Orbs Eliminating Chemtrails [video]

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Well, we heard the Galactics are cleaning up the chemtrails and our earth, sky and water and here’s evidence of that.

There’s no telling how sick we’d be without their help while we oust the cabal.

Are these orbs the same technology that creates the crop circles?

Wait for it… it’s VERY clear at the end.


7 thoughts on “Orbs Eliminating Chemtrails [video]

  1. I have heard this before. I admit it's interesting but we still need those damn chemtrails to stop. Till then, the cabal remains in power and have been doubling up on their spraying. I see tons of chemtrails here and most of them don't vanish in minutes, but linger.

  2. I had seen that phenomenon as well, though in my case it had taken considerably longer to dissolve the chemtrails.I didn't have that many "orbs" either. ;-)Also it looks like, there are less new chemtrails here, than before that started. :-)It is a kind of signal of our friends, that we are not alone.Do not despair, help is on the way.They do what they can.Let us do what we can.

  3. This is both awesome AND just a little worrisome. Worrisome because they are all heading in only one direction. Also I get tuat they need a lot of "orbs" to clean them up, but why do they have so many here? I've come to believe that the orbs are interdimensional Light Beings. They are definitely of a much higher density than us.

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