Spirituality Conversation with Graham Hancock and Lorna Byrne

In this fascinating dialogue, two bestselling authors and explorers of the spiritual realm discuss the big questions at the heart of their latest books: Is there a battle between Good and Evil? Why are some people drawn to the dark side? Do we only see a fraction of reality? Do angels really walk amongst us and what would it take to see them? How much do the daily choices we each make affect the positive future of the universe? Also discussed is the influence of angels and demons on human affairs, the threat posed by science for limiting our spiritual experience and the power of the internet as a tool of global awakening.

Investigator of ancient mysteries, Graham Hancock’s latest supernatural adventure novel War God: Nights of the Witch tells the story of the Spanish conquest of Mexico, exploring the powerful demonic forces behind this devastating clash of civilisations. “Angel Seer” Lorna Byrne is the author of three international bestsellers including her latest Sunday Times Bestseller, A Message of Hope from the ANGELS which shows how we can be supported by angels to lead happier, more fulfilled lives.

13 thoughts on “Spirituality Conversation with Graham Hancock and Lorna Byrne

  1. The Dark side as I see those entities are from a lower frequency, nothing more or nothing less. I find it hard to believe in fear of the lower vibrational entities that do exist. The only way that these things entities can interfere with our well being on a permanent bases is if we are a vibrational match. I absolutely don't believe in this entity that others refer to as the devil. That is nonsense to me. In a way what I'm hearing is another way of promoting fear.Now how is someone else able to see inside the invisible worlds of GOD and not others. The invisible worlds of God is where yes angel and all the other Divine Beings of GOD are where we can easily see those beings along with always being able to see the elements of God's government working with us in a continuous bases. We just need to know what to look for along with opening our mind channels so that we can see Inside the Invisible worlds of GOD and know that Divine Beings and Divine elements are working with us always! All this human stuff that is based around fear is something that I pray we all will be able to overcome and the only way we will be able to do this is by Connecting to Creator Source and eliminating the lower vibration frequencies that come with the formation of the earth plane, in order to keep the earth in alignment with the Galactic Center.

  2. Didn't mean to come off being so critical but when you start talking about God and the Devil that to me was like REALLY? come on, we have moved so far past the illusions based around this entity called the Devil that has promoted so fear within our collective consciousness and it really is about time that we all move past this illusion that has keep all of us in bondage within the frequency of fear. There is absolutely nothing to fear about being alive within this universal location or any other that we may choose to experience. This is is what the real meaning of "ALL THAT IS" is all about all that our Divine Creator has created within the totality of ALL THAT IS ONE. Giggle… it really is that simple!!!… You can all trust me on this reality of knowing about ALL THAT IS ONE. It is a great experience to explore other locations within all that is, be it from above or down below. It really is about learning the mechanics of how creation is created and how we work with different frequencies and how those different frequencies work within different forms of intelligent life forms located within different locations. All frequencies within different worlds of realities work in conjunction with ALL THAT IS ONE, ONE WITH OUR DIVINE CREATOR WHO CREATED ALL THAT IS ONE be it from above or down below…

  3. Well, perceptions, opinions, etc we all have one based upon the level of our own consciousness, so how do we relate? I believe,,, choosing to do Good to help, seems to at least be a start, the rest seems to be intellectual musings, one act of kindness is worth a thousand discussions of Good verses evil if we live in the moment in choosing the service to others eventually we take another step and one one maybe our awareness opens enough to utter a word or two of wisdom, But until then I feel all this is a external discussion it is the experience that teaches, I believe as lo g as we sit on the couch and express "opinions" we are playing into the hands of those that wish us to stay neutral in action,, just my " opinion" lol

  4. This very well may be a very interesting book to read. I know from my own actual near death experience and all that I have come to experience about "Gods invisible worlds" that we all are constantly interacting with, rather our mind channels or open or closed, from what is being said here, is limited in consciousness expansion. From what I heard it tends to lean more towards promoting more fear instead of empowering other human beings.

  5. Have you posted your NDE anywhere? I read a book on this and the author shows several lines of evidence that we are eternal spirits in human bodies. Many NDE have an out of body experience and may see a bright white light. They all say it's completely real and not a dream nor hallucination. I would be very interested in hearing your own experience. Alot of posters are fearful the cabal will start ww3 or some other ELE to complete their depopulation NWO agenda. Knowing we are eternal can lessen that fear.

  6. My NDE was more then just seeing a white Light…I can assure you that my physical body was in a lot of pain physically and emotionally. What I have learned about the Invisible Worlds OF GOD has taken place over the course of my Life. Whatever anyone choose to do to me and if anyone chooses to try and play GOD an harm me in anyway, my physical death, will never be something that I will ever be afraid of.

  7. To be completely honest chances are if anyone tried to physically harm me in anyway I will leave my physical body and they may do with it whatever the like. My spirit will have transcended this physical material reality long before anyone even touches me in anyway if someone ever tries to harm me physically or mentally. I have already experienced all the hurt and pain that could ever again happen to me in this life time.

  8. 12:53 You are at it again with your memes. You are the poster afraid of what the cabal will do. Stop speaking for others because you are not! Most of all STOP TELLING LIES!

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