Benjamin Fulford Update – July 17, 2013

Chaos and panic spreading amongst cabalists, more heads to roll soon

The cabal that illegally and surreptitiously seized power in the West knows it has lost the war for planetary control. The result is spreading chaos and panic amongst the cabal elite. The signs of this are everywhere now both in the public realm and in the still secret world of military, spy and gangster agencies.

On the public side, the head of Homeland Security and 15 top Sabbatean agents within that department were fired last week, joining the 26 generals, CIA head David Petraeus, Senate Intelligence Committee Chief J. Rockefeller, Pope Maledict, Queen Beatrix of Holland, Prime Minister Julia Gillard of Australia, King Albert II of Belgium and many others in a purge of cabalist operators. Only Eric Holder now stands, and probably not for long, between President Obama and the legal moves to remove him from office.

On the yet to be made public side of things, Italian P2 freemason lodge members say former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi of Italy is planning to seek political refugee status, maybe in Russia. In Japan, public security police sources say that cancer-stricken Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has only a few months left to live and that a replacement has already been chosen from within the current ruling clique.

There are also ongoing secret negotiations between representatives of the Gnostic Illuminati, the heads of the world’s martial arts societies, the White Dragon Society, the government of Russia, the dragon family and the Green and Blue among others. According to several key negotiators
there is a broad agreement on the need to replace the current ruling structure of the planet with something more benevolent. There is disagreement however between hardliners, mostly in the Western military intelligence apparatus, who want to completely eliminate the 13 Sabbatean bloodlines and the moderates, including the White Dragon Society and various Asian groups, who favour a truth and reconciliation committee, a jubilee and a general amnesty.

In any case, discussions about what comes next are still taking a back seat to the ongoing efforts to remove the cabal from power in the G7 countries.

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26 thoughts on “Benjamin Fulford Update – July 17, 2013

  1. Ducksoup's hero Keenan does not take you seriously and says your intel is weak and mostly disinfo. Also Ken does not believe the light won and explains why, with the cabal's power growing and all that. We need hard proof such as the good guys taking back the media and briefing the public with disclosure.

  2. PROOF! i've been saying; the first day snowden came out with the nsa stuffs that he should have release everything then!!!. people will say; he need protection, i say bs!, if you are going to do something do it all the way or shut up.

  3. I feel bad for ducksoup, if he is a shill, he must be broke and shilling for a little duck food. If he's doing this on his own, he has so much pent up hate. A little "love and light" would do him alot of good. I think the duck could learn as we have.

  4. All the "Show Me The Money Crowd, and the Beraters of the GFOL and channelers are going to be eating crow soup. Long Live the Black Eagle Wee Explorer Esoteric Adventurers' Marching Band ! The first wave…now the second wave is upon us and there is no going back from here…Victory to the Light ! Awake In My Flying Dream – Ianim8

  5. It sounds very misleading to call those who don't want a simple truth and reconcilliation committee committee and general amnesty — "hardliners." Perhaps, it is better to figure out who within the "bloodlines' are actually murderers and national and international threats and handle them appropriately as the more informed armed officers closer to the problems will understand. Who knows what it means to be a moderate either? List each consideration and then speak to what would be the appropriate way to address the concern; all or nothing absolutes are actually tools or weapons — to confuse or get nothing done, or get entire groups of people slandered — and has been too often employed by the main stream media.The most important thing is to get dangerous people out of positions of doing public harm; that is OBVIOUSLY THE MOST IMPORTANT FIRST CONCERN. Where you have entire families involved, perhaps the SAFEST thing to do is detain those who are questionable along with those who are clear offenders, in the interest of national and international security.Almost every person is in some confusion about what to do about certain issues; this is why labeling people as "hardliners, moderates, right wingers or wing nuts or whatever. . .aint gonna get anyone to the nuts and bolts of removing nuts from wherever they are sprinkled on the top of almost every important thing everywhere!!If you want to stymie everything — and be seen as a highly paid media schil, then just broadly label and slander everyone who is actually looking to get something important accomplished in the interest of national and international security. WE HAVE TO STOP SOUNDING LIKE THE MAIN STREAM MEDIA AND WHOEVER TELLS THE TELEPROMPTER READERS WHAT TO SAY — IF WE ARE TO –HONESTLY — HONOR EVERYONE'S DIFFERENT UNDERSTANDINGS AND PERHAPS, NOT FULLY EXPRESSED POINTS OF VIEW FROM THEIR OWN PARTICULAR EXPERIENCE.HAVE AN OPEN, FULLY DESCRIPTIVE DISCUSSION, SO THAT PEOPLE CAN REALLY SOLVE PROBLEMS WHICH MAIN STREAM MEDIA BROADBASED SLANDER HAS BLOCKED!!!! THANK YOU!!!NO OFFENSE HERE — BUT AM BEING EMPHATIC BECAUSE WE HAVE TO UNDERSTAND WHY PROBLEMS WERE NOT SOLVED IN THE PAST — IN ORDER TO NOT DO WHAT THOSE WHO WERE BLOCKING RESOLUTIONS WERE DOING!!NEVER AGAIN WANT TO HEAR TERMS LIKE: "AMERICANS WANT". . . "THE MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX DID" .. "THE GOVERNMENT WANTS". . .THERE ARE SANE PEOPLE WITHIN EACH GROUP AND PROBABLY SOME INSANE OPERATIVES — AND, AS WITH ALMOST EVERY GROUP, IF YOU'VE BEEN TO ENOUGH OF THEM. . . IT TAKES PERSISTENT COMMUNICATION TO FIND OUT WHAT PEOPLE DO UNDERSTAND VERSUS WHAT THEY DON'T. . .

  6. Going further from this understanding: This is why you don't even need TWO or more parties vying with eachother: you simply need people who PROVE that they are sane; they are nonviolent and they are interested in the real needs and interests of all concerned, AS: You CANNOT DIVIDE WHAT IS — HONESTLY — good for individuals, versus what is –HONESTLY– good for corporations; they ALL NEED MONEY, ASSISTANCE AND LIFELINES RATHER THAN DEADLINES. . . HONEST CORPORATIONS ARE ALL ABOUT MEETING THE COMMUNITY AND THE NATION'S AND INTERNATIONAL ARENA'S NEEDS; NOT JUST SOME OF THE OFF-BALANCE, OFF THE BALANCE SHEET COOK THE BOOKS INVESTORS AND SHAREHOLDERS AND CEOS HOPING TO JUMP SHIP WITH A WHOPPING GOLDEN PARACHUTE ON EVERYONE ELSE'S DIME!!!WHO NEEDS A DONKEY OR AN ELEPHANT — NEITHER IS A MASCOT WORTH HAVING AND THE WHOLE NOTION IS RATHER JUVENILE, ESPECIALLY FOR THOSE OF US PAST 30. . . JUST GET UP AND SAY, "HEY, I'M A SANE PERSON". .. AND THEN SHOW THEM WHY. . . Like you understand that, if no one was ever given enough money to pay back any debt at all to begin with –which just a few people — who never had the money to give back, are insisting THEY are owed and that, because of that — they now own everything and everyone. . . WE'VE ALL BEEN SCAMMED!!!! THE BUDGET CANNOT BE PROVEN TO BE BALANCED NATIONALLY OR WORLDWIDE — BECAUSE NOTHING ADDS UP — NOT EVEN THE ORIGINAL PREMISE!!!!START A NEW SYSTEM OF DEBTLESS CREDIT WITH SANE PEOPLE RUNNING IT, USING EXISTING BANK ACCOUNTS, ADDING IN AGREED UPON BASIC NEED SUMS FOR SINGLES AND FAMILIES MONTHLLY. . . AND LET EVERYONEHAVETHE MONEY IT TAKESTO PREVENT CRIMEAND NOT BEHIREDBY ITTO PERPETUATE IT!!!!They are not hardliners if they wish to seize what lawfully belongs to the public already, as the public was scammed and it is combined public and armed forces public — public property, as is a scamming war crimes media of broad based national security threatening slander. . . which is fed — even to our government officials!!!By many of the main stream media reports, neither the general citizenry nor the armed forces citizenry will be paid if things just continue on as they are. . . it will take the armed forces citizenry to seize the unlawful banks and media in order to set up a new system — using what we've already got. . . and no — as long as you don't have J. or any other Rockefeller around wanting to chip and cheat you, a money less system of plastic credit IS fine. . . Values need to be set by the people for all the people: getting rid of the limited commodity system with every good's value crazily tied to anothers, enables price fixing to work LIKE A MIRACLE!!!! — INSTEAD OF HAVING FIXED PRICE RANGE CATEGORIES CREATED WHICH KEEP ALL PRICES STABLE — AND ENTIRE ECONOMIES FROM FALLING AND BEING MANIPULATED BY CRIMINALS. . .We have people starving by the millions owing to the old system run by people who did not want to help others blocking everything. . . you can get them out, in many cases without violence but with lawful armed officers. . .Officers have to reach out to eachother, so that the paramilitary groups illegally created to oppose them — are brought over to their lawful side; dis info was used, and the criminal richhave always bought mercenaries. . . who have not known better and that their own lives deteriorate by serving those people WHO SERVE NO ONE.Armed officers need to reach out from the lower and mid ranks and end the divide and conquer strategy all around them — and know, and figure out how to stop — unknowingly, dangerously, serving the criminally rich!!

  7. Further — just forgiving everyone is naieve; you may forgive a person for lying so often that they degenerated into absolute slaves to insanity without any free will anymore. . .But you sure as hell, don't leave them out and aboutas if they were suddenlylike your lovely convenient dreamtrustworthy. . .Rehab may take years, or may not come at all with some; forgive, but FIRST protect. . .

  8. Everyone has to get off of main stream mediaall or nothing labels and accusationsand there will have to be lots of patiencebecause some people who think they are being spiritualwho have none of an armed officers experience withthe problems of the realities of insanity and the abusethat comes with it. . .Spiritual people are better employing better learning and listening skillsrather than assuming they know everything and that they are superior to the main stream media's mean and nasty 'MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX. . . Givingeveryone a complex that keeps citizens of every kind — from speaking to andgaining understanding from one another.The mistakes of the main stream media make everything complex, all right. . .But the military is comprised of many well intended people looking to protectand defend their country and keep the international community safe — even withoutthe corrupt overlord creators of the UN's directives, thank God. They are mainlycompartmentalized, often disinfo'd or misinformed or kept from full knowledge — and the main stream media is so largely responsible for it.Think about it; even if your own nation's leader came in and decided to do everything againstyou to ruin your country — by himself, where would he have gotten his false ideas that you were deserving of such punishment?? LARGELY FROM MAIN STREAM MEDIA — RUN BY THOSE WHO ATTEMPT TO RUN THOSE WHO RUN THE UNIVERSITIES. . .ACCURACEY IS SPIRITUALITY AT IT'S BESTACCURACEY WILL SET YOU FREEBECAUSETRUTH IS CONCERNED WITH THE ACCURACEY THAT BRINGS THE HONORING OF EQUALITYWHICH IS THE BASIS OF ALL LAW. . .TRUTH WILL SET US ALL FREE — THE ALWAYS WELL INTENDED, PLUS THOSE WITH A CHIP ON THEIRSHOULDER WHO THINK THEY NEED TO KNOCK EVERYONE INTO PLACE — RATHER THAN HAVE A LEARNINGCONVERSATIONABOUT THE NATURE OF REALITY. . .WHICH WOULD PREVENT ALL WARS.

  9. Compartmentalization, lack of and dis information,not understanding that sanity has to leadand it is always non violent and respects equality and equityNot understanding that a sane man, who strikes back to defend himselfwhere imminent danger really is present — is protective, not violentand Not understanding that violent people strike for any reason and are not mature enough to consider equality — and must be kept from leadingALWAYS!!NOT understanding those thingshas produced the quagmire we have to sort out. . .It has widely been reported that they call master manipulator's like Rockefeller the spider, because of all the confusion and threads of destruction he weaves. . .Understanding that crafty men practice the craft and attempt to abuse people with false stories of aliens flying in craft. . .are simply crafty men — and not intelligent men; Understanding that intelligence is about being able to have a conversation, cooperate and build that which honestly benefits all of humanityis what we are up against in resolving the problem–as well as getting it that we have to create an entirely differenttype of national credit system so we don't crash. . .You undo a spider's crafty web and all the confusion woven, by beingaccurate and never getting everyone in trouble by labeling everyoneas guilty.Sorting out the insane initiators of "compromising everyone" from thosecompromised — is also very important. . .Initiator or entrapped?Sane or insane?? (Which means lawful and equitable, or violent and exploitative. ..)These are the questions. . .

  10. I've heard ppl on the extreme end of being a psycho can pass lie detectors. Could still get most of the truth from lower level liars tho. I wouldn't be comfortable in forcing drugs on ppl 2 get the truth.

  11. Yeah! … and you too will be surprise at what winners we really are DIVINE humans in a actually physical form some of us have been here with you all along! I would call anyone a losers unless I wanted to feel like one. So be that and enjoy you happy day.

  12. There really is no need for us to go down to their level. This just goes to show the lack of TRUTH spiritual knowledge is void inside these beings who have nothing better to offer anyone but their insidious insults.

  13. Brandon COOK… Sounds like you are the one doing the weiner whiner dance! And this comment is coming from a woman… Man up!… show us some of your intelligence and not so much of your stupidity!

  14. "There is a force of three thousand ninja assassins. Now these ninjas are a two thousand year old cult – a school of martial arts. One of their specialties is sneaking into fortified compounds and murdering important people. The thing about these ninjas is they are white people – they are not Asians – and they are working for the US Special Forces. They were trained by the Japanese. They understand the true state of power in the US, and they are willing to act when the time comes. So I hope you're listening out there, Mr. Cheney and Mr. Rockefeller. We have someone close to each of you. You can be turned into dead meat in a matter of hours. I am not bluffing. "- Fulford on Jeff Rense, 7/11/2007

  15. anon 10:57 I am with you Brandon Cook is a sniveling bed wetter who needs a girlfriend or something other than spending all his personal time attacking people he does not know.

  16. A.E.S. Of course the problem with all this is that the slower the progress the more people will just shake their heads. Who can honestly believe any of this if the NWO is still chemspraying the sky and the IRS still exists all the Big Criminals still exist etc… it is just ridiculous ! No wonder some folks are convinced that this is all BS. When all will be international open announcement ONLY then will we know if this is true ! Enough said.

  17. Like Ken said, it's possible the light may lose. Any loss is an illusion as much as death is for we are eternal spirits. It is possible everything is BS, if so, the cabal will complete their NWO agenda and most of us will experience physical death and end up in heaven.

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