Dinar, Prosperity Program, World Global Settlement Update by CANAUZZIE – July 5, 2013


imagine it like a diplomatic mine field….it can’t be plastered on blogs….it would or could disrupt the process…possibly damage the process…with the reckless comments made by a few…

real communication is in place right now….nothing more can be said…amounts , rates and timing are being requested next week….maps and routes are being discussed to get around Ramadan issues respectfully…..

Nothing should be said that could undermine efforts in Reno or the high level Global dialog certain parties are active with by the hour…..

hopefully next week more can be said concerning Dinars…but only if safe to do so…..

There is major activities taking place there right now with full multinational backing on the PP…… but due to its size and delicacy it cannot be put up for blogging debate at this time…. we must protect it from harm by certain bad and fractious elements….. Progress- YES!

the WGS…..very difficult with a far more complex agenda…

Palladin and ourselves have daily back up when needed…. nothing said or debated is not viewed…. so much is truly in play….. but is now being protected from subversive influences….

there are specific comments I will address tonight…just wanted to get this out to you all….


46 thoughts on “Dinar, Prosperity Program, World Global Settlement Update by CANAUZZIE – July 5, 2013

  1. July 4th came and went, gave that 4% odds of event. Now it's 33% chance we will see the event(disclosure, briefings, RV, PP, etc) for the rest of 2013. The gurus can say what they want, I stand behind my 1:3 odds. It's possible 2013, 2014, 2015, etc may come and go and the gurus will still say the same thing as they have been for a decade now. Most people want nothing to do with dinars and say it's a scam and I don't blame them. The gurus have been always wrong(except the chapter 7 part) that they are simply ignored.

  2. More like quelling the masses with BS, while the money is being traded on back screens and trading platforms! …and remember the White Hats are supposed to be part of Tier 2! Tier 1 and Tier 2 were already to have been given SKRs for their Dinar and only await the official RV…or the official TOP RATE of the RV.The rest of us common schmoes will more than likely be forced into a situation of exchanging our current HIGH denom notes for Lopped notes…with 3 zeros dropped. meaning a 25,000 note will need to be exchanged for a 25 notes then redeamed to the RV rate…………………IF WE'RE LUCKY!All of the Tier group already hold SKRs for millions in total and will reap the windfall! Millions X RV rate = $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  3. Ducksoup will say you are either an idiot or a disinfo cabal agent. Neither Ducksoup nor the gurus have ever shown proof or been right(except chapter 7) so it's possible the Dinar is part of the cabal financial system. Ducksoup says the cabal will be defunded, but if they made a windfall on the Dinar, they will be richer than ever! I also believe there will be a lop. Of course the gurus insist no lop, but they can't be taken seriously after being so consistently wrong that the opposite could be true. It does not sound realistic for millions of people to become millionaires overnight. If the Dinar had more than 1:1000 odds of making you a millionaire, everyone would be all over it. What does it tell you when most awake people(who heard it all) refuse to have anything to do with Dinars? I do own 4x 25k Dinar notes but find it very unlikely to make more than a few hundred dollar profit. If we assume a lop and $3.5 rate, 100k dinars becomes $350. There already exists the new, lopped lower Dinar notes which only adds to the evidence of a lop.

  4. We still don't know if the light will win. The ongoing delays does not bode well, however. I do believe in life after death and that we are eternal spirits. If we have to die to ascend(to heaven) then the cabal will ironically be helping all of us when they get their ww3 and destroy Earth and all life on her. If ascension is possible on Earth without dying, then the light winning will let us skip the difficult experience of genocide.

  5. That's reasonable. I give it 33% odds it will happen in 2013 and another 25% for 2014. I'd say perhaps 60% odds they will be gone by 2015. But this begs the question why are things going to take years still if the light is winning and we keep hearing soon?

  6. Regarding "THE PLAN" (to free Earth):PART of that plan: – DE-fund global rats – nearly complete. – RE-FUND good people – IN progress.HOW to RE-fund good people?: – GLOBAL wealth revived and spread around.(starting with FEEDING starving kids globally) – Dinar and Dong (requires non-chicken shitparticipation, and THIS ensures that non-boneheadnon-schlub people will receive and USE funds forGOOD — because THESE people GET things *done*).

  7. (Copy/paste from Snake-Boy article)(We're doing the RE-fund good people part — we're CLOSE)What DID happen:- ET showed up and helped take out Reptilians,etc.- ET STABILIZED Earth via technology, biospheres, etc.- Earth people woke UP along the way.- "THE PLAN" (to free us) pushed to complete by Military.(assisted by Militia, other global good guys)- Guys like Alex Jones, though fear porn at times, helpedwake up stupid, dumb, apathetic, sleepy SHEEPLE.- Here we ARE.- DE-fund RATS.- RE-FUND good people.- AI to monitor global finance system, this to be monitored by humans.- FREAKING H U G E. Duck SoupJuly 5, 2013 at 4:51 PM Did ETs use "happy yum yum butterfly thoughts to remove Reptilians, etc? NO! They used SONIC CANNONS and other WEAPONS of WAR. The good ETs HATE bio-weapons and nukes. Reptilian fate to be decided by ETs. GRAYs, etc, (degraded puppets) under EXTINCTION ORDER.

  8. I guess you missed the article that British John of the canuzzie blog posted saying Bush, Clintons, Obama, Soros, Blair…others, were in Africa this past week, for he called "Dinar to Diamonds". Basically they cashed in their Dinar by conniving deals with Africa for diamonds, mining rights and God only knows what else.So if DE-funding the cabal was a goal, it failed in a major way when it came to Dinars and the cabal.

  9. SOME more dim posters apparently thinkthat the heavy lifters FREEING us all are going to call these donkey farts IN for aregular briefing because donkeys "deserve"to know.If you had a clue what's REALLY going on in certain zones, well then the security of that areawould have long been blown.SHEEPLE briefings on the way. Comb yourwool and get ready.Heh heh.

  10. DuckShit, take your years old storyline back to Drake's radio program or to the nearest corner bar with Keenan. Propaganda 101!You're a troll, by the true definition of the word.

  11. Please Note:An OPERATION exists to PREVENT the average person from becoming wealthy.SCUM are scared of financial power in the hands of real PEOPLE.Morons are PAID to bad mouth the Dinarand Dong.Other Morons are simply FED disinfo and then allowed to puke it far and wide.And THUS do we have two additionalclasses of MORONS.

  12. ~ A Practical Test Of Positive Thinking As Applied To The Concept Of Past Lives ~ – Get lost in the woods. – Sit on a rock and positively think. – Notice, as you die, the time required for dehydration, starvation, death. – Apply next lifetime to avoid dehydration, starvation, early death.

  13. ~ Reptilians & Survival ~Approach a reptilian, smile, resonate with it, *think* it gone.Note the time lag before it chews off your face from your skull.Apply next lifetime to stay alive longer.~~

  14. I can't stand how people say "dinar is a scam"…It's a currency. Today i can go buy 1100+ dinar with 1 dollar. If truely nothing happens even 3 years from now, i can trade my 1100+ dinars for 1 dollar.How is this a scam?

  15. "The good guys have stopped Bush Cabal from making money from Dinar. They will never cash out."Anon 5:12 – Exactly who are these "good guys," and how have they done this? Please explain.

  16. Duck Soup; are you formerly "wizard"? If you are you will know what i am asking? Wizard was brilliant & I can tell that you are bright DS. He was also very tapped in, aware. DS, although sometimes you are annoying you are bright and clever so makes me wonder if you are he. Wizard however was very spiritual and I don't detect that in you unless that is an image that you don't wish to portray here.

  17. Duck Soup is really an Alien from the Pond Planet, Feather Star system. Everything ' rolls off of his back.' If he had a horse, I bet he could horse whip us. HA ! frj

  18. anon 6:25 You are right. Troll indeed, replying to himself and contradicting himself probably hoping we don't notice. He is like his nemesis the Tucci Jarraf woman talking the same kind of shit about his pet subject just like she does but with a different delivery system. No difference in principle except she doesn't go in for personal attacks like he does. Bottom line is both these people Tucci Jarraf and Duck Soup are best avoided.

  19. Further down on comments"canauzzie 5 July 2013 23:45"'we have advised you from TOP sources …..NOTHING is ready yet and still needs to clear…..totally mindless broker fantasies….nothing is possible until at LEAST Tuesday…if even then….it may not even be next week….anything we say gets copied and pasted into markets not intended…..sometimes even not appropriate….. possibly misquoted or worse…..this team will know the second anything moves…..elaborating will not happen…we will know HERE when it happens….repeating street trash gurus impacts on credibility of the site…if someone didn't read the last little sentence of your comment they would think we are following that garbage….please don't paste guru comments in here….we are being copied all over the internet now …makes us look bad…..our parties talk 10 times a day with PP groups….. Reno….our parties talk to China… Arab States… plus Senior London and other parties… also Senior US parties…our guys are working at 3am in the morning plus…..please …let us keep the site clean….we have a good site….have faith in our guys…they care…they are trying….Paladin will attest to that…but I am sure most realize this….lets keep it clean and serious…the site respects you….all of you….far more is going on than is seen….all good….but we must be patient….please….'Different words, same meaning 😉

  20. 9:18, a LOP would mean pure value increase to the Iraqi people and also to those currently holding HIGH denom notes. In Iraq, the government starts to issue new LOWER denom notes with a value much much greater than the current worth of the Dinar note today. Obviously the purchasing power for the Iraqi people is also increased just as greatly. Those people who are said to be part of Tier 1 and Tier 2 have already had their HIGH denom notes accepted, counted ( in the millions) and given a Safe Keeping Receipt = SKR for their amount. When the Dinar is adjusted to a 1 to 1 RV rate of exchange to the US dollar or a 1 to 3 exchange ( which has been the historic amount ), these SKRs would now be valued at the official new RV rate for the grand total accepted.Those who are part of the supposed Tier 3 group, that would be almost everyone reading this blog, would be forced to first exchange the current HIGH denom notes to these new LOWER denom notes ( 3 zeros dropped = LOPped) and then make the exchange, 25,000 notes for a 25 note. The 25 note would then be valued at the current RV rate. The return on investment would obviously be peanuts compared to being able to exchange the 25,000 note to the new RV rate.Do I know this will happen, heck no! After all of this time and with the players involved in this, it would not surprise me one bit and the theory is actually viable….and just so you know, John from that canuzzie blog did mention the validity to the Tiers ( he didn't mention who was in what Tier though….at least from what I have read) and that they in fact received SKRs.

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