Unthinkable Torsion Secrets Of Our Most Recondite Delusion

I’ll say right up front and unapologetically that I hope this article severely torques your mind and catapults you right into another realm of awareness that is so weird, so unabashedly strange, that you cannot help but reexamine every single preconception you have about how this world really works, and what the fundamental nature of reality is, whether physical or social. 

A replica of Lester Hendershot's Fuelless Generator. (Image: Youtube)

A replica of Lester Hendershot’s Fuelless Generator. (Image: Youtube)

By Richard Sauder
July 22, 2013

There, I’ve said it, and I’m not ashamed, on the contrary.

To put it another way, where the commonly accepted precepts of physical and social reality are concerned, where does the truth lie? It’s just unthinkable, that’s what it is. See what I mean? See the problem? True lies?

You think you know the truth, you’ve read history, current events, you’ve learned some chemistry or physics. You may even have a university degree or two in history, or physics or chemistry. You may even work in these fields in some professional capacity. And so you know what’s going on. You know how things are put together. You know how the world and the Universe function.
Except you don’t, not really.

Lester Hendershot’s Fuelless Generator
Consider the case of Lester Hendershot’s fuelless motor which most of my readers have probably never heard of. There is no question that that is by design, done on purpose, intended to keep the mass of humanity smugly ignorant and blissfully unaware of the degree of their slavery to powerful interests who manipulate the world in myriad ways that most people scarcely even suspect.
Interestingly, Hendershot’s invention attracted the interest of Charles Lindbergh, the pioneering aviator of the early 20th century and a good deal of press attention. And then he was bought off by a major corporation he never deigned to reveal, and his revolutionary electrical generator languished undeveloped. Hendershot’s explanation for the method of operation of his invention was that his generator simply tapped the energy potential of the Earth’s magnetic field, by cutting the magnetic lines of flux as the Earth rotated. And why not?

Charles Dellschau & The Mysterious “Sonora Aero Club”
This had already occurred to others before him, such as Nikola Tesla. Indeed, it is a realization which is apparent to anyone with an open mind, anyone who regards the Earth’s rapid rotation, the global magnetic field of the Earth and some of the elementary concepts of electrical and electromagnetic theory.

But it appears there were others, even before Tesla, who were tapping the fundamental energy sources of nature, albeit in an extreme, very careful secrecy, the better to occult their hidden society’s trailblazing work. The discovery in a junk shop of the long-forgotten art work of Charles Dellschau, revealed a veritable 19th century treasure trove of hitherto unknown, genial splendor. Go ahead, click the link and read the story. Linger over Dellschau’s lavish illustrations.

Found in a Junk Shop: Secrets of an Undiscovered Visionary Artist

Think of it, or maybe, unthink of it, as you wish: “… a secret society of flight enthusiasts which met in California in the mid-19th century called the ‘Sonora Aero Club’.”
But there’s more, so much more: “The club’s secret mission? To design and build the first navigable aircrafts using a secret formula he coded as “NB Gas” which could negate gravity and drive the ships wheels, side panels and compressor motors … “

Shades of Joseph Farrell’s ”red mercury,” his NAZI bell technology and philosopher’ stone, and by the way, Farrell’s books are all rollicking good reads that probably have a great deal more truth in them than the majority of text books in use in the world’s universities. I don’t doubt that the same thing(s) or closely related class of energetic phenomena and associated engineering exigencies have been independently invented and reinvented, time and again, on the planet and off, over mind bending spans of space and time.

Thank goodness for the artist and UFOlogist Pete Navarro who rescued Charles Dellschau’s important work from oblivion. The subtlety and gracious delicateness of Dellschau’s renderings are most pleasing to the eye. He had a sophisticated aesthetic sensibility.

I could not help but notice the San Antonio, Texas association with one of the mysterious, 1897 airship sightings, being as I lived in that city for more than ten years. For my part, I accept that Charles Dellschau’s Sonora Aero Club really existed and is likely the entity behind the wave of mysterious airship sightings all over the USA, in the late 19th century, many of which sightings were highly bizarre, to say the least, and for that reason, dismissed by many observers as nonsense and fantasy.

The USA Army Explores Dream Time(lessness)
I especially like Dellschau’s illustration no. 33, because, wellyou know.
I also like it because what he depicts here, and which I had not previously seen until very recently, is rather reminiscent of something that I have repeatedly seen in my deep dreaming, and that would be a time machine piloted by USA Army officers in khaki uniforms. The machine that I have repeatedly inwardly seen has two, large, circular, horizontal, rapidly rotating, fan-like mechanisms toward the center rear, and gangways or catwalks that connect the various parts of the vessel and along which the crew walk as the machine travels along. The time field itself appears to be featureless and grey, like a void, an indistinct nothingness that is difficult to describe with any precision. It is blank, empty and without discernible form. And through this featureless nothing, the time machine travels. I have to say that it is tremendously exciting to see the machine come and go — you can sense it and fell it coming before you can actually see it; it has a real sense of magical imminence and mysterious wonder. I deduce that that is because it is accessing the featureless field of all that is. The personnel who operate this machine would not be ordinary men. Nevertheless, I have seen them (they are young Caucasians with military crew cuts), and they in turn look at me. I have no idea what they may be thinking or seeing. Neither do I know why I have seen them and the machine, other than that, for whatever reason, I somehow drift into states of consciousness where I perceive them and their activities.

Though could it perhaps have something to do with my intense interest in electronics when I was younger? I knew almost nothing of accepted electrical theory, but I saved my pennies and nickles and at a young age acquired a soldering gun. I remember putting odd collections of resistors, capacitors, transformers, coils and so forth together, connecting batteries to the hodgepodge of assorted electronic components that I stripped out of junked radios and discarded circuit boards I salvaged from trash I found in the neighborhood and — nothing happened. I had no idea what I was doing, but in my imagination I was connecting up circuits that would do — God only knows what. I was flying completely blind.

However, in light of the numerous flying saucers I have subsequently seen over the years, and the many sorties I have made into other realms of consciousness and spiritual dimensions, as well as the fact that I just don’t think like the run of the great bulk of humanity (and thank God for that!) maybe the cobbled together hodgepodge of odd electronic parts I assembled from here and there and activated with no discernible results (at least to me, at the time) really did have results, but with a lag time of a few years, or decades.

And I don’t know where to mention another USA Army time machine that I have also seen in the very clear, deep dream state. This one is a more modern looking model, that somewhat resembles a helicopter, in that it appears to use a modified Huey helicopter chassis, but the rotor is short, blunt and stunted. Inside the “flight” officer operates a console that somewhat resembles a complex panel of avionics controls, but in reality is not conventional electronics. The controls are radionic, or harmonic controls, that have to do with temporal resonance, with tuning into a desired temporal-spatial coordinate in the time-space flow. This machine is operated by two young, male Caucasians, and a young, African-American woman, who is the officer in charge of the time missions. They are all dressed in USA Army officers’ uniforms. This particular machine operates by starting the rotor, which rotates faster and faster, until the machine lifts off the ground about two meters, and then it abruptly transitions to the grey, featureless, blank, nothingness of the universal time field, and is lost to physical sight.

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