3 US Presidents Visit Africa And Conduct Secret Meetings In The Same Week

While they distracted the world with news of Mr. Snowden spy scandal and hijacking of presidential (Bolivia’s) aircrafts by European Union countries, the two last presidents of United States meet up secretly in Africa with the current president Obama, under cover of some innocuous story.
Obama supposedly went to promote goodwill and trade. Bush went to do some messianic work of healing Africans from “their pestilence”, whereas Clinton came in under cover of promoting civil society. Then they all had a meeting. With whom, for what? Why in Alkebulan, Ethiopian Land of the Moors? So far so good, they have all refused to confess what they were up to. 
Does seem rather odd doesn’t it?  Africa is an inauspicious place to hold such a secret meeting.  Nobody would suspect, of course apparently they do.  What could they have been talking about?  Bush has been doinganythingpublic for years up until recently.  Ever notice how supposedly bitter rivals always kiss and make up (obama and bush for instance) Thoughts, comments questions? -Mort

10 thoughts on “3 US Presidents Visit Africa And Conduct Secret Meetings In The Same Week

  1. This is why we are in such a mess. If the light is to win, we are going to need complete transparency for everything the elites do. Rumor has it that they cashed in their Dinars for a massive windfall to be used to fund ww3.

  2. Fyi, maybe this feeds your appetite in more speculation:http://www.veteranstoday.com/2013/07/05/secret-space-war-iii-marduk-lands-in-africa/also posted by enerchi last week at Saturday.And this one is my very special recommendation: "A Rare, Astonishing and Fascinating Conversation with Rick Martin and South African Zulu Elder and Shaman Credo Mutwa."http://americankabuki.blogspot.ca/2013/01/a-rare-astonishing-and-fascinating.htmlHerein an elder, wise, South African shaman talks about the former reptilian hegemony in Africa…Believe it or not, he saw the ruling lizards with his own eyes … The interview is lengthy but worth reading. It deals also about the genocide in Ruanda and its connection to the (former) reptoids. Tolec stated in the meantime all reptoids and lizards are killed who were living on or near the surface of planet Terra.

  3. All the presidents and Vatican appointed monarchy are tools of occultism, they've been carrying out ritual in pain sight for millennia, they are coming to the end of an entire age and foolishly believe they can control the new coming age, the dark sun occultism cannot operate in a world with no shadows, the galactic dimmer switch has been turning up and it's now getting way too bright..

  4. Looks like 3 serial killers to me, they are NOTHING more than illegally appointed serial killers.. it's all been a ruse folks but the light is now pouring in..

  5. marduk (annunaki) came down in africa???, meeting with O,B,C???. in 1986,(all) religions (NWO) accepted john paul 2 (in italy) as jesus christ???. since 1986, (all) religion had multiple meetings???. john paul 2 is suppose to resurrect has jesus christ (alien)???. if true, WE are in deep shit!. p.s. WE have to wake up the unawakened, the vatican will aim them! wake them up!!!. love and light to ALL.

  6. The only thing that really stands out to me about this is the fact that the Ark of the Covenant vessel(the golden box) IS there in Ethiopia. Another fact s that one of the "Monk Priests" of the holding church was at that meeting, although he didn't seem to be the only person in attendance at the meeting. That is all I know.- Enoch

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