12 thoughts on “Fun Post: Incredible sand sculpture exhibition

  1. Hmmmmm I'm smelling a rat here like a few others have said You are anxious to spread your beliefs here Most people post comments once and leave it at that You keep going on about it and that looks like trying to manipulate from where I'm sitting When someone says something is bad going by what he's read or seen from others and not experienced directly for himself it looks to me like he's got deep rooted fears as in {I have known marriage is a bad deal for men since I was little} or you have been mind controlled (sorry for you if you have) or you are being told what to write because you are being paid I believe the latter because you seem to have gone to great lengths to get yourself noticed by repeating your post in the freedom box too 'Look at me look at me I've been told to get this new message out to the useless eaters so my masters can keep up the effort to 1)depopulate 2) soul control'You don't mention anything about children going forward and that is why I know you have an ulterior motive in saying what you do You say the same things 'John' does on canauzzie's blog He's got an agenda too ;>) http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2013/01/26/man-top-5-reasons-to-grow-up-and-get-married/ 😀 :DWe have freewill and freedom of choice and we don't need anyone whether individuals governments or any other organization telling us what to do or how to live In answer to your last question a homosexual man can resist a 'perfect' woman Ta-tah

  2. I reposted the above question that someone asked and now I shall answer:It's not a belief but a fact we will see virtual reality and robots that can give us a highly realistic experience. Robogirls will be extremely attractive(pun intended) to men. There will also be roboguys, of course. If you've seen movies, those robots look/act 100% human. The cabal have this technology and if the good guys can defeat the cabal, we can have a Jetsons reality. As for marriage being bad, I have been awake to how the cabal create unconstitutional laws that screw over people. Marriage happens to be another way for the cabal and their minion lawyers and feminists to profit. $30,000 weddings, $5000 diamonds, divorce, alimony, child support, etc. Men get taken to the cleaners. I look forward to seeing money become obsolete as it's the root of all evil. As for children, when artificial wombs are available, men can choose to be single fathers by "growing" a child in a test tube in a lab. We live in an infinite universe so you can have as many children as you can care for. I don't want any, at least not in this lifetime. Fox news is cabal propaganda as are all mainstream medias. Got nothing against homosexuals but the cabal have an agenda in promoting them as a form of population control and to divide the genders.

  3. 11:02 Huh? WTF has this got to do with this fun post? You looking for attention if so why? You want to go this route and looking for validation? Or a support group? Maybe hoping to start a cult where you can all save up to buy one of these robos and share it? You the new messiah?You don't want to marry then don't it ain't compulsory. You look like you bought into the lie that marriage and weddings have to be a certain way they can be just the cost of the license. Looks like you want your cake and your dollar too. Every relationship not just intimate ones takes work on both sides. You ain't prepared to do the work then don't go there.The repost doesn't contain a question.there aren't any Stepfordites so its still a theory of yours whoeversMovies?? Never watch any cos I'm not interested in the propaganda brain washing machine in Hollywood.LOVE of money is the root of all evil (allegedly) its a much misquoted Bible quote. Money is only worth the value we put on it. Its what is done with money that makes the outcome of its USE good or bad. If you can't see that the cabal's agenda also includes what you seem to be hoping for…..Thank fuck you don't want any children! That'll be a few less fucked up individuals for the rest of to deal with. =)That fox news link looks like humor to me – don't you understand humor in Stepford?General Post to all who may read thisAsk yourselves why this guy needs to repeat himself all over this blog?Sorry for being off topic.Thanks for posting this vid Enerchi, its awesome!

  4. To the above poster, take a red chill pill and inform yourself! You want to marry, relocate overseas to a male friendly country who's marriage laws are more traditional and men don't get screwed half as bad in divorce. But remember anywhere in the world you marry, you give your power to the cabal.Let me post some links:http://marriagestrikecentral.blogspot.com/This blog explains how feminism and marriage have ruined men. I have known marriage is a bad deal for men since I was little.http://www.avoiceformen.com/category/mens-rights/Great blog that talks about how oppressed men are. The cabal really do hate men and have made life hell for our gender.http://www.avoiceformen.com/sexual-politics/marriage/marriage-is-an-obsolete-technology-and-so-are-women/This specific article talks about how feminism and technology is making women obsolete. Also the first commenter said "Until such time as artificial wombs have been fully developed, refined, and used on a large scale, women will not be obsolete. Oh, and realistic, very human-like robots too." I have read those types of comments on many men's rights blogs. It's not just the few of us here who want robogirls, but millions of men are sick and tired of women and are looking for substitutes for love.http://www.singularity2050.com/2010/01/the-misandry-bubble.htmlThe futurist has many good points on how the cabal are turning women against men and believes things should improve for men by 2020. I sure hope the good guys win sooner than that so all humans, men and women can regain their freedom. Of course the damage is done, the gender wars has permanently divided men and women and when suppressed tech is released, most men will flock to robogirls. What man can resist a perfect women?


  6. Yo~ 12:42 You already posted all that elsewhere so that now qualifies you for troll status. You've had your points addressed extensively both on other articles and in the freedom box. You have added nothing extra to the discussion and have now become a nuisance by messing up the fun posts. If you are not a shill prove it by showing some respect for Enerchi's great blog. Thank you.

  7. Please read the articles from every link. Yes, the cabal do hate all of the 99%, but are using women to destroy men because men are a much bigger threat to the cabal than women are. Those women who screw over men in divorce, alimony, false accusations, etc shall be held responsible someday, at least in karma. I don't think a fix is going to happen for at least two more generations as the feminist brainwashing runs so deep, it's permanent for the rest of her life. Visit some of the men's rights forums and blogs and you will understand what has been going on. I don't hate women, but hate what have become of them. Best thing men have been doing is avoiding women and letting them fend for themselves. We form relationships with women in our dreams and will do the same in virtual reality and with robogirls in the future.Human women will be unable to "compete" with robogirls. Everything a man wants in a woman is available in a robogirl. She can be built to your ideal specs in beauty and programmed just the way you want with personality profiles. I have nothing to offer women and to be honest, a roboguy can offer women far more than most men can. You want money? Go and earn your own, we are going to spend our money on robogirls, not on you. Free ride's over!I am atheist and ignore all religions. Don't you find it curious that the cabal medias talk about misogyny alot but never about misandry? Men are on our own, we talk about this in the alternate news and blogs. Of course the cabal have no desire to stop misogyny, much less misandry. I am all for human rights and hope the good guys win so we can be free to live our own lives and enjoy our robots because it's obvious we can't get along with each other. Maybe in a couple generations, our grandchildren will be more "evolved" than us and be able to get along with opposite gender and other races.-MGTOW

  8. People don't read every thread so I have the freedom of speech on Enerchi's wonderful blog to repost it. How about you rebut my facts instead of resort to insults by calling me a troll or shill? You are using the same tactics the feminists use, they refuse to use logic but will resort to calling anyone a misogynist for disagreeing with a feminist. Makes me glad I gave up on women and am not even a social person. I want to live alone(but with robots) in a rural place and just enjoy my own life because I can see humans, especially different races and genders can't get along.-MGTOW

  9. MGTOW why don't you sign up for the one way trip to Mars and fuck off for good Spud?Get yourself a misogynist blog with a donate button to fund the trip just like all the other scammers!Buh Bye!

  10. 2:04 Correct! People don't read every thread because they want to get away from your spamming. Now you have picked up a troll or two of your own and I can't say I'm surprised.

  11. http://www.dilbert.com/strips/comic/2013-07-21/?Page=5Hilarious! I have saved this Dilbert comics which speaks the truth! The feminist in the comics is chanting the cabal brainwashing of how women need men like a fish needs a bike. He gets it and goes out and buys a robogirl who can simulate love. Note that the robot in the comics doesn't look human but when suppressed tech is released, modern robots will look/act human. Also hilarious that the feminists are getting upset that men are waking up big time to your deception! We are being called misogynists, trolls, shills, spammers, etc. Well we stopped caring and gave up on women and dream till the day we are with beautiful, loving robogirls. The cabal brainwashed you women decades ago, it's nothing new.-MGTOW

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