Universal Voice Radio Show with Drake, Tanaath, Sunfire Canceled Indefinitely


Due to circumstances beyond Drake’s control, there is no Sunday (or otherwise) program scheduled.  Please watch this page at americannationalmilitia.com or silverlegion.org for further updates.  I realize this is a horrible inconvenience to all of the audience.  Join Drake on his new Facebook for updates at https://www.facebook.com/groups/490715054350504/?fref=ts
I am in the process of downloading and archiving ALL of Drake’s shows and they will be available in MP3 format here on Drake’s website as soon as that task can be accomplished.  Meanwhile, Drake is seeking a new venue and I will post any NEWS here when Drake has those announcments.
~ Denise

Message from Universal Voice (Denise):

With much forethought and consideration I announce that Universal Voice Radio, Universal Voice Website and associated UV Facebook group, chat room on Wirecub, and mailto:onefreepeople@gmail.com e-mail will be closing.  There will be no further broadcasts from Universal Voice.  This is my decision for my health and well-being and not influenced by anyone other than myself.
If you would like to remain in contact with me personally, I would be honored to friend you on my personal facebook page.  Likewise, any of you that would like to continue to follow Drake can friend him under Drake Kent and don’t forget that Drake’s website is www.americannationalmilitia.com
Furthermore, I am sure Gramy J would be honored to keep in touch with you and you can request her friendship on her personal page as well.
I plan to continue only my 528hz radio program on Spreaker.  Hopefully you will join me there from time to time.
With love from my heart to you all….Always, Denise.
Drake’s New Facebook Arena: Cosmic Voice   https://www.facebook.com/groups/490715054350504/?fref=ts
Drake’s Personal Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/drake.kent.5?fref=ts
Drake’s Website:  www.americannationalmilitia.com

28 thoughts on “Universal Voice Radio Show with Drake, Tanaath, Sunfire Canceled Indefinitely

  1. There are people that actually still listen to Drake? It takes an amazing level of gullibility to still believe that guy has even an ounce of credibility after all his failed predictions which I have lost count of.

  2. I like Tanaath and Sunfire, and respect Drake. There are ego's involved. Too bad. People involved in ' secret stuff ' rarely seem to look at things from our perspective – one of not knowing. Events like the RV and chemtrails seem to garner minimal to no attention, dismissed as far less important than ' other things.' That may be the reality. We only have your word for it, a person we don't know and can't verify. Yet most are broke and can see real proof in the sky overhead. No need to take anybody's word for it. We have no evidence we can see of the secret stuff parlayed as vastly more important, once again, which may be true. The Yellow, Red and Green Light thing, along with ' mass arrests ' that did not happen, FROM OUR PERSPECTIVE anyway, damages earned credibility. I bet Drake has taken a great deal of shit for the arrest thing. What puzzles me is the reluctance to, in effect, apologize for that error, whether it be a bad guess, changing intel, bad intel, setbacks, or Mars transiting Scorpio in retrograde. We are often made to feel like mischievous children asking for a cookie. SUGGESTION : Swallow your pride, ' I'm sorry ' doesn't hurt, and since it seems to be your job Drake to inform the masses, you can reclaim some lost ground with minimal humbling of yourself. I'll gladly eat a huge plate of barbecued Crow to see a better world, would you ?I've listened to every Sunday show for over a year, and looked forward to them. Not so much now. We have time tested reasons now to expect more examinable credentials or see promised results. We are human, and will only return to a dry well for so long before calling it quits. frj

  3. Anon10:00 — So I'm clear, an entire show with 2 or usually more people, conveying ' important ' information, totally hinges on one person or get's shut down ? It's not like the broadcast was state of the art, she was just the studio jockey. It was actually more like an old CB radio conversation, given the audio problems, cut offs, volume irregularities and ums-ya know's – OK's – let's see's and constant talking over the speaker. This sounded like amateurish broadcasting which would easily be duplicated in today's electronic world. Denise will continue on ' Spreaker,' presumably THAT won't affect her ' health.' If the Facebook – tweeting crap was dropped, a lot more time and less effort would be involved. I ain't buying the given reason, and really, what will it matter, THE GREEN LIGHT IS ON FOR " MASS ARRESTS !" TYE

  4. @Anon 8:13 PMIf listening to proven liars such as Drake & Tanaath makes you "enlightened" instead of being a "sheep"… I'd rather be a "sheep"!If it's too good to be true…

  5. No great loss imo. None of them can provide credible proof and could all be part of some government psy-op like everything else has turned out to be. Its no surprise to me that Denise and Grammy have pulled out – just surprised they lasted so long. Tanaath and Sunfire need to learn not to speak over people – its rude and wastes time when they can't hear the questions and we can't here the answers. Anyways, I get bad vibes from these two pretty much like the ones I get when hearing D's voice from RTS and look what a liar she turned out to be.

  6. It's amazing, you come to Drake's FB page and see people posting constructive ideas, then you come to this site – people are constantly bitching about everybody being a liar…

  7. Just wondering, WHY would ANYBODY use CIA/NSA information gathering Facebook anyway? I do not and will not. This should all be on there own blogs like Enerchi's. By using facebook, that alone does not sit well with me. I to have listened since the beginning… who's disinfo, who's telling the truth, does it matter anymore really? What is already in motion will continue onward, I am now looking forward to the final end. What will that be? For me it has been and is a journey of spirituality, enlightenment, self looking inward, ascension into the higher light. For all of you, you decide. I have fought my battles with the "system" for well over a decade, awakened as many as I could, I am tired.What will become of Gaia and her people? I have no crystal ball but I know what I believe, what do you believe? Because it is what you believe that will come to pass. At the very least believe in the best of people and those doing what must be done to get it done, or in those words we've heard so often……you know. "get er done".Now matter where you are or what you "believe" (<a very powerful word) may the great spirit bless each and everyone of you. (Thanks Grammy J)

  8. "…what you believe that will come to pass."Comparing that to reality, it does look like nonsense – or at least very inaccurate.Didn't many people believe in the promises of Obama f.e.?What did come to pass after that?

  9. I'm sorry Denise but that cover story you gave about health reasons just doesn't cut the mustard.The sad fact is that Universal Voice Radio has been in a serious decline ever since Drake's disastrous announcement of last year.After that fiasco, Drake's Vital Sunday Update shows slowly started to turn into a circus show with Drake in every episode delivering complete off topic gibbering nonsense and when more and more listeners kept confronting him about his complete lack of vital information, he turned around and told his listeners to go and do their own research. If I have to do my own research then why the heck am I tuning in to you Drake? It seems more likely that Denise finally wised up to Drake's consistent nonsensical, non vital Horse Hockey and said enough was enough. As for Tanaath and Sunfire,… Carl Sagan said it best when he once said the following statement,… "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence".The fact of the matter is that Tanaath and Sunfire have never offered any.Folks, I am not a troll but was up to the last show, a very avid listener.

  10. I think Denise is too much of a lady to give the real reason why she is parting company with Drake. The fact that she is continuing with Spreaker is very telling.

  11. Yes, universalvoice now redirects to denisesdreams…No upcomming or other shows there as yet though.Apparently there is another similar replacement in the making:http://www.blogtalkradio.com/drakebaileyIt will facilitate those shows with Drake (, Tanaath and Sunfire) – Wednesday and Sunday shows like on UniversalVoice – starting today.Apparently Tanaath will skip today's show for family business.http://www.silverlegion.org/Updates-and-Changelog.html?entry=show-tonight-july-31-2013

  12. I recently heard Drake finally address Denise and Grammy as to the reasons why "Universal Voice Radio" shut down.First off Drake did not at any time during his address thank Denise and Grammy for 2 years of tireless work.That pretty much set the tone for the rest of his speech. Drake pathetically tried to defend himself about what was said in conversation with Denise and Grammy but failed miserably. The more I listened to Drake's rant the more I could finally see him for what he, Tanaath and Sunfire really are. It also bought me to the final conclusion that Drake, Tanaath and Sunfire are nothing but complete fakes. They are completely delusional people striving for attention and nothing more. They prey on innocent people by offering false hope that never comes. It is nothing but lie, after lie, after lie. Not one thing Drake, Tanaath and Sunfire have ever said has ever come true. My justification will finally come in 2014 when Ascension does not happen and no arrests of the Cabal are still not made. Drake, Tanaath and Sunfire,… you are all in great need of psychological help. Shame on you all.Finally to Denise and Grammy,… I am so GENUINELY proud of you both. It took a while but it's great to see that your eyes are now fully wide open and that you can finally see the truth for what it is.

  13. Ha! These comments. Well, I suppose it's not surprising to see the onslaught of (contrived) negativity here. Nothing but internet trolls of dark energy attempting to dissuade people from the positive aspects and keep the veil of darkness over humanity. We see you. The light will always win.

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