Published on Jul 17, 2013
Yes, I agree that human life is challenging. That it’s sometimes very painful is an understatement. It’s very difficult, with everyone having a body, to recognize with our limited senses that we are interconnected in a unified web of life. We’ve literally spent millennia trying to remember; and along the way, we’ve developed many explanations for human suffering (not to mention non-human suffering). We invented religions to offer brief escapes from the pain we feel, along with many philosophies that explain away our human existence. Calling it an illusion is the big one. We’ve even gotten physicists in on the act, finally catching up with the mystics. What if, as I believe is true, Spirit’s greatest gift is embodiment. What if we’ve simply misunderstood?


  1. Hey cool, Vatican priests and other freaks areentitled to their beliefs in child rape.Far out.More of you and we'll REALLY be ascendedand culturally advanced.

  2. Believing is one thing: ACTING on it is another. Believing embodiment is Spirit's greatest gift is not the same thing as someone believing its ok to abuse another human being and you know it.

  3. I love this blokes core message =)Reminds me of a statement i recently made:"We've become so immersed in the five senses of our bodies, that we've forgotten how to interact with life beyond them. It is vital for us to remember ourselves beyond our bodies, but at the same time milk the five senses out for all they're worth!"

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