3 thoughts on “New Zealand Protest With Kim Dotcom – NSA Spying On New Zealand Citizens

  1. GOOOOOO Kim.The **PLANS** (US Army Corps Of Engineers) for the scumbag NSA facility in Utah are now posted on the internet (link at nesaranews).Does anyone realize that the **N S A** is…CRUMBLING like dried dog droppings under the wheel of a truck?DIE NSA, and GOOD RIDDANCE ! !THAT is CABAL GOING DOWN THE TOILET ! !

  2. 3:26: grow up or get lost. NZ has been in the pocket of the cabal since wwI. Nz is the test plot for all the shit the cabal wants to unleash on us people AND its not about to stop. That is until the cabal and its minions are gone and I mean GONE. (Read:recycled souls)NSA will NEVER go down. The only solution is to get the GOOD guys to run the place and at least some of the data gathering will be eliminated. Read: NSA will never be completely eliminated. Hell: there has been an NSA base on the moon since the fifties.Wakey, wakey………….people

  3. An insider just said this: David Wilcock/Tanaath, will you please stop using the voice modulation. It is pretty obvious that it is you, David. Some weird shiet you are trying pull, dude. If Tanaath is truly a woman, and not David Wilcock modulating his voice to trying to sound like one, then simply show a video of the woman who is "Tanaath" speaking in her natural voice. I doubt Wilcock will do this. I doubt a video of the woman tanaath speaking will be provided. No conclusive evidence of who Tanaath is will be forthcoming.

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