and italics, it’s ideal for me to make a good-looking site without having to hire a web designer (who I couldn’t afford).

However, because it is through a third party service provider, it seems that if the host company develops a vulnerability, then my site does too. I’ve had reports as of this morning of viruses or commercial-ware coming through Homestead sites. I’ve reported this to Homestead, but it’s a weekend so this might not get actioned on until the week. In the meantime, if you experience a problem with this site of this nature, please notify Homestead using their online community – I don’t believe it requires sign up.

If you don’t have a good virus scanner and malware remover, please get one. PCWorld does great reviews that can help you find good protection in any budget. There’s some great free products out there, that also have good paid versions, like Lavasoft Adaware, AVG and Avast. Make sure your protection is up-to-date and run it frequently. A product that has an automated scan is great, because you can schedule it to run every day at some time when you don’t normally use the computer, like after you go to bed. If you find something that isn’t just a cookie, clean your computer, change all your passwords, and keep going.

On more fun news, we are still working at setting up the new show. Because a lot of work goes into producing even a free radio show, there is a lot of stuff we need to do and a few people involved right now. Right now, the plan is to have a show with Drake, Sunfire, and myself. We do not plan to hide behind a paywall, because this information should be as freely available as we can make it. We believe the information is important enough that it is unethical to charge money for it. So this is why I haven’t sought out Chris Geo for a spot, as I need a guarantee that the information can be made freely available. This is also why I will not consider putting this behind a subscription or pay service. We’ll do what we can on a shoestring budget, and we might set up an apparatus for donations to support the radio show infrastructure (as in not going into our pockets at all, but going only to paying for bandwidth etc.).

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5 thoughts on “Update From Tanaath – July 28, 2013

  1. Forget about the virus alert… Tanaath is everything but an expert on such matters.And I would not even necessarily trust 'experts' – trying to sell you something or other… – in those regards. ;-)But the comments (I) posted there may be interesting. 😉 🙂 ;-)In spite of the fact that the moderation usually takes hours and may even take 2 days at times,there may be something like a community developing there.I like the community aspect, but not so much the moderation (lag) aspect.+ Be aware that later commenters may not have seen the comments of their predecessors until the whole batch of comments is published! The first comment of a batch can also have a timestamp close to the last comment of the preceding batch. This did in fact occur at least once. So those timestamps can not really be used to find the original publishing gaps. %-) 😉

  2. Add a grain of salt, some happy thoughts and another grain of salt…If you are so completely out of salt, maybe it is because of the salt repelling suit, your wearing. 😉

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