David Wilcock Update – July 14, 2013

Financial Tyranny Collapsing at Free-Fall Speed

Financial tyranny is now crumbling apart so fast we can barely keep up with all the new information. Thousands of years ago, the “what”, “when” and “why” of everything we are seeing now was predicted — by ancient cultures spanning the globe.

In a three-hour Russian TV special, one-hour radio show, and a bold new article, David Wilcock explores the fulfillment of this long-prophesied shift in human consciousness!
[Some additional updates may appear on or around Monday, including more graphics and “pullquotes” to spruce things up a bit — but the text is here now.]

For those who were following the story, the Mayan Calendar seemed to be a huge disappointment. At first.

Nothing appeared to have happened on the all-important date of December 21, 2012 — even though grandiose-sounding prophecies concerning this window of time appear in over 30 different ancient cultures.

I review some of the key points of this story in the free OM Times article and one-hour radio show linked in this piece.

The biggest thing that happened to me in December 2012 was that I was filmed twice — by a top Russian TV network.

These interviews were soon featured in six hours of prime-time documentary footage on REN-TV, which was all built out of my epic ebook, Financial Tyranny.

These documentaries aired on January 16th and January 30th, 2013 — and electrified the Russian public. The truth was right there — on prime-time broadcast television.

Now, you can watch the three-hour series’ conclusion — with complete English subtitles — and help blow the lid off of the greatest cover-up in human history.

Continue Reading at …… http://divinecosmos.com/start-here/davids-blog/1137-financial-tyranny-free-fall

41 thoughts on “David Wilcock Update – July 14, 2013

  1. I now consider 12/21/12 to be a cabal hoax. It's also possible the Mayans and other prophecies are a cabal hoax. I am disillusioned because we keep being told "soon" yet nothing good happens. We don't seem to be much closer to freedom than a decade ago. I now seriously think there's a real possibility that the light and good guys will lose and the cabal will get their ww3 or destroy earth some other way. It ultimately doesn't matter for we are eternal souls and death is just an illusion. The only fear is the difficult experiences. I have "saved" myself by waking up and if this is some cosmic karma test, I might pass.

  2. Our current calendar 2013 was supposed to be based on JC but elsewhere on AWE today someone put up a comment that said JC was born around 4BC and there was no year 0. So 2012 hasn't arrived yet – the mumbo jumbo with numbers is a hoax. Mayan calendar came to the end of one cycle and started another. Big deal.

  3. Well, there's maybe 10-15 years left for the good guys to force the mainstream media to brief the public before we all go extinct. Google: mass extinction accelerates

  4. There's David again advertising his books. Then of course we have to wait 1 month for another article proving that his dreams were correct and that we should read his book for more information. The man is way to egocentric.

  5. http://www.stankovuniversallaw.com/2013/07/statement-year-age-movement-failed-colossally/"by Georgi Stankov, July 14, 2013www.stankovuniversallaw.comSome times a few words are enough to disavow the core personality of a human being. Read this statement from David Wilcock in his latest publication and make your own judgment on this esoteric peacock:β€œThe biggest thing that happened to me in December 2012 was that I was filmed twice β€” by a top Russian TV network.”

  6. Neil Keenan is an absolute joke. Most sensible and logical people stopped being strung along by his fruitless claims a long time ago. Likewise with Drake, who Wilcock refuses to even name anymore, probably out of rightful embarrassment.Fake saviours with a long trail of failed promises and predictions. It's been a year and a half since the IMMINENT MASS ARRESTS, and just over a year since the GREEN LIGHT. This is an objective fact.

  7. lol! that whole article ended up being one giant advertisement for his new book! Don't waste your time reading it people, it's just more of the same he's been saying for the last 5+ years, "Soon everything will change! Soon! Soon! Soon! Just buy my new book and give me your money in the meantime!"

  8. @ AnonymousJuly 14, 2013 at 3:06 PMMmmh, i would have to agree to an extent; As i see it, this whole charade around the 2012 prophecies has been propagated throughout pretty much every ancient culture (over the last 6000 or so years especially), and was deliberately thrown off accuracy from the real cycles by whom we all call the "Cabal" as a tactic to throw us all off near the end & to set us up for THEIR version of "ascension". Another key factor that was put in place by the same cabal as i see it… (and take what you wish of this please everyone, as i'm about to delve into some heavy duty stuff) was to set each culture up with a "Saviour" figure based off of each cultures original teachings, with the christian version of this "saviour" figure being the one we've come to know as "Jesus"…I just came to realise this part this morning, after waking up from a rather enlightening memory(?) of having been there about 2000 years ago. Once again, please everyone, take what you wish from what i'm about to share as it is pretty heavy stuff…But the name "Jesus" was NOT the name of the real guy. That was the name of a different guy whom so happened to appear around the same time as the real bloke, and was the leader of the "jesuits", the ones who wrote the first bible… And the ones whom crucified the real dude…Yes, this "jesus" guy was the "son of god"… But was of the "God of Religions"; He was an aspect/incarnation of the god of religions, which also explains why he is shown to perform all these "miraculous" stuff, like walking on water & whatnot; so he could get all the attention, praise, adulation and *cough* energy from the people; obviously he wouldnt want to strip his divinity and be seen as an equal. So i guess it was then written & propogated throughout history that this "jesus" character was the true christ, while attatching elements of the real guy to him so as we would fall for the propaganda… A clever tactic i must say ^^;Of course, i dont have any memory of the real guys "name", but i DO know that the real christ in that culture back then was the walking incarnational aspect of the sun; whom is the masculine embodiment of the universe. That would also explain why we've fallen for the "son" (not "sun") of god propaganda. "Son" and "Sun" do sound similar, no? XDSo yeah, the way i see it now is that this "Jesus" yes he was the christ… But was the Christ as the Church/Vatican/Cabal envisioned & knew from within that cultures religious programming, and was not the real bloke.Funny how i had this memory(?) come to me this morning when i had just watched the da vinchi code last night… Coincidence much? XD lolYou're all free to agree or disagree with me on this =)

  9. Finally got a response regarding my attempted post on the Divinecosmos forums (here is what i wrote: http://www.ascensionwithearth.com/2013/07/dismantling-channelers-part-1-here.html?showComment=1373113023283&m=1#c7565129807533029045 )And Here is the response i got from the mod(s):"Hi Linx,I could say much, but I'll keep it short and simple. The universe, IMO, conspires with the formative principle of itself to have us continue with the fullness of love. George does methinks worry too much, what with all the talk of conspiracies suggesting our ultimate demise at the hands of darkness.Here, we suggest otherwise, and DW and his attempts to point towards our potential to evolve in consonance with the sheer beauty of the natural world, with the nature of love being seen as the defining principle of this world remains our focus on this forum.I do hear your concerns, but even still I have to decline the post. I'd offer that nothing but ourselves has ever lent anything to the dark which is needed for us to see ourselves. The dark is possibly nothing but a learning artifice, self made by us and maintained only as long as we gain from it in our lessons? πŸ™‚ Mark"

  10. I have neither seen nor heard any evidence convincing me that this jesus was a real individual, and performed all these actions. NO ONE is alive from back then, hence, despite many written documents, all this is anecdotal. I'm not sure why so many are hung up on one ' person ' who allegedly lived long ago. I've heard that " Jesus the Christ " was the name of an office, not a person. There is no doubt the Bible contains some wisdom, but even the most ardent supporters should realize and know it has been EDITED. The council of Nicaea and Trent are historical evidence of this, and who the hell really knows how much more was added or subtracted, besides ' gospels ' being written by humans and many are directly contradictory. ( An eye for an eye – Turn the other cheek ). Believers I've seen skim right over these contradictions and most will ignore portions of ' the word of god ' when it suits them. So this godly gospel is or isn't his word ? Humans seem to seek leadership, and latching on to some guy in the sky, who is supposed to be all powerful, supposedly good, would be an ideal candidate for lost souls to hook their wagon to. I'm set back by the vehemence with with these supporters defend JC, despite not being able to produce irrefutable, examinable, verifiable evidence. Spare me the ' pretty flowers and stars in the sky ' so called proof. No one can show me that that stuff wasn't going to happen anyway. THOSE THAT MAKE A CLAIM HAVE THE BURDEN OF PROOF. Besides, we all know ( some small gray areas ) what right and wrong is, why don't we just do it ? Does the invocation of the guy in the sky make it more or less wrong ? D. M. Murdock [ Acharya S.] wrote a book about this called " The Christ Conspiracy, The Greatest Story Ever Sold. " This book's explanation seems more credible to me, and doesn't rely on magical beings. I used to be Roman Catholic 40 + years ago, and when I realized that a caricature of a dead guy hung on a cross was really torture normalized as ' holy ' and eating wafers and wine was symbolic cannibalism, I walked. I recall Voltaire — "Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities." – Voltaire. Have not humans experienced these atrocities ? When will it end, no matter the name attached to it ? TYE

  11. David does have a huge ego and he might be controlled opposition. Most of the stuff he says has already been mentioned before. Also he is too obsessed with money, which is hilarious if he believes in what he preaches about the light winning. Were the ancient cultures making the 2012 prediction cabal? I have always been curious why there was so much hype over 12/21/12. I believe something is happening because when there's smoke, there is fire. Have any approximate dates/years come in your dreams? Such as 2014, 2016, 2020, etc? In your opinion, how much longer is the wait going to be before the "event" where the light officially wins and we see disclosure? Is there a possibility of the light losing and something like WW3 or an ELE occurring? Most people believe so.

  12. I am also labeling 12/21/12 as a hoax. It's possible the whole Mayan prophecy could be a cabal hoax. I am disillusioned because we keep being told "soon" yet nothing good happens. We don't seem to be much closer to freedom than a decade ago. I now seriously think there's a real possibility that the light and good guys will lose and the cabal will get their ww3 or destroy earth some other way. It ultimately doesn't matter for we are eternal souls and death is just an illusion. The only fear is the difficult experiences. I have "saved" myself by waking up and if this is some cosmic karma test, I might pass.

  13. The question is whether the Mayans and other ancient societies even made a such prophecy of a golden age. It could have been fabricated by the cabal. We only have proof of everything wrong in the world but no proof the good guys are in control or know what they are doing. If the ETS wanted to "save" us, they would have long ago. Doesn't matter really since we are eternal souls. If the light loses, death is just an illusion and we move on to a better place anyway. I have already woken, whatever happens is up to us and the good guys.

  14. @ AnonymousJuly 15, 2013 at 12:19 AMThats Exactly my point. It was fabricated by the "Cabal" by mixing truths with twisted truths & lies over the course of thousands of years (the last 6000 especially). Its this same "Cabal" that has since written history and effectively erazed the real truth from our memories, let that be physically by the burning of the library of Alexandria as a notable example, or mentally/genetically via religious programming into our bloodlines. Such is what Religion has become today; we're living in the extremes of it where we're just sooo divided and can no longer tell the difference from whats truth, and whats not =/Bloody hard to be incarnated at this time, hey?

  15. Also, the notion that "ETs/EDs will save us" is just another of these "saviour figure" programmes that i mentioned have been propagated. This is just a more recently implemented one, but still one nonetheless. Its all about getting us to rely on someone/something else to do the work for us while we just silently wait for them to come rescue us like good little slaves ^^;;It will get to the point that these "saviour figures" that have been implemented into our psyche will arrive & save the day, let that be ETs, Jesus, some brand-spanking-new-technology, Buddah, Lord Sananda, or whatever…They will arrive, cause they need us. They need us to continually give away our energy to them & their programmes of control, simply because they are "addicted" to the power they have attained as a result of this energetic feeding. This is what it means to have a super inflated cosmic ego XD

  16. Mmhm. I like David as a human being, and he does share SOME good wisdom =) However i would have to agree that he is what you could call "controlled opposition". The fact that he channels Ra, whom said itself is a collective consciousness (aka. hive mind/god entity) via a channelling, just gives it away for me; just one of the many collective consciousness entities that are feeding off of the energy of humanity =/

  17. And Oh yeah Absolutely things have been changing exponentially! I'm sure you've noticed how much father sun has changed? He's White now! *w* Well its not just him that is now shining an intense white light, but it is also all of us awakening humans too; we all have apart of ourselves there with dad too, just like these incarnational aspects here with Mum =)Oh and of course, the control structures have been going absolutely nuts with trying to maintain us XD i'm sure you've noticed that too; its pretty darn obvious

  18. And i'll admit, i have had many future sight visions in this lifetime, (some on a personal level, and others involving us all collectively). Several have already come to pass and some are still yet to pass. I've learned now not to get attatched to some of these visions, not just because they dont always come to pass, but also because attatching onto dates and events in the future takes one away from the moment. Its hard living in the future like this, so i dont go around playing the prophet anymore like i did in the past.

  19. First off I don't know anything much πŸ˜€ The 'eye for an eye' is Old Testament law and 'turning the other cheek' is New Testament. JC was said to have arrived to do away with the old law – old law was barbaric so I don't have a problem with someone coming to show there's a better way.The bible is a mish-mash of all sorts because the controllers added to it edited it and removed stuff to make it into the magic '66' books and get us to believe what they want us to in order to control us. The Nag Hammadi texts are purported to be some the writings left out by Bishop Ireneus and the Council of Nicea – which coincidentally I started reading yesterday!! I want to know why they were left out being a bit of a nosy bugger where mysteries are concerned!:D:D I've only read part of the 'Secret Gospel of James' so its early days, but it recounts a period after JC's death (I don't have it to hand as I'm *cough* elsewhere at the moment ;)) – period of 550 days and JC has returned to James and going thru some stuff with him that James seems not to have understood the first time round. What struck me is the contradictions in the bit I've read. The word that springs to mind is 'channeling' and that gave me a dodgy feeling. Particularly JC saying he mediates to the 'Father' for you – presumably for James. Imo, we don't need anyone to do that for us with Source. So… either the NH texts have been messed with or this JC is ..insert whatever conclusion you think fits. As Linx said the other day on one of Ken's posts – we all have a bit of the puzzle. Its all a matter of identifying which bit each of us has and where it fits with everyone else. πŸ˜‰

  20. fwiw, I started puzzling about church & bible when I was in church with my gran – I was about 6 or 7. The priest was reading something about the Pharisees and telling us to beware of men in long garments. The only man in long garments I knew of was the priest! Noone could explain that contradiction!

  21. Linx – thanks for sharing the response. I read the post you sent them and cannot see why they wouldn't post it as well as their reply. What are they afraid of? Their reply looks like it was generated by an on-line thesaurus – non-human lol!!

  22. @ Veggie StuJuly 15, 2013 at 4:32 AMLOOL!! What a Ripper Veggie!! XDHehe well i guess i was fortunate to not be raised within any established religion, but i had other challenges with growing up in this reality (not to mention working through the occult energies tied to my fathers bloodline from within myself). I was subjected to alot of bullying during my school years which went right through to year 9 of highschool =/History classes i always had abit of an issue with, especially when they were teaching about ancient cultures; I had always been fascinated by the ancient egyptians & the pyramids ever since i was little (i discovered later on in life this was because i had spent alot of time among them back when the first three pyramids were built) , but just couldnt get my head around the idea that the pyramids were built with logs & slaves. It just didn't seem right. So i stuck up my hand and asked the teacher "How were the pyramids built?". I'm glad i had an honest teacher back then whom embraced new ideas; she replied "Well how do you think they were built?". I said I didnt know, but i did state that they must've been built by aliens. Gosh i was the laughing stock of the class for asking that & got teased alot thereafter ^^;As a result of being bullied & teased throughout my childhood because of my differences from "normal" kids, i ended closing myself up, too scared to be myself out of fear of being judged, teased, & bullied again =(Such a challenging childhood i had…

  23. Oh and another, quite funny thing i remember doing as a 6-7 y/o, was i would occasionally have had moments where i would try to say open a door with my mind, or try to levitate my lego bricks over to me, and i always asked myself "Why can't i do this? This should be easy! Why can't I? D="LOL XDI discovered the "why" to that also later in life

  24. LOL! I expected it to get silenced (even though it was done so in a seemingly "positive" manner), thats how religious institutions operate; censoring anything that questions the very foundation of their teachings. And the LoO followers say that the LoO is a spiritual philosophy & NOT a religion. If thats the case, then why the need to defend & protect it so? Hmmm? =)Truth doesn't need defending; it defends itself =)

  25. Think of JC as a blue print for yourself that you must conform to in order to attain a cosmic state of consciousness or oneness with all that is. This is what I think he is saying when he says none may come to the father except through me. The bible is an everyman kind of novel. Your supposed to see the narrative in it and recognize the patterns as they relate to your own life. Then as you evolve to be spiritually aware of your oneness with life you align with life's greater purpose and achieve liberation from the ego. God is life and love and to deny life and love is to choose death and hatred right? Concentrate on constructive critical thinking that creates instead of destroying. There is no need to become destructive towards DW Drake and others. To do so marks you as a child spiritually and one who is still learning. The nature of reality is an unfolding flower that reveals more as we expand our awareness and become open to right living and right thinking. Cabal practice another philosophy that is not aligned with life and love they are aligned with service to self or their own ego. David's ego is mild compared to what these guys have going on. The ego is a tool and can be aligned with the purpose of life and love but it is not something we need to fear as long as we understand it is just a tool for us to serve the forces of life. I see his marketing efforts as very light and simple nothing too outlandish and since he has a staff he has to be financially responsible to he is an employer now so he may feel some responsibility to earn enough to pay them as well as himself. He has always been overly generous with his works so anyone who wants to direct attention to his need for money is playing a losing hand. As his message is successfully marketed it shows that humanity is receptive to his message and that no doubt is a good thing IMHO. I started reading his works when his material was new and I understood it right away having already understood much of it on my own prior to learning of his work, most ardent students of the mysteries and metaphysics could attain similar levels of understanding if they were to become as devoted to the topics so it seems to me that if you want to criticize DW you need to see if you can do what he has done and produce better results. His track record is an amazing story and he has come so far from his simple beginnings. Ego is a necessary tool of the mind people and without it we blow away on the winds of change,

  26. I agree, even if he is controlled opposition, it's the cabal that are the real enemy and David is simply being used by the cabal. He does have interesting theories but as usual, no proof.

  27. I don't take channels seriously. If David did channel, it simply reflects his own opinion or dream. I also heard about the sun turning whiter and brighter. Must have been gradually over thousands of years as my parents don't recall the sun being different since they were little. Could be natural stellar evolution perhaps? Those humans who are able to wake up already have and those who are too close minded, like my parents won't wake up. I tried, they think I am nuts. If the good guys can take back the media, they can wake up perhaps 75% of the world, else most sheeple will remain asleep all their lives.I understand how dates are pointless. I have to turn to science to see how much time we and earth have left. The cabal is killing earth, she is dying and if the event fails to materialize in the next decade or so, a tipping point may be reached that results in mass extinctions, including of humans. It sounds like fear porn, but it's the reality of what's happening and as an awake soul, I can't deny this. If I called the shots, I would make things happen much faster, including forcing the media to report the truth. Yes, the truth will hurt and may cause some riots but this will be short term as the sheeple will soon settle down into their new, exciting realities.We keep hearing how the light won and the cabal is finished but it seems to be business as usual. I lay up for two hours last night thinking what went wrong, why hasn't the event happened already and how I would do things if I were in a position of power to help humanity. I also wonder with all the disinfo out there, the good guys truly don't know what to do. We certainly don't know what to do either, well we know we need to take back the media but don't know how. We know the cabal will do everything to start ww3 and if they can't they will use chemical weapons(slow kill with chemtrails) or biological weapons(reduce population with diseases) as well as any other means till over 90% of humanity is wiped from earth.The fear isn't so much death, but the difficult experience that may lay ahead should the good guys lose and the cabal complete their NWO agenda. It's unlikely that ETS will save us, we have to save ourselves and in a way, I already did this by waking up. I know what's happening and am just waiting for those still asleep to wake up on time before it's too late. I am giving it 1 in 3 odds of the event happening this year, what do you think?

  28. How do we know what's truth and what's not? We only have our beliefs to guide us. If it's the cabal that made all those prophecies of a golden age, it means nothing then unless the light does win then it will be ironic that the cabal saw their own demise. They sure act like they are going to win and get their NWO agendas. Yes, I know history is a lie and I know the cabal made it impossible to have normal relationships, including with men+women which is why I had to give up on women and stay single, possibly for the rest of my life. There's always robogirls if the light wins and there's heaven if the light loses.If the positive ETS won't save us, does this mean they will let the light lose if it comes down to this and watch the cabal trick humanity into ww3 or some other mass extinction? I guess the ETS know we are eternal spirits who will either experience heaven on earth if we win or die and go to heaven if we lose. The shills call it fear porn but I tell them I am awake to the cabals plans and it's up to us to save ourselves. I already saved myself by waking up, now I am waiting for the rest of humanity to catch up before it's too little, too late.

  29. 1:09 the ET's won't save us. Your post is a little contradictory. Expecting ET's to save you is no different to expecting Jesus to come back and save you or the ascended masters to come and save you. You are looking for a savior from 'out there'. Its not going to happen. The only savior you can count on to save you is YOU. You've already said you are awake to the cabal's plan and its up to us to save ourselves but you keep mentioning the ET's maybe saving us. One more time – they won't. ITs down to YOU.

  30. 12/21/12 was not a hoax. Many had profound energetic experiences during the 2-3 hours centered around the exact moment of the Solstice.If you didn't feel anything it just means you are in the very beginning stages of your Light Body Process. You'll still ascend when the planet completely transitions.It's important to remember that we are all at different stages of our soul's evolution and will have experiences appropriate for whatever "soul age" we are at. There are younger and much older souls on Earth and they are having different experiences. Stankov is a very old soul.The best advice I've heard is to go within (note that this does not eliminate the extreme need for action in the "outer" mundane world) and try to clear as much emotional baggage as possible *before* Gaia transitions, in order to have a smoother/easier personal experience of that transition. All the negative stuff is going to leave us one way or another so our choice is whether to release it now ourselves and gain some inner stability, or have it all traumatically ripped out of us at the moment of transition. Those with psychedelic experience will probably have an easier transition.Best Wishes to you and everyone…

  31. Please show us some links of your claims. Even Linx is saying that date is cabal distraction. Where's the proof of ascension? At least we have proof of our soul being eternal, Google near death experience.

  32. George Stankov is a huge self back patter too. His ego is as big or bigger then Wilcocks…. Read the rest of the link you posted there and how he boasts about how hard his work has been and how thankful the Elohim are and how impressed they are with how super awesome he is…..

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