Edward Snowden Speaks: Wants Temporary Asylum in Russia

Published on Jul 12, 2013

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden says he wants temporary political asylum in Russia, and promised to stop releasing leaks that harm Washington to secure it. He told Russian and international human rights activists of his wishes at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport, where he’s been stuck in a transit area for more than two weeks.

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41 thoughts on “Edward Snowden Speaks: Wants Temporary Asylum in Russia

  1. Now HERE is a HIGHLY intelligent fellowwho T O O K A C T I O N, rather than ONLYskulk around with his cerebrum all awhirling.He APPLIED his genius to REALITY.Take thee HEED.Now HE'S valuable.

  2. My 5:03 comment is to the idiot at 4:48Snowden's been working WITH the good guys for some time now.NSA morons, and other morons, never even saw it coming.They are smart, in a sort of smashed computer kind of way.

  3. One guy, Snowden, is making most of the chickenheadscraggly remainder of DC powers-that-were look like abunch of drunk turkeys pecking each other's asses.

  4. When we pull the big ass switch TO the REPUBLIC,You shill fucks are gonna have a nice huge PAY CUT.You can always become whores — I mean even morethan now.

  5. DC shitbags just CAN'T seem to get anyoneto help screw over Snowden.GEEEEE, I wonder if they just MIGHT beLOSING GLOBAL INFLUENCE ? ?Could BE.Shill PAYCHECKS have a DIM future.And of course shills — FUCK YOU.

  6. Bottom Line:Every time Snowden's name is MENTIONEDon International news, the NSA and other DCLOSERS look MORE like dog droppings.Their ILLEGAL SPYING on HONEST people is FURTHER exposed.So the DC LOSERS are LOSING — what's NEW?Dear SHILLS — FUCK YOU (your PAY will bedwindling soon — ENJOY)

  7. REAL NICE DISINFO LINK THERE SHILL FUCKWAD.Post NOW, save your SHILL-BUCKS, money will soon become scarce in the DC CABAL shill universe.You'll be on the secondary roundup list, traitors.

  8. Hey man, these rat brain dorks are SHILLS ! ! !They don't want any TRUTH about the >>> NATIONAL HERO <<<…>>> SNOWDEN ! ! ! <<<(thanks for the link — assuming it is GOOD news)

  9. Good call! I don't know about Rappoports credentials but agree with SaS (?) – 'It isn’t the messenger; it’s the message.' All too easy to take words at face value without picking up the nuances underneath. Information is information – depends on the context in which we interpret it.Two things stand out for me in the comments also by SaS Esp 'I believe that this incident is another example of the “Misdirection” meme in operation.'And 'What I’m having trouble with is the context of the events in which those two unfortunate fellows have been drawn into. If they’ve acted on their own initiative taking advantage of a momentary security breach to expose criminal misconduct then they are heros. If, as it appears, the circumstances surrounding their participation were orchestrated and their lives manipulated to produce a predetermined outcome, then Bradley Manning and Ed Snowden are STILL heros. My opinion as expressed has nothing to do with the ethos of their actions or the morality of their personal decisions. It has to do with what seems to be going on behind the scenes; misdirection.'I share his/her opinions.Also read elsewhere that this is infighting between CIA and NSA – CIA wants rid of NSA. Remains to be seen if that's true or how it will turn out. That rumor too might be more misdirection.

  10. This is 6:24. From where I'm sitting the only so-called 'Idiot' is you for jumping to false conclusions. From where I'm sitting I see three or four posters trying to share information between themselves and an oik (YOU) trying to disrupt that by spamming. You look like a disinfo shill trying to stop us getting to the real core of this topic because your employers are afraid of what we might find out.

  11. Obama was hidding bush and clinton in his presidential plane in his visit to southfrica knowing that bush is wanted for crimes agaist humanity i dont believe there nobody working for the light to move snowden out of russia to safe grounds this will make a great action movie.

  12. 6:59 AM has some good points. We know things are happening and we know that Snowden is helping humanity, especially the sheeple. Even if he is controlled opposition, he's playing a useful role and may end up being pardoned in exchange for ratting out the higher up rats.

  13. I give it 10% odds that O is a good guy playing undercover to expose the cabal rats. Sounds far fetched since he would need to be a world class actor to fool the cabal and all their spies. If he slips up once, he's toast.

  14. ~DuckSoup Alert~~NEW PSY OP Discovered?~~Invest I/P~~If Wrong, DS Will Apologize~~More Clever than the OPPT SCUM SCAM?~Back later.In the meantime, carefully take apart any postwith following PHRASE or SIMILAR(AND associated or attached words or terms):"LOVE & LIGHT"See what YOU find.Investigate with the following in mind:- Psy-Op- Key Phrase- TRIGGER Phrase- VAGUE nature of terms- DS(coffee awaits – brain control at it's FINEST)

  15. NO — Mr STUPID !Three or four MORONSTRY to belittle a ***NATIONAL HERO…*** >>>>>>> SNOWDEN <<<<<<<The NSA MORONS need to die in FEMA CAMPS at the ends of their lives.TOO Dead Simple fuckwit.

  16. If you take the time to read and comprehend nobody has belittled Snowden or Manning here. Its obvious who are the serious posters and who is the troll.You can always tell when the guberment don't want us to discover the real story behind the headlines cause they send in the shills to disrupt the threads. Usually its on issues like this or on threads revealing our real spirituality as opposed to guberment churchianity. We are obviously getting somewhere and making them nervous. Don't let the troll put you off serious discussion – ever!

  17. The disruption isn't accidental. See this from John Kettler“The World Order also rules by the principle of “1984″ — no groups of two or more people are allowed to gather unless the World Order has a representative present. If you start a club of dandelion fanciers, the Order will send someone who will be quietly helpful, avoid taking the front position, and who will offer to pay the rent of a meeting place or the printing of the minutes. In more radical groups, the Order’s representative will be the first to suggest dynamiting a building, assassinating an official, or other violent action.”Eustace Mullens, WORLD ORDER, p. 170 (Fair Use)Theses “representatives” work ceaselessly to set people at each other’s throats, undermine plans and above all, torpedo any action which would undermine the NWO Cabal’s power, and well do the ETs/EDs know it."How many times has this troll tried to disrupt discussions not just here but all over AWE? How many times has he gone off topic deliberately, multi-ranted and abused anyone trying to have a sensible discussion with him? How many times has he been asked politely and respectfully to calm it down and how many times has he disappeared for a day or two only to come back worse than ever? He pretends to be on the good guys side but if he was really a good guy he would not be trying to cause so much division. He tries to lead us to the disinfo his masters want us to believe. The exception was TOPPT – he had to be seen to be against that to inveigle himself into the die-hards here who have their BS monitors finely tuned. He's shown he's not interested in discussion only making statements and directing us to Drake Tolec and Tanaath who have no more credibility at the end of the day than Heather.Every blog gets assigned a shill according to the type of material posted at the blog and certain contributors befriend them. Its all part of 'their' plan.

  18. If he was smart he wouldn't have allowed himself to be blackmailed for previous 'sins'. When he's called on to give account of himself 'I was only pretending' isn't going to cut it.

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