Sheldan Nidle Update – July16, 2013

13 Manik, 15 Kumku, 9 Eb

Selamat Jarin! We arrive with more to tell you! Your world has begun to manifest its new reality! Those who for so long have been putting together the myriad pieces of the new governance and the new monetary system are at last beginning to unveil their illustrious progeny. These new conventions, which reflect a new ethos, will bring you peace, prosperity, and an end to the globally embraced philosophy that put wealth in the hands of a chosen few. In this new society everyone will possess prosperity and thus the old divisive beliefs about money can be put to rest. Wealth will lose both its power and prestige, and be returned to its original use as an instrument with which to achieve a given purpose. Similarly, power can return to its true source as the sovereignty conferred by Heaven on every individual. Under these new principles humanity can flourish, and graduate into its sacred responsibilities as it journeys toward full consciousness. This is the promise made to you long ago by Heaven and we fully intend to assist each of you to achieve your destiny!
   The coming changes are mere prerequisites of the environment which is presently being put together by Heaven. Each of you has experienced being forced to compromise your dreams and settle for far less than you wished, and this could aptly describe ‘life on Earth’ everywhere. Only a very few, who are members of a special Illuminati ‘family,’ can hope to realize their dreams or possess the means and opportunities to manifest great wealth. It is this interwoven control-group called the Illuminati which has been so difficult to remove. Our mission is to assist Heaven’s organizations to defeat those who until now knew no challengers to their supremacy. By virtue of our technology and dedication, we have prevented these dark ones from launching wave upon wave of preplanned global turmoil of various kinds. With these goals reduced to rubble, each of them now realizes what is forming around them. Thousands of them have been arrested; the core of their underground bases rendered inoperable; their esoteric technologies neutralized, and their threats of destruction stopped from happening. Their time has truly come and gone, and a new epoch is sweeping across your globe!

   Your new governance has a foundation: it is called NESARA. It is a template as well as a guiding principle for your new societies. Since the end of WWII, a pestilence has stalked government in the form of corruption and an overbearing sense of entitlement to power. This pandemic was greatly boosted with the advent of organized crime and its multitudes of immoral partners. Governments which possessed some degree of integrity became warped and won over by the vast sums of money provided for them. Organized crime associated itself with large corporations, forming a corruption network that extended into every small community and which ensured that government became the handmaiden of special interests and endless illicit activities. This travesty of governance began in the 1950s to spread around the world and is today overtly disdainful of the public it is supposed to serve. Any well-meaning politicians are quickly subsumed into the all-pervasive culture of hypocrisy and self-interest, with little possibility of having any beneficial effect on what has become a global juggernaut of power.
   Heaven saw clearly that your world was being prepared for a global coup that was to establish a worldwide dictatorship and permanently put in power those criminals and special-interests networks which make up the dark’s Illuminati. In the mid-to-late 1990s, this diverse group was all set to carry out its coup when disaster struck. Suddenly, the dark off-world empires that were backing the Illuminati did an unexpected about-face, abandoning their on-planet minions and making a deal with the Galactic Federation. The minions were at a loss and fell into disarray, and their grand coup was put off for at least another decade. The abandoned Earth minions formed into several groups and proceeded to fight each other for the privilege of world domination. This resulted in several major wars to establish global hegemony, and finally, a stalemate with us around ten years ago. This has been the dark’s stance for the last decade. Now this global standoff has worn away; our allies and we are in the forefront, and this is why your victory is at hand.
   Blessings, dear Ones! We are your Ascended Masters! Your world is shifting to the Light, and it is clear to see that the dark’s reality is everywhere on the verge of collapse. As the Light now streaming down from Heaven increases, the power of the dark wanes and we are watching this harsh and bitter realm disappear. Those appointed by the Light to change your world are busy bringing your new reality into being. Agreements and new conventions are approved and the courts are beginning to issue indictments against those who persist in serving the dark. We pray for these men and women. We forgive their transgressions and ask for sacred and true justice to be served on them. As these things manifest, be in joy as well as gratitude! The sacredness of divine grace has come forth indeed! As these dark ones fade, something new and glorious prepares to replace them, spreading an air of hopeful expectancy over the first signs of humanity’s new dawn.
   The new hard-currency financial system is backed by assets long held in safekeeping by the Light. This stash of gold, silver, and sacred jewels is to be used to bring an unending abundance to all on your planet. However, consciousness reaches a point where wealth is not measured in gold but in wisdom and knowledge, and these are matters which we will talk about together. At certain times in your history, one or another of us has come forth and given out a great cache of sacred wisdom, which was then recast and twisted by the dark for its own ends. Our upcoming mission is to impart these divine truths anew and explain how they were adulterated by the dark. In this new Light, the wisdom of Heaven will shine again brightly, and these life codes will serve you as a guide, bringing fairness and joy back into your lives. Yet these lessons are only the beginning of what we are to accomplish together.
   On your world, many are using their good offices daily to carry out the great shift we are telling you about. These groups and sacred families are doing this as part of their mission to help us bring this new epoch for humanity into being. Right now, there is a flurry of activity preparatory to delivering a great wealth to you all. This wealth is to be used to produce new and suppressed technologies, resulting in a great unveiling which will reveal all the wondrous advances that humanity has made over the years but which have been stolen or sequestered. Releasing these discoveries is only a by-product of what your prosperity will bring: we as a people possess abilities that the dark lords of this realm greatly feared and did everything to suppress. This suppression will now end, and truth, great learning, freedom, and sovereignty will be your prosperity’s primary yield. Above all, this time will bring us family, and joy of a kind that we have not known before!
   Today, we reviewed what is happening around your globe. These events will lead to others, which will ultimately provide you with first contact and your path to full consciousness. You have never been alone! We all live in a universe filled with family and a great joy called Life?the sacred gift of Creation! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

27 thoughts on “Sheldan Nidle Update – July16, 2013

  1. Heck, I got here too early. This has become one of the funniest parts of my week. I love the posts about Sheldan. Thanks Enerchi, I even get to learn a little galactic language like "Dratzo" and "Salamat Jarin", whatever the fuck that means. I really like "Dratzo" the best. It sounds so forceful and commanding, I just feel so safe when I hear it. And knowing I have "Ascended Masters" watching over me gives me such a sense of security. I just try to overlook the idea that they have been saying the same thing for many, many, many, many years. I know it's only for my own good so that I don't get overwhelmed with all the deep thought stuff. Just commenting about it makes my head hurt a little. Oooohhhh Sheldan, you are one kooky bird but I won't tell anyone, your secret is safe with me. I wouldn't want any drugs to be prescribed for you – you might lose your edge. Sorry, being a little selfish, I just need the comedy.LoveJeff

  2. The 'repeating' also goes for the negative comments.. Sheldan's claims of course require great proof..Until then i still enjoy reading nice fluffy messages regardless of proof. Worst case it is nice fiction..

  3. I wonder If a sci fi tv show with rainbows and carebears would sell? Rendezvous with Rama is the only fiction that comes anything close to Gfol messages that I can think of.

  4. Sheldon Nidle- 20 years going strong, 20 years of always wrong. I wish I could get a job like that, where I could be completely wrong all the time and still get paid. Must be nice.


  6. The most fascinating aspect about this blog is LIGHT WORKERS HAD TO DEFEAT THE DARK FORCES WHICH WAS SO UNNECESSARY BUT WE DID HAVE SOME IN THE SUN! Its to bad that we all can't just get alone and make a economic system work for all the people…not just for a selective few! … that's not fair if it doesn't work for all people, dark side be nice! You guys have been dealing with a bunch of people who really don't know how to hate anyone but we do know how to defeat those who do play haters! We do LOVE you guys regardless of how you feel about others!

  7. This is very real and fortunately for us…we have such energies here and now no matter how long it takes…especially for all of us asleep in the 3D Illusion where it seems like"Time" goes by…time the enslaver and trickster of the senses in the eternal now of no time. One day in my life I did wake up into NO TIME…where infinite love was the Reality with a capital R and I understood and am Thankful for all the ETs and Channelers that I have encountered over the last forty years as I now see the magnitude of what is here and what is coming and when each one of us wakes up into the state of Grace energy – Full Consciousness – we will absolutely know then what all of the ascended masters, ETs, are talking about and I can assure you that you will cry in tears f joy that were created to have the gift of life in this infinite divine Plan…Full Consciousness ascension is real and so is the state of Full Consciousness and I thank all that Sheldon Nidel is doing and all that many great channels are doing and all the flack that they have to endure. The second wave is upon us and there is no turning back…the reign of the kings of darkness os finally over…there is a divine plan of divine intervention already set in motion and has been for eons…The Galactic Federation of Light…I thank you greatly for your being here and doing everything that you are saying in this post and much more….absolutely magnificent !! To all new comers…do not be put off by all those who with all good intentions need to discern and doubt…or the nay sayers and even the paid disinfo agents and / or whoever does not yet see through the Veil of the Illusion and the deep forgetfulness of who we all truly are and are about to find out…AwakeInMyFlyingDream /Ianim8

  8. Pity you can't even get the spelling of your hero's name right then if he means so much to you. GFoL are false light deceivers but maybe it was in your soul contract for you to be a sucker this time round. If so, better luck next time.

  9. All the trolls here are so pathetic. Sheldon and the Ascended Masters are only trying to help. It is up to you to accept their divine teachings. I have faithfully followed Sheldon and the Ascended Masters for many years, I earned my ascension, you idiots however will be left behind. I will be laughing at all you from the higher dimensions when the time comes to ascend which Sheldon says will be soon.

  10. Sheldon has been saying 'soon' for years but you'd know that if you've been following him for a long time. And tbh, if you as you say have 'earned' your ascension and will be leaving us 'idiots' behind and 'laughing at us from the higher dimensions', I would rather not be in the same place with someone who mocks and judges others.

  11. When I say DIVINE Creator think of energy the energy that sustains our human physical bodies and without this energy we and nothing else in this entire form of creation can not exist. (Period)

  12. He sounds like a shill promoting the cabal disinfo channels. While the universe, time and our souls may be infinite, we still live in linear time and the cabal is moving fast with their NWO agenda and there's no real proof the good guys are in control.

  13. Reading near death experience reports, some say they briefly visited heaven and described it's unspeakable beauty. Maybe this is what ascension really is. If the good guys win, heaven(ascension) will come to earth and if the cabal wins, we will "die" and ascend to heaven. So yea no one gets left behind. My only worry is the difficult experience leading up to all our deaths should the good guys lose and that's a real possibility. We have seen too much proof that the cabal is moving fast with their NWO agendas while the good guys are unable to show proof.

  14. No they are not false light deceivers…and it is pointless to try and change anyone's mind…so may the force be with you in whatever you believe, as for myself maybe I spell the name wrong but in one article here, the author uses a photo of Sheldan Nidel as a used car salesman to prove his point and this is not a photo of him. This is how skewed all these perceptions become…if I am a sucker..I'm not worried…I don't need to even judge what a soul contract is yet or a light chamber or any of the rest…the fact is…Divine Love, Infinite Intelligence, Full Consciousness exists as a very real state an none of us…not I…not you, are currently there…not awake yet…and in that sense the dark cabal is a powerless illusion in light of tea;power of love…and when that time comes I assure you that you will not be so fearful or suspicious…it is guaranteed that we are all forever within the state of grace source energy…it just depends on how many more eons you want to go on banging it out trying to detach from the source energy …it takes about fifteen minutes to fully awaken to your God Source energy – timelessness and unconditional love forever…the state that The GFOL , Seth , Ramtha, Jesus, Buddha, American Indian Shamans, Saul, Abraham and many many more through out time have already awakened too and are here to assist and much more dynamic ways than many will admit……I am so glad to be in the harmony with them all and on my way to awaken and I look forward every week to their updates and thank them all a million times for the magnificent work they are all doing to assist us to empower ourselves, as well as, stop certain global negative actions taken by the cabal, for the sake of all Life on Earth and the real Plan for this galaxy and this Earth…it is obvious what that is in the state f awakened love…the only reality and power that is real…The 2012 timeline was the crossover point…the Shift is happening and at a rapid pace now.. to help break down the dark cabal which, ultimately is also of the very same source energy but will not awaken anytime too soon….I agree it is a dark and sickening to the soul to even contemplate their intentions…but they are not power…it is disempowered from the state of FullConsciousness which is the source of all That's their free will choice…too bad for their choices and disconnection from source they don;t see or believe in…but someday will but in the meantime…they will be collapse and the kings of darkness will go the way of dinosaur into the dustbins of history…you have no idea the power and magnitude of the state of grace Full Consciousness energy…the will of God has another plan…it's not the dark cabal plan…it was all understood what would happen in this time 26,000 years ago…all American Indian prophecies foretold it…they also confirm their association with ETs…it's a beautiful world we live in…what a magnificent creation we are all blessed to have a part in!!! I'm not a troll, I'm not a paid disinfo agent…just a guy who totally woke up one day in my life and as a result, have a very definite reference point…and in that light I say God Bless the GFOL and Sheldan Nidel and the channels and can only say that I am sure tis message will be followed with much berating and bashing of everything I say but just remember…if you have to tear somebody down with such anger and viscousness…for what reason ultimately ? If all the ET and ED stuff bothers you so much and all they are saying…then just go somewhere else where you find what you like that's all…when we judge we are actually judging an disconnecting ourselves from Source energy that's all that happens in that action…

  15. "I will be laughing at all you from the higher dimensions when the time comes to ascend which Sheldon says will be soon."Wow. It is exactly this type of attitude that is the reason why spiritual-egotists like yourself will NOT be "ascending" anywhere. You have been sold a false luciferian dogma thinly veiled in ego-appealing "love and light" rhetoric. I hope you wake up before it is too late.

  16. If it's going to take the good guys this long to force the media to disclose the truth, the cabal will be able to complete their NWO agendas because too many sheeple are still asleep.

  17. anon 2:33, can you show us proof? The only proof we have is the cabal's NWO agenda is nearly complete and that the good guys are nowhere to be seen. We also have proof from reading NDEs that death is an illusion and we are eternal spirits. Most ancient societies did believe we are spirits on a human journey. As for 12/21/12 this is probably a cabal hoax because if it was for real, the good guys just missed a historical opportunity to disclose to the world what had been going on. We don't know what god's plan is for us nor what's in our soul contracts. I just know I am sick and tired of this world and hope the stalemate ends and the light wins, but if the light loses, we die and move on to heaven anyway.

  18. I have been reading a wonderful book lately titled "Creator Teaches" by Michelle Phillips. It is a companion to her first book "Creator Speaks". Today I read that our Ascension is guaranteed. We cannot all ascend together as this would cause such an explosion that we would not survive it. I found that very interesting and I am sitting with the idea and I have found that I like it. We will all ascend but in order for it to work, we all get to "wake up" at our appointed time. So it's all good and I love everyone and bless everyone. I hope that we will all be more tolerant of others beliefs and trust that there is a Plan that is working out for the greatest good for everyone.We truly are all individual aspects of our Creator. As such, we are all One. The more love, patience and understanding we can show each other helps to further our cause. We are all in this together and every day we are getting closer to our own individual awakening where we will love everyone, no matter who they are, unconditionally. Unconditional love is true love. We bring Heaven down to Earth by becoming the most loving we can be. Those of us here who have been taught that the love and light movement is of a sinister nature have been told a great lie. Love is our nature. Love is who we have always been and will always be. As we tune in to our Higher Selves and bask in that great Love, we remember who we are. Our Ascension is all about remembering. When we remember who we are, it's Game Over. We will never need to experience such darkness and hopelessness again. Trust the process and know that everything is working out for your best good. There truly is nothing to fear but fear itself.

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