GaiaPortal Update – July 18, 2013

Finalization of Gaia Portal Connections into Fully Operational 5-7D Planetary Grid is in Process at this Now Moment

18 Jul Energetic couplings and finalization of Gaia portal connections into fully operational 5-7D planetary grid are in process at this now moment.

gaia_energy1Such connections and couplings have been designed for New Paradigm multi-dimensional manifestations and will be experienced by multiple Light-aware and non-Light-aware beings, across planetary surface, as well as throughout Inner Gaia realms.

What some might term “mass awakenings” will occur in due time, yet for each individual human unit will manifest appropriately for their individual consciousness level.

The “Might of the Light” will be seen at individual and “mass” levels, and will not be deniable.

Individual and “mass” Higher D strengthening is experienced at this time, whether fully aware or not.
“Explosions of Light” are here… Now.

9 thoughts on “GaiaPortal Update – July 18, 2013

  1. I feel like someone should make this into a timeline so it's better to understand. I'm pretty sure like 5 things have been finalized already, then with a timeline we'll be able to understand it better!P.S.: If you paint ceramics you're a perv.

  2. Our time matrix consists of five groupings of 3 dimentional fields called densities. Planet Earth, not the original density one planet (Urtha), has an aspect in density three (dimensions 7-9) called Gaia.The term density and Gaia are often misused due to extreme manipulation of Earth’s planetary fields and history that has resulted in Earth quarentine and the human becoming trapped in biological form.This can be remedied as members of the human population awaken to the forbidden history of our planet and time matrix, especially application of the sacred spiritual science, once common knowledge on Earth. Significant feeds of this knowledge are available on planet now.

  3. oh for fucks sake – humans are fucked: ( determined to hasten their demise ) treating fellow humans in a fucked way – for fucks sake, 'snap-out-of-it' – & see Gods magnificence ALL around you & be grateful for your experience of this life on this beautiful blue marble … otherwise shut-the-fuck-up …

  4. giggle….@ 10:59 AM… You really need to go somewhere and sit down and shut up, take a deep breath inhale and exhale do this over and over again until you feel better!

  5. hehehe … its '10:59 AM' 'ere – I've calmed down now: ( fankz = those 'handy-hints' worked ) – but don't let the wisdom spliced through-out, be lost … the essence, still holds true … (◡‿◡✿)

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