Rumor: New drug shrinks, cures all tumors

Rumor: New drug shrinks, cures all tumors

The treatment uses an antibody to tell the body’s immune system to attack cancer cells.

The drug is still being researched with human clinical trials set to begin
Researchers say they have created a drug that has killed every kind of cancer tumor it has come in contact with, according to Science Magazine.

The antibody treatment works by blocking a protein called CD47 which tricks the body into not destroying cancerous cells. After the protein is blocked, the body can then recognize the cancer cells as invaders and attack. The research has created buzz on the Huffington Post, Medical Daily and the New York Post.

While the research is seen as a step closer to discovering a treatment that can cure all cancers, the drug has only been tested on mice and will need to prove itself on humans before it can be available to patients. This may take a few years. The research team has been given the green light and recently received a four-year, $20 million grant to conduct human clinical trials.

Finding the Holy Grail
Research for this new drug started a decade ago when biologist Irving Weissman at Stanford University was studying leukemia cells. He found that that leukemia cells produce higher levels of the CD47 protein than healthy cells, Science Magazine reports. CD47 acts as a “don’t-eat-me” signal, instructing the body to not eat harmful cells, according to the research. Cancers take advantage of this signal to trick the immune system into ignoring them.

Weissman’s research showed that blocking CD47 can cure more than just blood cancers. The drug can also shrink or cure human breast, ovary, colon, bladder, brain, liver and prostate tumors that have been transplanted into mice, according to Science Magazine. The treatment forced the mice’s immune system to kill the cancer cells.

This means this single drug could cure a variety of cancers and prevent cancers from spreading in the body.

“Blocking this ‘don’t-eat-me’ signal inhibits the growth in mice of nearly every human cancer we tested, with minimal toxicity,” Weissman said according to the Huffington Post. “This shows conclusively that this protein, CD47, is a legitimate and promising target for human cancer therapy.”

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25 thoughts on “Rumor: New drug shrinks, cures all tumors

  1. Wouldn't it be nice if we could get away from producing more drugs to cure our physical bodies and instead us the methods of Divine Geometry as a permanent way of realigning our human physical bodies back to its original Divine DNA ?

  2. There is no money in cures, but there is big business in the treatment of diseases (and/or problems)…In such an environment real cures or solutions of problems are unwanted as well as the truth,that may present the solutions automatically…Money is still more important than doing the right things…How about taking a step towards real progress for human society – instead of lying about it and moving away from it?

  3. If the good guys win, all diseases and disabilities will be permanently cured and if ascension happens, we will be eternally perfect. If the good guys lose, we shed our imperfect bodies in the illusion of physical deaths and our souls go to heaven where all is perfect.

  4. Natural Juices. Prune Juice. Gynostima tea is excellent for flushing out colon. Omnium Universe has a wonderful experiential healing session for our colon. That one is one of my favorites to do on a regular bases. Stay away from sweets, white bread, white rice and ice cream. Drink a lot of water.Another good natural juice, that will instantly help you go potty, is 5 raw carrots, 1/2 raw beets , and one red juicy apple, blind in a juicer and wha-la you will release the pressure build up in your colon . Raw juice is also really good for your skin, hair, and nails!

  5. There are many different locations between here and the Local Universe which is Heaven where it all begins. From the way I understand is we will continue to experience the same vibrational frequency that we vibrate on while here on the earth plane. We must not forget their is also a couple of planets that are located beneath the earth plane. Where we vibrate is where we will continue to create our next existence within the same frequency that we hold onto while we are alive. Ascension is nothing new. Ascension is something wonderful that comes with Life in general. This time around we all have been blessed with a raw opportunity to ascend and shed our physical bodies and be in two different location at the same time keeping our physical bodies here on the earth plane. We are headed to a new paradigm that gives us to opportunity to choose where we what dimensional reality that we would like to experience without any restriction placed upon our sovereign rights as human beings… You should check out the Caroline Cory is the best of the best-est when it comes to Life understand Life and the understanding of our human physicality and how to properly ascend and become the Divine Beings that we truly are in human form. You will be pleased at all the information that she is so gifted to be able and provide for all of us here on the earth plane and beyond. And I do favor what she has to teach over all else that I have learned throughout my life time. What she has to share with us all, works wonders for me as I know it will for others as well.

  6. I really Love the fact that Caroline doesn't play mind games with other people and she really is a gifted Divine Being in physical form who has what it takes for us to Ascend into a much higher frequency within the earth plane and eliminate all of the false ideas about what Life is really about. Not only that she will help us by teaching us how to Live much longer and still look good while we are doing it, without the need for medication, and all the things that we depend on outside of who we are, Divine Beings in human form.

  7. Apple cider vinegar, raw, unfiltered will help cleanse your system. Add one or two tablespoon to one cup of clean water and drink. I prefer to add the vinegar to a small amount of water then follow with plain water. Adding extra virgin olive oil will also help.

  8. Can you show any hard, scientific proof of ascension? If ascension is the same as heaven, I could believe that. People with NDEs have reported they briefly visited heaven. If we are talking heaven coming to earth, this is contingent on 25-50% of humanity waking up before the cabal complete their NWO agenda. Not much time left for the good guys and the 99% to act.

  9. sage tea. Just think were we more healthier before we had all of the modern medicine, which can give us sever side effects along with trying to cure our mental and physical sickness? I think we were; due to the fact, we did (back then in the day) depend on the use of Divine Geometry as a natural cure. I never get my prescriptions filled. Yet I strongly believe that vitamins work very well with our human physical bodies immune system!

  10. I know a fellow, V, studied under a Master.This Master could throw V across the room without physically touching his body.The other half of V's training included stufffrom certain hills or areas of Asia, some other stuff — beyond wild.He cures Cancer easily as most peoplewipe their nose.He rid me of 10 pains, three of them *severe*in 1 1/4 days using super market junk only.He said that was the wimpy and slow quickand dirty version.He also balances auras — at least temporarily.I know he does stuff he won't reveal, at leastto me.Drug companies need to almost die — retaina few things maybe, like a drug to keep a heartgoing for a while — but I'm sure something naturalcould replace that too.Drug companie's mere side effects *far* worsethan the original problem is allowed by our traitor fake leaders.

  11. 1:46Many Earth sheep are **far** too cowardly and beyond stupid to act. They think a happy thoughtand consider they have done something significant. A small percent ARE acting, for instance a FlagOfficer Council in DC readjusting a few realitiesand planning briefings (already recorded).Some think Ascension will help them avoid DOINGanything. They are going to be subject to a wake-upcall from hell. The future will suffer no idiot fools.Definition – "Heaven":The desirable opposite to the hell currently foundon Earth's surface among its deluders.

  12. 4:06 PMIt is neither polite nor helpful to forcefully spill something down another's throat,in a way that casts doubts if he can even breathe in the process.- Even if it was just water – that could be otherwise helpful to the other.Your's even smells bad.Yes the conditions you live in (aka your environment) contribute a lot to good or bad health.Your "lifestyle", including but not limited to nutrition, will strongly influence the environment for your body.

  13. Doing the right thing must become more important, than collecting artificial tokens of value (aka money).It must be made feasible to anyone to do the right thing.Then everything can fall into the right place…If you loose your job, your home, … for doing the right thing – may include but is not limited to refusing to obey harmful orders …the conditions are still wrong – those need to be corrected."Need before greed" – but do not misuse it to mean the opposite!And do not misuse it as a disguise/excuse to do harm!

  14. Yet "happy thoughts" can be helpful…Actions are thoughts.If you move your hand – is that not a kind of thought also?Yes, you can think it in such a way, that your hand is not actually moved – or you could be paralyzed.But still there is the thought, that belongs to/is used to create every conscious action.A punch can be limited in it's strength by conscious decision. It may also be limited by the energy available for it. Someone starved, sick and frail, or say – a little girl, may have more difficulty to perform a decent punch, than a strong fighter – yet strange exceptions to our expectations can also occur…

  15. Lighten UP4:00 was messing with me a bit.And I messed back.He's good PRE-coffee.Suggesting that someone "avoid themself"is a GREAT idea for a Twilight Zone episode.Could lead to ALL KINDS of strange and mystical things.Actually I'm gonna suggest that 4:00test out 1/2 of Shakespear's thing:"…not to BE," and report back how it went. I'll hang on….Although he might first try out the *enhanced*version of a suggestion below:>>> 4 gallons of prune juice. <<<I'll wait at a distance thank you.

  16. 8:08 – 8:58 If you do not like to see other opinions and are not satisfied with you shill pay,your only option is to get another job. πŸ™‚ And do not come back here. :-)We do not really need people here, that do not contribute anything to the discussion but attack other opinions. πŸ˜›

  17. You can read those comments all over the net in various blogs. If the good guys are reading those comments, they realize that things aren't looking good and will need to step up efforts, even if it causes short term disruption. Dates always come and go and the only proof we have of things that are happening is because of the cabal. I very much want the good guys to win, but I am skeptical. Doesn't matter really as we are all eternal spirits and death is just an illusion. Well, the experience will be difficult if the light loses. We don't know what's in our soul contracts, maybe it's to experience genocide in order to clear our karmic debts then we return to heaven free of karma.

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