Ken’s Blog: The "Gnostic Illuminati" and the Real NWO, Part 1

Source: RedefiningGod

The “Gnostic Illuminati” and the Real NWO, Part 1

As I mentioned in my initial entry on this subject, this Gnostic Illuminati site was brought to my attention by a reader. Since he wanted my take on it, I decided to approach it with an open mind and give it a fair hearing, but it didn’t take long for my alarm bells to start ringing loudly.

The first clue to the true nature of these Gnostic Illuminati (GI) is found by simply looking at their symbol and feeling the energy it radiates…

…I don’t know about you, but I sense a rather ominous air about it. It doesn’t exactly give me warm and fuzzies.

Going beyond this simple impression, though, I will share with you the specific written sections that presented red flags, as well as my interpretation of what they really mean….

On the question of whether Adam Weishaupt (AW) was a Grand Master of the GI…

“Yes… he sometimes pretended that the Illuminati was a new secret society, created by him… The Illuminati have still not provided a precise history, and reserve this information for senior initiates…”
In this section, they establish that they withhold key information from even their own members. This means that there are three basic kinds of information held by the GI: the information their senior members believe to be true, the censored information they feed to their regular members, and the crap they feed to the public.

On the question of whether Adam Weishaupt was influenced by the European Enlightenment…

“Yes… He wanted to bring the light of knowledge/gnosis to those in the dark thrall of Satan.”
So AW wanted to “bring the light” to “those in the dark,” eh? Here, they are hinting at their role as the (false) light that fights the dark within the dualistic paradigm. But is duality our natural and proper reality system, or is it a false overlay that has been placed before our eyes by a malevolent force? And the “he wanted to bring the light” part reminds me of something else: Lucifer, “the light bringer.”

On the question of whether the GI were part of Freemasonry, they answer…

“No… Freemasonry was corrupted and transformed itself into the very oppressive establishment it once resisted. (The vast majority of members of the Old World Order today are senior Freemasons.) The Illuminati did not travel the same path as the Masons. They remained true, steadfast and untarnished…”

That last part is a rather dubious claim. Assuming they are the long-lived group they claim to be, the GI have admitted that they are a hierarchical organization headed by a “Grand Master,” and this makes them ripe for the picking. As I wrote in my Finding Real Hope entry…

“the Cabal realizes that you don’t need to fill a hierarchical organization with your own people to control it; you need only occupy the top spots. Since everyone in the organization follows the dictates of the people above them, you need only a few people at the head of the hierarchy to steer any organization in the direction you want it to go.”

The Occulted Powers (OPs) are master infiltrators with the patience to wait not only decades and centuries, but millennia. And their patron entities have the ability to gather intelligence unseen as well as influence the weak-minded in ways that assist their agents in their infiltrations. The fact that the GI cast themselves as agents of “light” fighting the “dark” shows they have been fully integrated into the dualistic paradigm of the OPs. In the New World Order stage play, the GI are being cast as the “good guys” who will save us from the “bad guys,” but all are actors who work for the same production company (whether most of them know it or not). I call their company Duality Productions Extraordinaire (DuPE).

On the question of whether the GI believe in the abolition of religion, they answer…

“No. Only in the abolition of Satanic religions that enslaved and damned people (such as Judaism, Christianity and Islam.)…”

By their very nature, religions require the strict adherence to a fixed set of spiritual ideas defined by men (and other entities). So by that very nature, they are mechanisms of mind control and spiritual containment. I find it most interesting that the GI don’t want to abolish them, especially in light of their belief (stated in a following section) that “different religions… inevitably lead to division, suspicion, fear and, finally, conflict.” In the same section, they also state “a New World Order with a single world language and a single economy where there are no boundaries and no barriers” is their ideal.

Might a New World Religion also be included with their plans for a world language and world economy? They seem to hint at this when they say (near the bottom of their page) that “the New World Order of the Illuminati means an entirely new economic, religious and political model for humanity” and that they “will not comment expansively upon religious and spiritual matters until the moment is right.”

On the question of whether the GI believe in the abolition of government, they answer…

“No. Only in the abolition of oppressive governments such as those of monarchs, aristocrats, and privileged elites. They opposed Communism for the same reason.”

According to the dictionary, government is “authoritative direction or control.” Just like religion, government is about controlling the people, so why would these “good guy Illuminati” not oppose it? I’d say it’s because they want to be the ones who run it, at least until human society reflects their vision of perfection. According to their own words, “At that stage, there would be no further need of the Illuminati.” That’s kinda funny; I think the Illuminists who are in charge at that point will find some “need” to justify their continued rule.

On the question of whether the GI believe in a free, just, noble and unified world…

“They believe that nationalism, patriotism, separation, isolationism, different languages, different cultures, different religions, all inevitably lead to division, suspicion, fear and, finally, conflict. A New World Order with a single world language and a single economy where there are no boundaries and no barriers best symbolizes this new state of being.”
Have you noticed any efforts in the past several decades to undermine nationalism, patriotism, separation, isolationism, different languages, different cultures, and different religions? Yeah, so have I. The Occulted Powers have been working furiously at destroying all of that, but it isn’t to create a free and unified planet; it is to create a fully controlled planet. They have used economic, cultural and military weapons to force us all into a shotgun marriage, but a world united in that way will not stay together. Isn’t it amazing how seamlessly the GI’s doctrines fit in with what the OPs has been doing?

On the question of whether the GI believe in the abolition of private property, they answer…
“No. But they are opposed to excessive ownership of private property. They believe in a fair share for everyone. When one person gains more than his fair share, he is depriving another of his…”
Translation: the global government will decide what your “fair share” is, and they will dictate what you can and can’t own. So it will be techno-serfdom for all!

On the question of whether the GI believe in the abolition of the family, they answer…

“No. [how kind of them to let us keep our families! ] But they do advocate much higher government involvement in the lives of failing families in order to save those families from themselves and stop them becoming a burden to other members of the community… Therefore government must intervene decisively to stop one bad apple spoiling the barrel… No family has the right, in the name of personal freedom, to become a burden to other families.”

This section is problematic in many ways. First off, when they speak of intervention to aid failing families, do they speak of “neighborly assistance” or “community support”? No, they speak of “much higher government involvement” which calls for the government to “intervene decisively.” Fortunately, you don’t have to wait to see what this heavy-handed approach will look like because it’s already being beta-tested in Scotland. The Scottish Parliament is attempting to pass a bill which will lead to a specific social worker being assigned to every child in Scotland (see here, here and here).

Once a social worker is assigned to each child, what will happen? Your child will be taken away if…

A – You are a dissenter to government policy,
B – Your child has talents they want to exploit or inhibit,
C – You are not giving your child the required vaccinations and behavioral control drugs,
D – Your child has the physical characteristics desired by a pedophilic government official, or
E – The case worker simply doesn’t like you.
(to name just a few)

And to whom can you appeal when they do this? A Masonic/Eastern Star family court judge? Good luck with that.

As for the “no family has the right, in the name of personal freedom, to become a burden to other families” part, that is a most dangerous precedent to establish. Its corollary is “no person has the right to become a burden on society,” and what will they do to the elderly and the handicapped if such a principle becomes policy? What will they do to those who can no longer work due to an accident, injury or protracted illness?

On the question of whether Adam Weishaupt believed that the world would be improved if “every man were placed in the office for which he was fitted by nature and a proper education,” they answer…

“Yes. This is a good definition of meritocracy.”

This leads to a few obvious questions: Who, exactly, will place that man in that office? And who will decide if he is a proper fit and has the proper education? Who will decide who has the “merit” to join the “meritocracy”? The people? No, I don’t think that’s what the GI have in mind.

On the question of whether the GI believe in democracy, they answer…
“No. They believe in meritocracy where the vote is granted to those who have demonstrated that they can think meaningfully and productively about the issues of the day. No one should get an automatic right to a vote simply by living long enough to reach their 16th, 18th or 21st birthday.”

Translation: You won’t have a voice in your own future unless it is “granted” by the government. And the government will decide who can “think meaningfully and productively about the issues of the day.” Hint: Dissenters need not apply.

“Unanimity requires compliance”…

On the question of whether the GI are fascist, they answer…

“No. Meritocracy is opposed to fascism. Fascism is obsessed with racial purity, nationalism, patriotism and xenophobia. Meritocracy is opposed to all of these. Ironically, many of the people who denounce the Illuminati as fascists could themselves be accurately described as fascists. The nationalist American ‘patriots’ who despise their government, who rail against the Illuminati, who hate foreigners, who have never ventured out of their country, would all be classified by the Illuminati as dangerous fascists. Timothy McVeigh, the Oklahoma City bomber, is a classic example of an American patriotic fascist. The racist, slave-loving, Masonic Confederate States of America currently furnish most of the enemies of the Illuminati.”

Anyone who has “eyes to see” can discern the true nature of the GI based on this single diatribe. First off, fascism’s true definition is “a political system that places the state above the individual and is characterized by autocratic government, severe economic and cultural regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition.” And this definition fits the GI agenda to a T. Secondly, they offer a very bitter perspective on American patriots, who aren’t about hating anyone; they just want to preserve their nation from destruction by nefarious forces. And thirdly, it seems fairly well-established by now that Timothy McVeigh was merely the designated fall guy for the government false-flag operation in Oklahoma City. The info on how all that went down is all over the internet.

On the question of whether the GI are opposed to liberty, they answer…

“No. They are champions of liberty. They want people to be as free as possible within a just, fair meritocracy…”

So you will be “as free as possible” within what they define as a “just, fair meritocracy.” I think you’ll find their definitions will feel freeing at first, but will grow progressively more restrictive over time.

On the question of whether the GI had a strong involvement in various wars, including the American Revolution, the French Revolution, and the American Civil War, they answer…

“Yes. There is Illuminati involvement in most revolutions, rebellions and uprisings…”
So they are instrumental in stirring up bloodshed the world over. Their role within the OPs would therefore seem to be the demolition of the old to make way for the new. They supply the “chao” in “ordo ab chao.”

As for their pointing to their involvement in wars like the American and French revolutions to establish their bona fides as opponents of bloodline rule, there was much more to those conflicts than the simplistic, sanitized stories offered in middle school history books. Did such conflicts really disrupt bloodline rule, or did they merely result in the erection of a false democratic edifice that shielded continued bloodline rule from public perception? Is it not the role of the democratic edifice to sell the bloodline policies to the public in buffered doses that the people can accept, as well as act as a lightning rod for the contention and outrage that result from the policies?

On the question of whether conspiracy theories involving the GI have any basis in truth, they answer…

“Most conspiracy theories are absurd… Any conspiracy theorist who is unable to distinguish between the Old World Order and the New World Order hasn’t even begun to understand the true nature of the world… The Old World Order is extremely right wing. The Illuminati would be considered on the left… It is always wrong to shoehorn right wing and left wing groups together.”

They are right when they say that those who cannot distinguish between the OWO and the NWO don’t understand the true nature of the world, so let me distinguish them for the edification of all: the OWO is the fearsome beast that is meant to scare you into the open arms of the NWO…

…The Satanic OWO is represented by the Left Hand on the dark base, and the Luciferian NWO is represented by the Right Hand on the light base. And both Hands belong to the same power structure.

As for the GI’s link to the OWO, they openly reveal it in this passage when they say they are the left wing of the left/right paradigm the Occulted Powers are presenting to us. But they are wrong in saying that we shouldn’t shoehorn the right and left wings together; the Left Hand and Right Hand have always worked together.

Well, that’s just what I found on the first page. And what it all boils down to is this: they are advocating continued authoritarian social engineering by means of hierarchical control systems, which is more of the same ol’ sh*t. I would argue that what humanity needs instead is the return of power and responsibility to the individual, so each can make his/her own decisions, experience their consequences, and grow from it. Centralization of power breeds sheeple; personal power breeds humans. We clearly need more of the latter.

Since the contents of the GI site may reflect the actual ideological foundation of the real NWO, I’ll be reading it all and will post further parts of this series as I identify all the wrinkles. As for their whole effort to completely take over the world, they can make all the plans they want, but we see them coming now. Their chance for success is fading by the day.

Love always….

7 thoughts on “Ken’s Blog: The "Gnostic Illuminati" and the Real NWO, Part 1

  1. Looking at the site, these people don't appear to have a connection with Fulford or Romanov: makes very good points about the ideas put forward on the site and there are more nasty things on other pages too. The attitude of anger and a certain amount of bigotry on the site also leaves me thinking that this site really shouldn't be taken that seriously and is more a thorn to try to catch the unaware into repeating and taking on the same attitude. Does that mean that they are wrong about Fulford and Romanov? I don't know, but the way they attack the 2 (and others) doesn't leave me wanting to cite them as a source for any solid beliefs about them. (I suppose that the site may indeed be connected to Romanov for some grand mind screw, but I can't see the point or advantage that that would have). I mainly bring this up because looking into the Gnostic Illumanti was prompted by looking into Romanov's connection with them and his beliefs.

  2. Ken, you are awesome. Ultimately, now is the only time. Now is the time to realize your emptiness. Every moment is with an experiencer leads to another now with another experiencer. Until each of our games has ended, the only thing that you can do is to refine your "end" game and help others refine theirs'. We are all "concepts" and relationships. Order out of chaos. Then, become by becoming. Om Tare Tutare Ture Mama Ayur. Om Mani Padme Hung. All the best.

  3. Thanks for the page! And the tone of that one is even more juvenile than the one I reviewed, so the site may be little more than an interesting distraction. I'll still read the rest for S&Gs, but I'll withhold further articles on these guys until I see something that causes me to take them more seriously. They might simply be Illuminati LARPers playing in granny's basement (or Uncle Sam's). 🙂

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