Mnemonic mind control in mainstream TV

Published on Jul 25, 2013
VANCOUVER, BC – In an interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, John and Bonnie Mitchell of share their expose of Mnemonic mind control technology pervasively embedded in mainstream television, from news broadcasts to sports to public affairs and other programming, making mainstream television a mass mind control weapon. The mnemonic circle technology that is sublimionally embedded in mainstream TV is based, according to, on Satanic Illuminatic “spin” trauma-based minc control and induces the mind of the viewer into a hypnotic trance, similar to the CIA “Monarch” mind control. In this hypnotic trance, the viewer accepts the reality broadcast, for example, on the news: That a HAARP induced flood is in fact natural weather; that a 9/11 false flag is in fact a “terrorist attack”, etc. Mnemonic circles mind control is a major operative factor used in enmeshing the human population to the matrix reality in an attempt to thwart a positive future timeline for Earth.

Examples of Mnemonic circle mind control in mainstream TV

Viewers are encourage to watch these videos in conjunction with the interview, as they set out visul examples of Mnemonic mind control in mainstream TV.

1. Global Epidemic Exposed: Television Mnemonics…

2. Television Mind Control Revealed…

3. Frequency Control [Iduvelle]

WATCH ON YOU TUBE:… Mnemonic mind control in mainstream TV…

5 thoughts on “Mnemonic mind control in mainstream TV

  1. This explains one good reason why most people can't and won't wake up on their own. The good guys are going to have to take back the media and deprogram the sheeple, if not the light loses then.

  2. stil have a black screen on the first top link ,I did see the awake link part and I've got the goetia here only these entetie's in there come from your own mind if you let them and are not real, so why would a digital image do something ?, and what do they do and what would they mean anyway, that is not answered.and again they have the owl on the cupboard .magic only works if you take it for real and this is how you can get trapped into it by believing it works then they got you.and that is the magic .

  3. Turn off the media altogether,,,crash the channels,,,take out the satellites,,,for starters,,,give folk a couple or three weeks to adjust,,,maybe longer,,,remove the dependency,,,then trickle out what's been going on while they were hypnotized,,,

  4. I was kind of cynical before listening to this but it turned out to make a lot more sense (relatively) than I thought it would. A lot of questions I was left with from other things were answered here now.Fun fact: If your last name sounds royal you're most likely a bum.

  5. I was skeptical about these mnemonic circles, as should you all be, question everything…but after you are consciously aware of something you're able to notice it easier. I've noticed these intricate circles as well as the tones that follow them on spanish mainstream television as well. I personally don't watch TV for these reasons but have observed my roommate in a trance like state when watching these programs. Whatever the intent is just don't forget that those in charge have always and will continue to underestimate our power. Have deep conversations, make people think critically, think good vibes on each other. Above all let's not lose hope but put it into action whenever we can, I try to live this way whenever possible. We have to face that there is no one coming to save us but ourselves

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