RTS Update On "The Event"

July 25th Anniversary, the UCC filings, and poking the grumpy bear with a big sharp stick

This was posted late last night (my time) by Sean in the RTS skype room

With the anniversary of the return of our value on July 25, I’ve been doing a retrospective, chronological re-read of the UCC docs.

Interesting shit in there.(you might want to read them…again)

For instance did you know our value was deposited in our body?

“Secured party”s value being deposited in the body of every one of the one people created by the creator”

And this tidbit I missed before, seems like everyone else did too, from the Order of Termination doc 2012086802 filed Aug 15, 2012…that the $5B damages is valued in pre-1933 value?

If the whole $10B is valued that way we see that, from this site, http://www.measuringworth.com/uscompare/relativevalue.php

our $10b is actually worth as much as $2.7 Trillion in today’s money?

Even a conservative valuation puts us at close to $200 billion…

Getting close enough to infinite value for you yet?

Starting to “get” that the money is irrelevant?

The more  I read and understand these docs, and know that “it is law”…the more I begin to truly understand why Heather has been saying “It is done” “It’s over” for so long.

This is the response from Heather:  ;( (heart)  This is the best anniversary present I have ever received….seriously.

….. that’s a hint folks.

a LOT of stuff is about to roll out….. I have the most awesomest research team currently grabbing info and links and helping me pull together the links that show what might be one of the biggest exposures of what is actually going on in the world of finance. Along with the RV, the “New” financial system, and all the banking fraud that’s been going on in the back ground, while “they” are setting up the planet to move into a brand new system of financial fraud that’s bigger than anything most people could possibly imagine.

…. Hey HSBC …. wanna throw in the towel now and just quietly return home to the Eternal Value System  instead of waiting till you’re dragged there kicking and screaming?  The research team is going through the SEC filing listings and other “regulatory bodies”, and corporate annual reports….. betcha they find all kinds of interesting things hidden in there, hmmmmm?   Just how many banks globally do you control now?  And all those banks comprehensive annual financial reports, I’m sure they are all very enlightening.  Quite a house of cards, eh?  Wonder what Deutsche Bank’s controllers think of that? You’ve pretty much run out of all those stashes of hidden federal reserve notes that you kept sending over to the US to payoff, … I mean “pay for” the RV.  Too bad that neither you nor the UST can spend any of them.  But it does kinda make me wonder what you plan on doing with all those worthless pieces of paper. Can’t throw them away (that would be littering), can’t allow them into circulation, no country or central bank will accept them as payment for, well….. anything. Unless of course you’re laundering them into other currencies?  You know, like the Zimbabwe dollar?  I mean, if you could convince “someone” to revalue that currency (or any one of several others) at a  colossally HUGE increase, you know… just for a few hours…. just long enough for you and your buddies to “cash in”, perhaps for Iraqi Dinar?  Or Dong?  Yes I can see that you might make a bit of money off of that, wouldn’t you?  Hundreds of Billions on the dollar? Of course that puts you really into a bind now, doesn’t it?  Because all those Dinar and Dong have no value at all until THEY revalue, right?  Which would of made a marvelous manifestation of moolah …. if the original plan had actually worked.  But it didn’t, did it?  All the energetic signatures for the St. Germaine Trust, Prosperity Packages, or any other “current funds” just aren’t working are they?……

I imagine that you’re a wee bit miffed  right about now! That’s what happens when the “energetics” aren’t on your side any more.

Eternal Essence is Awesome!

Stay tuned for more fun!!!


26 thoughts on “RTS Update On "The Event"

  1. I agree with the above comments, they are cabal and are trying to unleash a brand new cabal financial system as they openly admit. I really hope the good guys stop this and/or enough sheeple wake up or it's game over for the light.

  2. Anon 10:03 PM — I don't look forward to anything with RTS except that they fade away. Let's see, if OPPT is so legitimate, why did they hide in another country, and why did the ' 5 billion ' each of was to receive get reduced to begging for donations ? Answer that. frj

  3. Such foul language won't be tolerated in our near future. Children will be reading their rewritten history in the making. RTS has X-rated verbiage unnecessarily.

  4. D used to try to awaken the Sheeple. It is so hard to believe that she fell for all this OPPT crap. Now she is nothing but a Sheeple herself, blindly following Heather and unfortunately pulling along some of the readers of RTS with her. It is a shame that people rush in so blindly without peeling back the layers of the onion to look inside. As the old saying goes, "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn't", which applies 10 fold to OPPT.

  5. You really think that D once had good intentions? The same D that argued that it would be great if nations retina scanned every citizen worker like tagged farm animals?

  6. Just READ RTS and that LOON Heather for a while — it becomes totally CLEAR that they are literally insane. Not uncommon at all.The SCARY part is that people LISTEN to them.

  7. RTS latest fund-raiser target:10 Billion for everyone on Earth.Might be a while.Message to RTS — How to "ACCESS YOUR VALUE:"Get up off your big fat thundering lard ass and do some work.Access value.Simple.

  8. INSANE is the right word! Thank God, not all that many people listen to these sociopaths, slowly they all going down the drain along with ishtar and the rest of them. There is lots of pushback from enlightened people, the masses aren’t buying this BS. Yeah the loosers ask to post here to boost their page counter, hahaha they are loosing the crowd. All they get is our good opinions…well, mostly.

  9. Hahaha frj, good answer and a mighty good question πŸ˜€ (posted this before under the wrong comment, but I also agree with the statement of anon 6:50)

  10. I think D was cabal all along, just pretended to be of the light before showing her true colors. I used to respect her but not anymore. Sad because she thinks it's over for the cabal meaning she is admitting her own demise. If the cabal actually win, they will all receive karma for our deaths anyway and we end up in heaven.

  11. RTS censored all her own comments, I think she knows too many people are awake and if she allowed comments, we would all be calling her and OPPT out for the fraud it is.

  12. I wish that was the case. We are part of the 10% who are awake. 90% of the sheeple blindly follow the mainstream media. It is only over for the cabal when and if at least 25% of humanity is awake before the cabal completes their NWO agenda.

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